Best Baby Carriers and Slings in Singapore Reviews & Where To Buy (2021)

Best Baby Carriers and Slings in Singapore: Reviews & Where To Buy

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No matter how comfy and smooth your stroller is, there’s no doubt that your little one loves being wrapped up around you more, and let’s be honest, you love it just as much. That’s why it’s essential to get a good carrier or sling, so that you can carry your baby around for long hours without breaking your back. Having a carrier can also come in handy on several occasions, such as when you need to get things done around the house but can’t seem to leave your little one alone or when you’re going out on adventures and lugging a stroller around just isn’t feasible.

Deciding on using a carrier is the easy part, choosing one is where things get a little more tricky. With so many options on the market, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and and be undecided on which one you should get. To start off, you should get yourself familiar with the different types of carriers.

In this article:

  • SuperMom’s Best Carriers and Slings’ Pick
  • What Types of Carriers Are There?


Ergobaby 360 All Positions Baby Carrier

Ergobaby 360 All Positions Baby Carrier

Why we love it:

  • All carry positions, including forward-facing
  • Can be used for older babies (4 months old)
  • Lumbar support for more comfortable carrying

Ergobaby 360 is the go-to choice for when your little one outgrows his newborn carrier and is suited for use from 5.4kg to 20.4kg. The all-position carrier is equipped with 4 ergonomic ways to carry your little one, namely, Front carry (inward-facing), Front carry (outward-facing), Hip carry and Back carry. This allows your baby to look out and discover his surroundings during adventure time, but also snuggle up against mummy and daddy during naptime.

The carrier features cushy shoulder straps and lumbar support to relieve unnecessary pressure on your shoulders and back. This helps carrying your little one for long hours easier and more comfortable for mum and dad.

Your baby’s comfort is also guaranteed, with the supportive ergonomic seat and soft material that is gentle on the skin. Ergobaby 360 is also equipped with a UPF 50+ privacy hood which keeps your precious tot snug and serene in this front baby carrier.

Similar to the Omni 360, Ergobaby 360 is also available in Cool Air Mesh models for extra breathable and cooling fabric to keep your little one fresh and cool despite the hot weather.

If you’re interested in more Ergobaby carriers, we have also done up an article on it here, so do go take a look!

What parents think:

“I like the Ergo 360 carrier so much because it has excellent lumbar support and adjusting the size is a snap. My mother-in-law, husband, and I all switch out the carrier between each other often and with ease. My baby loves being in it and strapped to my front, getting to see everything as I move around. Due to the angle of her hips, the doctor recommended ‘Hip Dysplasia Institute approved’ products for my daughter. This carrier is a slam dunk and I highly recommend it.” Rebecca, review on Ergobaby

“I discovered this wonderful carrier when my baby was 11months. My only regret was that I had not discovered it sooner. I spent a lot of time and money purchasing other carriers and slings but this Ergo baby 360 is amazing. It’s comfortable; supporting my baby and me well. It’s flexible and it’s just perfect. I am so happy with it and so is my baby.” Simone, review on Ergobaby


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Ergobaby Omni 360 All-In-One Baby Carrier

Ergobaby Omni 360 All-In-One Baby Carrier

Why we love it:

  • Functional, forward-facing option
  • Can be used from newborn to toddler
  • Lumbar support for more comfortable carrying

The Ergobaby Omni 360 is the perfect all-in-one carrier, meeting all of your needs in terms of safety, comfort, closeness to your little one and the ability to move freely. Offering 4 carry positions, it ensures that your baby will be comfortable from newborn to toddler years. Be it front-facing or parent-facing position, you’ll definitely be able to bond with your little one with each carry.

Featuring crossable shoulder straps and lumbar support, the baby carrier has been designed to provide optimal comfort and support not only for your baby, but for mummies and daddies as well. We know how tiring it can get carrying your little one around for long periods of time so Ergobaby’s thoughtful design is definitely a life-saver.

Sometimes, your precious little one simply wants to snuggle up against you for a quick snooze and that’s when the baby privacy hood comes into use. It shields him from the sun, wind and any other distractions that could disturb his peaceful rest. To provide greater convenience, the carrier also comes with a detachable pouch to store small items such as pacifiers, keys, a phone and other necessities within reach.

For a more breathable and cooling experience for your baby, the Omni 360 also comes in the Cool Air Mesh series to provide ultimate ventilation.

