Ergobaby Baby Carriers Comparison in Singapore

Ergobaby Baby Carriers Comparison in Singapore

Ergobaby Baby Carriers Comparison in Singapore: Reviews & Where To Buy

Ergobaby Baby Carriers Comparison in Singapore - Ergobaby logo

On the search for the perfect baby carrier for you and your little one? You’d probably have stumbled across the brand Ergobaby at least once then. In fact, their carriers may have even made it onto your list to be considered. To offer you one last push before you decide on buying an Ergobaby carrier for yourself, we have delved deeper into the brand and found out more about their baby carriers.

Ergobaby’s origin stemmed from a mother’s unwavering love for her baby and how she wished to keep him close to her at all times. Back in 2002, unable to find a baby carrier that she was truly satisfied with, Karin Frost set out to create something that was comfortable, functional and easy to use. With that, the ergonomic, comfortable design of the Ergobaby Baby Carrier was born. Since then, the brand’s soft structured carrier (SSC) has become the gold standard, offering users the ability to move about freely while keeping your little one close to you.

With over 30 carriers across five different categories — Original, Omni 360, All Position 360, Cool Air Mesh, and Adapt, as well as Swaddlers for newborns, Ergobaby has become a leading, premium baby consumer products company that creates innovative solutions to meet the needs of today’s parents.


Which Ergobaby Baby Carrier Is The One For You?


Ergobaby Omni 360 All-In-One Baby Carrier

Ergobaby Omni 360 All-In-One Baby Carrier

Why we love it:

  • Functional, forward-facing option
  • Can be used from newborn to toddler
  • Lumbar support for more comfortable carrying

The Ergobaby Omni 360 is the perfect all-in-one carrier, meeting all of your needs in terms of safety, comfort, closeness to your little one and the ability to move freely. Offering 4 carry positions, it ensures that your baby will be comfortable from newborn to toddler years. Be it front-facing or parent-facing position, you’ll definitely be able to bond with your little one with each carry.

Featuring crossable shoulder straps and lumbar support, the baby carrier has been designed to provide optimal comfort and support not only for your baby, but for mummies and daddies as well. We know how tiring it can get carrying your little one around for long periods of time so Ergobaby’s thoughtful design is definitely a life-saver.

Sometimes, your precious little one simply wants to snuggle up against you for a quick snooze and that’s when the baby privacy hood comes into use. It shields him from the sun, wind and any other distractions that could disturb his peaceful rest. To provide greater convenience, the carrier also comes with a detachable pouch to store small items such as pacifiers, keys, a phone and other necessities within reach.

For a more breathable and cooling experience for your baby, the Omni 360 also comes in the Cool Air Mesh series to provide ultimate ventilation.

What parents think

“Great sling – the first to not give me back and shoulder pain. Comfortable for both my baby and me and the print is gorgeous. Worth every penny!” Catcatcat, review on Ergobaby

“I completely love this sling. Not only is it stunning to look at , it is also very comfortable for me and my toddler.” Carrie, review on Ergobaby

“I love this baby carrier. I’ve tried a few but I’m really happy with this one! My little girl loves it. It’s easy to use and I can be out of the house super quick.” Mimi, review on Ergobaby

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Ergobaby 360 All Positions Baby Carrier

Ergobaby 360 All Positions Baby Carrier

Why we love it:

  • All carry positions, including forward-facing
  • Can be used for older babies (4 months old)
  • Lumbar support for more comfortable carrying

Ergobaby 360 is the go-to choice for when your little one outgrows his newborn carrier and is suited for use from 5.4kg to 20.4kg. The all-position carrier is equipped with 4 ergonomic ways to carry your little one, namely, Front carry (inward-facing), Front carry (outward-facing), Hip carry and Back carry. This allows your baby to look out and discover his surroundings during adventure time, but also snuggle up against mummy and daddy during naptime.

The carrier features cushy shoulder straps and lumbar support to relieve unnecessary pressure on your shoulders and back. This helps carrying your little one for long hours easier and more comfortable for mum and dad.

Your baby’s comfort is also guaranteed, with the supportive ergonomic seat and soft material that is gentle on the skin. Ergobaby 360 is also equipped with a UPF 50+ privacy hood which keeps your precious tot snug and serene in this front baby carrier.

