Picking The Right Baby Carrier For Your Baby

Picking The Right Baby Carrier For Your Baby

Picking The Right Baby Carrier For Your Baby

Unsure of how to find the best baby carrier for your little ones? Deciding on the right one can be quite challenging. Here’s what you need to know before you purchase.

As new parents, keeping your little one close to you is the happiest thing ever and it helps to create a strong bond! Baby carriers are designed to bring great convenience for parents to keep their baby close to them while they are attending to other matters. But do you know the right baby carrier can also be crucial for your baby’s growth?

Before we jump into that, let’s understand a few of the benefits of using a baby carrier :

best baby carrier

  • Strengthens the bond between parent and baby.
  • Aids in baby’s development, both physically and emotionally, including promoting early language development.
  • Decreases risk of SIDS and flat-head syndrome.
  • Promotes neural development, respiratory and gastrointestinal health, and aids in balance.
  • Lets moms discreetly breastfeed on the go.
  • Boosts breast milk production due to close contact with baby.
  • Allows caregivers to be “hands-free” to get stuff done while still holding baby or navigate around crowded places with ease.

Now you have a better understanding of why a baby carrier is a need for all parents due to its greater benefits. It’s time to choose your ideal type of baby carrier to suit your needs.


A few key factors that you need to take note when purchasing your own baby carrier :

Comfort: Is it comfortable for you as it is to be used to support your baby’s weight for long hours. Does it fit your baby well? The seat of any carrier should allow your baby’s legs to be in the hip-healthy “M” position.

Safety: Is your baby secure and well supported? Make sure all buckles, snaps, and belts are durable and in good working order.

Longevity: Are you planning to use it till toddlerhood? If so, you will need to consider getting one that can support higher weight and has front-facing positions. Just want it for infancy? Consider one that creates a cosy environment for lots of cuddling instead.

Easy to clean: Read the care instructions before purchasing. Babies can be quite messy at times. So you would want to make sure your carrier is machine washable.

Previously, we have also mentioned that an ideal baby carrier should allow your baby’s legs to be in the hip-healthy “M” position or the “frog position”. The reason behind it is because it will help to encourage normal hip development. Parents and caregivers are also encouraged to choose a baby carrier that allows healthy hip positioning to prevent Adolescent Hip Dysplasia.

Picking The Right Baby Carrier For Your Baby - A few key factors when purchasing baby carrier


So what is Adolescent Hip Dysplasia?

Picking The Right Baby Carrier For Your Baby - what is adolescent hip dysplasia

Adolescent hip dysplasia is normally the cause of developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH), a condition that occurs at birth or in early childhood. DDH is a medical term for general instability, or looseness, of the hip joint. At times, the symptoms might not be visible until reaching adolescence.

To further understand this, a human hip joint is a ball and socket joint and a baby’s hip joint is very fragile during the first few months of life as the ball is more likely to be loose within the socket. Babies are also naturally flexible and the edges of the socket are made of soft cartilage. If the hips are forced into a stretched-out position too early, the ball is at risk of permanently deforming the edges of the cup-shaped socket (hip dysplasia) or gradually slipping out of the socket altogether (hip dislocation).


How common is Hip Dysplasia or DDH?

According to the research from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, 1 out of 10 infants are born with hip instability; 1 in 100 infants are treated for Hip Dysplasia; 1 in 500 infants are born with completely dislocated hip.

Shocked by the research? Hip Dysplasia can be prevented in the early stages of infancy and choosing the right baby carrier plays a big part too.

Try out the new launched Ergobaby carrier

Ergobaby EMBRACE carrier is the Soft Simple Newborn Carrier Solution all parents need.



Designed to keep baby safe and snug from the start – it is the ideal carrier for newborns and young infants. The Embrace is a hybrid baby carrier that merges the coziness of a soft wrap carrier with the simplicity and comfort of a structured carrier.


The new Embrace carrier is :

Picking The Right Baby Carrier For Your Baby - new Embrace carrier

Cozy: The soft, comfy knit fabric nestles baby closely to parent for a snug fit that keeps baby supported.

Simple: No complicated wrapping or tying involved. Embrace features easy to buckle waist belt and shoulder straps.

Comfortable: for baby and parent. Adjustable seat adapts with baby’s growth for ergonomic support and comfort. The cross-shoulder straps spread wide for additional support for both baby and parent.

Compact: When not in use, the carrier can be rolled up and stored. Small enough to be tucked into a diaper bag so that it’s on hand when needed.



The patent-pending Ergobaby Embrace carrier can be used with babies from 3.2 – 11.5kg. It is made with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified fabric and will be available in four colour options: Pure Black, Heather Grey, Burgundy and Oxford Blue. The Embrace will be retailed at $179.

All Ergobaby Embrace carrier comes with ErgoPromise Guarantee, a robust multi- year warranty so parents can use it at ease.

Grab your own Ergobaby Embrace now at BOVE and the Ergobaby LazMall Official Store.

If you want to find out more about how to wear the carrier, head on here for more information!



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