What parents think:

“Great sling – the first to not give me back and shoulder pain. Comfortable for both my baby and me and the print is gorgeous. Worth every penny!” Catcatcat, review on Ergobaby

“I completely love this sling. Not only is it stunning to look at , it is also very comfortable for me and my toddler.” Carrie, review on Ergobaby “I love this baby carrier. I’ve tried a few but I’m really happy with this one! My little girl loves it. It’s easy to use and I can be out of the house super quick.” Mimi, review on Ergobaby


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Tula Half Buckle Baby Carrier

Tula Half Buckle Baby Carrier

Why we love it:

  • Multiple carrying positions available
  • Cushioned, crossable tie strap
  • Thick padded waistband

The Tula Half Buckle Baby Carrier is an Asian inspired hybrid carrier suitable for use from 3.2kg to 20.4kg, without having to use an infant insert. As a half buckle carrier, it has the padded waistband and straps that a standard buckle carrier has. However, the shoulder straps end in a wide, wrap style fabric that wraps around your little one and is finally tied with a knot. This allows for great adjustability to help you and your baby find the perfect fit during every stage of growth.

With three width and two height settings to choose from, it allows parents to hold their precious little one in an ergonomic snug position from newborn to toddlerhood. The carrier lets parents carry their baby in back, front and hip carry positions for comfortable babywearing while ensuring healthy hip and spine development for the little one.

The carrier also features elegant tie straps not only provide a more customized fit but also offer ample comfort at the neck and shoulders. Made with breathable and lightweight 100% cotton, the Tula Half Buckle Baby Carriers also come in various stylish prints to cater to your tastes.

What parents think:

“I purchased this carrier to wear my daughter to our baby wearing dance practices, the criss cross padded straps allow for maximum arm movements while we dance and definitely helps evenly support my baby’s head which allows for maximum spins which she loves!” Genevieve, review on Baby Tula

“My daughter hates them normally and this one she just smiles and kicks her feet the entire time. She refuses to let me put her down and this one works wonders. Lightweight for me too compared to the Juliette we have.” Cassie K, review on Baby Tula “I’m shocked there aren’t any reviews for the half buckles. This carrier is super soft and the print is really lovely, so pretty! I’ve been trying all different types of carriers and this is my favorite. I love the security of the waist belt and the custom fit of the wrap. Offers the best of both worlds for a FTM. Perfect! Thanks!” Nikki, review on Baby Tula


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LennyLamb LennyUpGrade Mesh Carrier

LennyLamb LennyUpGrade Mesh Carrier


Why we love it:

  • Comfort for both baby and parents
  • Breathable mesh to prevent overheating
  • Hip-healthy product

An adjustable baby carrier that grows with your little one, the LennyLamb LennyUpGrade Mesh Carrier is designed and woven with high-quality fabrics in their weaving studios in Poland. Guaranteed safety for your little one, its construction has been certified to comply with ASTM F2236-16a and PD CEN / TR 16512: 2015 norms.

LennyUpGrade ensures that both you and your little one feels comfortable with the multi-level regulation of the panel and the shoulder straps which provide for greater adjustability and the accurate placement of the baby in every growth stage. With the carrier, you can carry your little one from newborn into toddlerhood (3.5 to 20kg).

The carrier allows parents two ways to carry your baby, front carry for two months and older, as well as back carry for four months and older. For greater customization, you can also choose to cross the shoulder straps.

As a mesh carrier, it is airy and breathable, providing ample air circulation to prevent you and your precious little one from overheating, hence ensuring that babywearing for longer periods of time remains comfortable and cooling. It also features a removable mesh hood that can be attached to shade your little one from rain or shine, or simply to provide a little extra privacy during nursing.

What parents think:

“I just absolutely love this carrier. It’s beautifully made with great workmanship and high quality materials. The carrier feels really strong and sturdy, the fabric is also soft on the skin and feels comfortable. Because of the breathable mesh, I also find that carrying my baby around is much more cooling as compared to when I was using other carriers.” Crystal, mom of one

“Great product. Good quality and long-usage. Although it’s a little pricey, I don’t mind it because I can use it for a longer period of time without having to worry about my baby not being able to fit in it.” Pauline, mom of two


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LennyLamb Ring Sling

LennyLamb Ring Sling

Why we love it:

  • Lightweight babywearing option
  • Beautiful prints to choose from
  • Hip-healthy product

LennyLamb Ring Slick is a lightweight and quick babywearing option as compared to traditional soft structured carriers. Unlike wraps, you don’t have to wrap or tie it, but simply thread the fabric though the rings and tighten accordingly.