Similar to the Omni 360, Ergobaby 360 is also available in Cool Air Mesh models for extra breathable and cooling fabric to keep your little one fresh and cool despite the hot weather.

What parents think

“I like the Ergo 360 carrier so much because it has excellent lumbar support and adjusting the size is a snap. My mother-in-law, husband, and I all switch out the carrier between each other often and with ease. My baby loves being in it and strapped to my front, getting to see everything as I move around. Due to the angle of her hips, the doctor recommended ‘Hip Dysplasia Institute approved’ products for my daughter. This carrier is a slam dunk and I highly recommend it.” Rebecca, review on Ergobaby

“I discovered this wonderful carrier when my baby was 11months. My only regret was that I had not discovered it sooner. I spent a lot of time and money purchasing other carriers and slings but this Ergo baby 360 is amazing. It’s comfortable; supporting my baby and me well. It’s flexible and it’s just perfect. I am so happy with it and so is my baby.” Simone, review on Ergobaby

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Ergobaby Adapt Baby Carrier

Ergobaby Adapt Baby Carrier

Why we love it:

  • Suitable from newborn to toddler
  • Multi-position baby carrier
  • Lumbar support for more comfortable carrying

Ergobaby Adapt Baby Carrier makes going about your daily life with your little one much simpler. You won’t have to worry about not being able to get chores done just because you need to watch over your baby. Suitable from 3.2kg to 20.4kg, Adapt is the perfect carrier that grows with your precious one, from newborn to toddler.

You will find yourself loving the adjustable, crossable padded shoulder straps and lumbar support that helps to relieve your little one’s weight across your hips, instead of being concentrated at your shoulders and back. This makes it much easier for when you need to bring your baby out for long hours without a stroller.

The multi-position carrier offers 3 comfortable carrying positions: front carry, hip carry and back carry. It ensures that there’s ample support for your baby’s back, hips, legs and knees without compromising comfort levels.

There’s also no need to worry about friction between the carrier and your baby’s skin as the carrier is made using 100% premium fabric that is not only soft and gentle but also super breathable as well.

What parents think

“Love love love it my girls a chunky 5 month old and this is perfect for us she’s so comfortable and supported and so am I! Doesn’t even feel like I’m carrying her with the comfy straps and back support and she’s heavy! It’s going to last us a while as the base adjusts just perfect, and the material is beautiful.” Joey, review on Ergobaby

“I love this carrier. Hands down – the best one we have tried. Did loads of research, reading tons of reviews from other moms, about which one to get and SO glad we chose this. (we did have a couple of others first). It’s so comfortable, for both baby and I, not to mention beautifully made. I highly recommend it. It is honestly worth every penny! Well designed.” Rima, review on Ergobaby

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Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier

Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier

Why we love it:

  • Multi-positions baby carrier
  • Newborn ready
  • Crossable straps

Next up, we have the Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier, which is definitely perfect for everyday use. It is a soft-structured carrier (SSC), which is also known as the most versatile type of baby carrier. As its name suggests, it is soft and sturdy, proving optimal comfort for your little one without compromising on its safety.

As a multi-position carrier, you can choose from front, hip and back carry to bring your little one around in. All 3 comfortable babywearing positions are sure to provide safe support for your baby’s head, neck and all other parts of his body. With the flexible, crossable and cushy shoulder straps, as well as the thick waist band, the carrier helps to distribute your child’s weight instead of focusing it on just your back and shoulders, which can cause strain and in the worst case, even injuries.

For extra privacy for your little one, the carrier also comes with a UPF 50+ hood that helps shield your precious little one from rain or shine, or simply provide a more cozy environment for a quick snooze. Designed with parents’ convenience in mind, the carrier also features a large zipper pocket to store all the essentials you and your little one need.

From infancy through the early toddler years, the Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier has been carefully crafted to meet every single one of you and your baby’s needs. Its fine quality and intricate workmanship also makes it functional for many years to come.

