Full Cream Milk Vs Skimmed Milk: Which is Better for Your Child? (2023)

Full Cream Milk Vs Skimmed Milk (2)

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Kendal Nutricare, located in Kendal, Cumbria, the Gateway to the English Lake District National Park, manufactures world-class nutrition products, including infant and toddler milk and infant cereals, adult meal replacements and speciality infant formulas. Kendamil, the only British Infant Formula producer, uses full cream milk, derived from farms in Cumbria and Lancashire, in their range of infant, follow-on, and toddler formulas produced in their Kendal factory.

News had it that the Cumbrian food factory, Kendal Nutricare, is nourishing a royal customer, Prince Louis, the youngest child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

Besides being the only infant formula milk made in the United Kingdom, there must be more benefits of this full cream formula that made the Kensington Palace decide that this Kendamil Infant Formula is a milk fit for royalty! So what’s the difference?

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The Codex Alimentarius International Food Standards and the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore both set standards for the minimum and maximum amount of fat that is allowed in infant formulas1. This is to mimic human breast milk, where the fat portion of human breast milk provides approximately 45% to 55% of the total energy.

Look into the ingredients list on any milk tins or packaging of the various brands of infant or toddler formula milk available in the Singapore market however, and it is not uncommon to find skimmed milk or whey listed as the first ingredient, indicating that they are present in order of higher percentages than the other ingredients in the formula milk. Skimmed milk and whey contain almost no fat, resulting in infant formula manufacturers having to supplement formulas with substantial amounts of vegetable oils such as palm oil, rapeseed oil and canola oil, to provide the required fat content [2].

kendamil made in UK no palm oil no fish oil

On the other hand, Kendamil Infant Formulas contains whole milk (also known as full cream milk) as the base ingredient, which has a higher fat content than skimmed milk or whey, and therefore less vegetable oil needs to added as compared to other infant formulas.

While some vegetable oil is still required to provide essential fatty acids, the use of certain vegetable oils, such as palm olein oil, is associated with reduced fat and calcium absorption, indigestion and constipation when used in infant formulas. Kendamil Infant Formulas do not contain palm oil, opting to use instead coconut, sunflower and canola oils to provide the essential fatty acids to supplement the full cream milk base. Cow milk fat is also more closely aligned to that of human breast milk as compared to vegetable oils, and recent research has shown some evidence that the combined use of cow milk fat and vegetable oil helps to balance out proportions of fatty acids, enhance infant development and reduce infections [3].

Certified BRC Grade AA, Kendamil is produced with the highest food safety standards and is approved by the FDA, CFDA and many other food authorities globally. Kendamil is also Kosher Certified and Halal Certified [4].

Kendamil does it part to support ethical and responsible farming practices and environmental responsibility, without compromising on food quality and safety. Apart from rejecting the use of the environmentally damaging palm oil, Kendamil also uses pure marine algae instead of fish oil, advocating for the preservation of fish stocks. Kendamil’s full cream milk is also Red Tractor Certified, which means that no growth hormones or antibiotic residues are allowed for the milk cows. Kendamil Infant Formulas also do not contain maltodextrin or sucrose, sugars which are often derived from GMO foods such as corn.

It’s no wonder then why Kendamil Infant Formulas tastes so creamy and so natural! With full cream milk as a base and the absence of palm oil and fish oil, Kendamil Infant Formulas taste creamier and more milky and do not have the typical fishy, strong oil and overly sweet taste characteristic of other infant formulas – while maintaining all the necessary nutrients needed for infants development and growth!

kendamil the only infant formula full cream

After seeing the benefits of Kendamil Infant Formula, the next question you might ask is “Where can I buy this infant formula in Singapore?” The answer is: Kendamil Infant Formula is available on Lazada, and It will be officially launched at SuperMom Baby Fair from 15 – 17 March, at Suntec Convention Centre, Halls 401 – 404. Stay tuned and be the first ones to get your hands on this Made in UK, full cream infant formula milk fit for royalty!

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The Codex Alimentarius International Food Standards sets the minimum and maximum amount of lipids (otherwise known as fat) at 4.4g/100kcal and 6.0g/100kcal respectively, to mimic human breast milk fat content. The Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) sets a minimum of 3.3g/100kcal instead of 4.4g/100kcal as adopted in the Codex.

[2] Koletzko B, Bremer HJ. Fat content and fatty acid composition of infant formulas

[3] Huërou-Luron IL, Lemaire M, Blat S. 2018. Health benefits of dairy lipids and MFGM in infant formula; Martin, Camilia R et al. “Review of Infant Feeding: Key Features of Breast Milk and Infant Formula”

[4] Halal certification only by the UK HFA.

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