With so many different patterns to choose from, ranging from single colour to jacquard, there’s sure to be something for you at Lenny Lamb. It also comes in an array of different fabric blends, including 100% cotton, bamboo or linen or combinations such as silk and cashmere. No matter what you choose, they’ll be super soft and gentle on your baby’s skin, providing the utmost comfort.

Suitable for use up to 15kg, you can use the sling to carry your little one in a cradle position or upright position once he gains proper neck control. For parents worried about the strain that the sling may have on your body, do be rest assured as the LennyLamb Ring Sling has been acknowledged as a “hip healthy” product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

What parents think:

“Was really skeptical about getting a sling as I’ve never used one before but I simply couldn’t resist because the patterns were too pretty! Although it took awhile to get used to, I haven’t had any problems with using a sling so far and it’s actually more comfortable than I expected.” Lana, mom of two

“I really like this sling, it’s a really convenient baby wearing option as I can simply fold it and place it in my bag when I’m not using it. It’s also a lot lighter to bring around. I also really love how much more stylish it is to carry a sling around instead of a normal carrier.” Priscella, mom of one


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Kokadi Flip Baby Carrier

Kokadi Flip Baby Carrier


Why we love it:

  • Beautiful, trendy design
  • Carrier is made of 100% cotton
  • Ample support for both parents and baby

Product Specifications:

Kokadi Flip – The Original Baby3.15 – 15kg42cm34cm
Kokadi Flip – The Original Toddler7 – 20kg47cm38cm
Kokadi Flip – The Original XL9 – 30kg52cm43cm

Kokadi Flip Baby Carrier is an ergonomic full buckle carrier with gorgeous prints to choose from. Its waist belt and shoulder straps can be opened and closed with buckles while the back panel is made of woven baby sling fabric, providing the ultimate comfort for both you and your baby. The headrest is also completely made of sling fabric and can be attached to the shoulder straps. It not only supports your little one’s head during naps, but it also shields him from any harsh weather conditions. When rolled up and buttoned to the shoulder straps, it serves as an additional neck support for your baby.

Making use of the finest raw materials, only 100% organic Turkish cotton is used for the carrier, ensuring that it is smooth and gentle on both you and your baby. To make things better, Kokadi prides itself on being an eco-conscious brand and even ensures that the materials sourced are fair traded and of the highest quality.

The shoulder straps of the carrier are padded with soft thick foam while the waist belt is thinly padded with firm foam to provide support for your back and shoulders. The perfect fit for newborns, you can cuddle your little one in Kokadi Flip from 3.5kg to 15kg for the baby size.

What parents think:

“Kodaki carriers are just so pretty, I love the prints! Been using their carriers since my first baby and now I’m already on my third! Not only are the carriers pretty, they are also really comfortable to wear, so I can carry my girls around for long hours without feeling much strain on my back and shoulders.” Karen, mom of three

“If you’ve never tried a Kodaki carrier, I would definitely recommend you to try this one out. It keeps my baby comfortable in it and allows me to wear it hassle-free and for long periods of time. Not to mention, it’s definitely much more fashionable than a lot of the other carriers out there!” Erin, mom of one

“I was first attracted to this brand because of how pretty their carriers were, but beyond that, they are also of great quality and made with the best materials. As a result, I feel safe carrying my little girl in it, and its so comfortable that she could stay in it for hours without making a fuss.” Abigail, mom of one


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Mission Critical S.01 Action Baby Carrier

Mission Critical S.01 Action Baby Carrier

Why we love it:

  • Stowable sunshield
  • Breathable air mesh
  • Safe and secure

Mission Critical S.01 Action Baby Carrier is the first baby carrier to be designed from scratch for dads in mind. The tactical-style carrier is perfect for dads to use to spend more time with your little one and get excited about it. Not only is it easy to put on, the carrier also has great adjustability whilst ensuring your little one remains comfortable in it.

The baby carrier features a unique vest design which not only looks like the SAF LBV, but it also makes carrying your little one comfortable and ensures both mobility and safety with an easy four-step adjustment process. The carrier is also equipped with a removable sunshield that can be stowed away when not in use.

Breathable air mesh lining in the front and back of the carrier allows for ample air circulation, keeping both you and your little one cool even after carrying them for long periods of time. The carrier also offers two ergonomic carrying positions- front and back facing from 3.6 to 15.9kg.