What parents think

“I have two of these, one for my toddler and one for my newborn, they are brilliant. We walk for miles. They are comfy and practical and never give me backache like some other carriers I’ve tried. Would highly recommend it.” Laurell, review on Ergobaby

“We already have several Ergos, but nothing beats the Original! I find it comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and the large panel supports my 14 month old (20lbs) very well. He always gets excited when I pull out the carrier. We hardly ever use a stroller as we live in a city, so I don’t know what we’d do without our Ergos. I also love the print.” Shannon, review on Ergobaby

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Ergobaby Hip Seat Baby Carrier

Ergobaby Hip Seat Baby Carrier

Why we love it:

  • Large seat to fully support baby
  • Cushy shoulder straps
  • Removable panel for hands-free carry

Made for growing babies from 5.4 to 20.4kg, the Ergobaby Hip Seat Baby Carrier is great for your little one that’s beginning to move around more. It is made for easy-in and easy-out when getting your little one into and out of the carrier.

We understand how tiring it can get when carrying your baby on your hip, especially as they grow bigger and heavier. With the hip seat, your little one can sit more comfortably and you won’t have to strain your arms and back as well to keep your baby safe and supported. Not only that, the thick waistband offers lumbar support for parents as well.

When used with the panel and cushy shoulder straps, the hip seat is converted to a baby carrier, allowing you to carry your little one around, hands-free. To make things easier for parents, the carrier also features an easy-access side pocket to store necessities like keys and phone within your reach.

As a baby carrier, you can use it to carry your little one in 3 different positions, front carry (parent-facing), front carry (forward-facing) and back carry. With Ergobaby Hip Seat Baby Carrier, everything is just much simpler!

What parents think

“I absolutely LOVE this carrier! My 12 month old wants up and down all the time. It’s nice to strap on the hip seat part alone while around the house. I also love the versatility of the carrier & that you can wear them on your back too.” Rachel, review on Ergobaby “I LOVE this carrier for my 6 month old that I can’t ever set down. Super comfortable and nice to have so many carry options including just the hip seat around the house or at the playground while chasing other kids. This carrier has provided my arm muscles some much needed relief with the support it offers.” Sarah, review on Ergobaby

“My baby is 17lbs at 5 months and this hip seat is a life saver! That and I have wrist problems so using this makes me feel secure holding my baby.” Katherine, review on Ergobaby

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Our Final Verdict

Evidently, there’s a great deal to consider, even when it comes to choosing a baby carrier within Ergobaby itself. Their carriers may seem similar but even the minute details make a huge difference in how well the carrier serves its purpose and suits your needs. To find the perfect baby carrier, here are some things that you should consider about.

  • Budget
  • Weight limits
  • Carrying positions available
  • Adjustability
  • Activities you’re engaging in


Ergobaby Baby CarrierOmni 360 All-In-One360 All PositionsAdaptOriginalHip Seat
Carrying Positions4 (Front Inward, Front Outward, Back, Hip)4 (Front Inward, Front Outward, Back, Hip)3 (Front Inward, Back, Hip)3 (Front Inward, Back, Hip)3 (Front Inward, Front Outward, Back)
Weight Limits3.4 – 20.4 kg5.4 – 20.4 kg3.4 – 20.4kg5.4 – 20.4 kg5.4 – 20.4 kg
Shoulder StrapsCrossable strapsCushy strapsCrossable strapsCushy strapsCushy straps
Pocket AvailableNo pocket (detachable pouch instead)No pocketSmall, slot pocket on waistbandLarge, zipper pocketSide pocket
WaistbandLumbar support waistbandLumbar support waistbandLumbar support waistbandFirmly-padded waistbandFirmly-padded waistband
Weight of Carrier855g751g757g633g
Newborn SupportYesYes(With infant insert)YesYes(With infant insert)No
Cool Air Mesh Model


Baby carriers are definitely a necessity when it comes to bringing your little one out, as a stroller may not always be suited for the occasion. It is therefore essential that you make an informed decision and select a baby carrier that is best suited to your family and your needs.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you and you’ll never really know whether the product works for you until you try it out. The needs of each family differs from one another, and no 2 families are ever completely alike. What may suit others may not suit you, but only you yourself know best the needs of your family and your little one.

So do plenty of research and read up on reviews by other parents who have previously used the product. We hope that this article has given you a greater insight on Ergobaby baby carriers and helped you be more informed before making a decision!


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