Unique to the brand, the baby carrier has a MOLLE webbing system that allows you to easily customize the accessories that you’d like to decorate the carrier with. With Mission Critical S.01 Action Baby Carrier, dads can hold your little one close to you in style, while not having to worry about any strain on your back and shoulders.

What parents think:

“My husband loves this carrier and it’s the only one he’ll use – we have 3 others. The original carrier was actually recently stolen and our second child was just born so we decided to buy another carrier because we love it so much.” Adrianna W, review on Mission Critical

“It was a gift. They seemed to have loved it. We bought one identical for our son a year ago, and he absolutely loves this. The daddy likes a more masculine look, and the carrier is so sturdy.” Debbie A, review on Mission Critical

“My son and I spend so much more time together because of this pack. Mom is getting more sleep and he gets to “hang” while I do chores. Dialed in a comfortable fit quick. No back pain and I’ll wear it for hours. Loved it so much I bought two more as baby gifts for new dads.” Gant A, review on Mission Critical


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What types of carriers are there?


Wraps: Essentially a long piece of fabric that you wrap around you and your little one before tying the loose ends to create a safe place for your baby, a wrap is the most traditional and mundane type of carrier. There are many options for wraps with the main difference being its length, width, and the type of fabric used. Compared to other types of carriers, wraps offer much more flexibility and versatility in the way you wear your baby, and in many cases, more style as well. However, one major disadvantage would be that wraps are pretty difficult to use, especially for babywearing beginners. Not forgetting that an extra layer of fabric around you with the weather in Singapore, is simply too hot.

Ring Slings: Similar to wraps, ring slings are also basically a long piece of cloth, but with the addition of two rings at one end. To secure the cloth, thread the free end through one of the rings and adjust to a comfortable length before tucking it under the other ring. This creates a pouch-like space for your little one either in front of you or on your hip. The main difference between wraps and slings would be that wraps are secured by tying while slings are secured with the rings. Much easier to carry around in a bag, a sling may be more convenient but it does not offer any form of support for your shoulders and back, which is a pretty big setback especially for those with back and shoulder pains.

Soft Structured Carriers: Definitely the most common type of carrier today, they come with thick padded straps and waistband to provide better back and shoulder support. These straps are mostly adjustable to allow you to find a position that is the most comfortable for you. Soft structured carriers have panels that are broad enough to not only support your little one’s hips and legs, but also allow them to sit in the most healthy position. They also offer you the most number of different positions to wear your baby, front carry facing inwards, front carry facing outwards, back carry and even hip carry. There are many pros to this type of carrier, especially in terms of long-term use as well as comfort and support for both parents and baby. The only downside would probably be that its price tends to be on the steep side as compared to other types of carriers.

Meh Dai Carriers: A combination of a wrap and a soft structured carrier (SSC), Meh Dai carriers look similar to SSCs but with long pieces of cloth that you’ll need to use to tie around your body. There are still shoulder straps, but instead of bucklets, you get ties instead. With this type of carrier, you can wear your little one on the front, back or hip. Whilst not as difficult to maneuver as wraps, the Meh Dai carriers still require a little bit of practice to get used to.

Backpack Carriers: Designed to be worn like a backpack, this type of carrier is only suitable for older babies who can sit on their own without help and already have good neck control. This type of baby carrier is designed for wearing like a backpack and it can be used only for children who can sit unassisted and have good neck control. Backpack carriers usually have padded shoulder straps like SSCs but with additional straps that go around your waist and chest which helps distribute your little one’s weight better. Definitely a go-to carrier for parents with more active lifestyles, these carriers are great for bringing your baby on hikes and trekking outdoors. However, do take note that backpack carriers are usually bigger, bulkier and heavier than other carriers.

Now that you got a better idea of what types of carriers there are, you’re probably wondering which one you should get for yourself. Our answer is always that it depends on you, the carrier you choose should be one that is most suited to your needs and fitted to your lifestyle. So we would definitely recommend you to brainstorm with your partner and figure out together what is it exactly that you need.

Final Verdict

Evidently, there is a wide array of carriers and slings available in the market and each of them have their own pros and cons. Whilst we have come up with a curated list of products for you, they may not work as well for you as others. That’s because every parent and household have different lifestyles and needs, what may work for others may not work for you and that’s perfectly fine. At the end of the day, you’ll just have to do a little more research and find something that best suits your preferences.

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