What are the Benefits of Kendamil Organic Infant Formula?

Kendamil organic infant formula review

Breast milk is the most ideal source of nutrition for infants as recommended by the World Health Organisation. But for mums who have difficulties in breastfeeding or for those who decide not to, baby formula is the best alternative nutrition source for your little one. Before deciding to use any infant formula, it is advised to consult your health care provider first.

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We all want what’s best for our babies. But with so many baby formula brands competing in the market, it can be difficult to choose the best formula you should give your child. When choosing formula to feed your baby, it is best to choose one of high quality and with the formulation closest to breast milk.

Kendamil is a British family business that has been in the infant milk industry for almost 60 years. They have been producing premium baby formula using dairy from local organic farms in the English Lake District. Their commitment is to produce the best quality products that are good for your babies and the environment.

SuperMom has listed down the benefits of Kendamil Organic Infant Milk to help you decide if this is the best formula for your baby.

Certified Organic

kendamil organic infant milk

Kendamil’s grass-fed cows are located in a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These Native English Jersey cows are raised in a stress-free environment and can freely graze outdoors with access to indoor dwellings. Supplier farms are certified by the EU, Red Tractor and British Soil Association meaning their cows are only fed with organic grass without artificial fertilisers and chemicals.

Whole Milk Formulation

Kendamil uses a whole milk base that contains naturally occurring fat-soluble vitamins and minerals, naturally sweet and has the highest level of full-cream nutrients which are all essential to your baby’s growth and development. Their formula also contains MFGM (Milk Fat Globule Membrane) that is scientifically proven to support infant cognitive development.

Natural and Healthy Fats

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Kendamil Organic First Infant Milk uses natural full-cream mammal milk fat and does not require additional fat substitutes. Infant formulas that use skimmed milk need to incorporate vegetable fats, like palm oil, to match the fat percentage of breast milk (up to 30%) and meet WHO guidelines. Palm oil has a negative impact on our environment and may cause some digestive problems for your baby.

No Fish Oils

Omega 3 fatty acids are vital contributors that help in healthy brain development during early infancy. Kendamil uses plant-based pure marine algae as their source for Omega 3 DHA and ARA making it suitable for vegetarians. Omega 3 fats in most infant formulas are derived from fish oils which are not a vegan-friendly option.


Kendamil formula has natural proteins from their cow’s whole milk. There is no need to add soy ingredients like soy oil, soy lecithin and soy protein. Although soy is considered to have more calcium than cow’s milk, soy can also contain natural compounds (phytates) which can interfere with your child’s calcium absorption. This may have a negative effect on their healthy bone development.

Lactose as Carbohydrate

Kendamil’s main source of carbohydrates is lactose. Aside from being the best primary carbohydrate source, lactose from cow’s milk can also be digested easily and has a low glycemic index. Other formulas use cheap fillers and processed substitutes such as corn syrup, glucose syrup solids, sugar, brown rice syrup, sucrose, etc.

All Natural Ingredients

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Kendamil Organic Infant Milk and Kendamil formula for other stages are only using the best and most natural ingredients. Their formula does not contain any GMOs, added sugars, maltodextrin, soy products, wheat, cornstarch, gluten and other harmful synthetic ingredients. This makes Kendamil the perfect formula for babies with allergies and sensitive tummies.

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  1. This formula has been the best for our son. We switched him at 4 months after having gone thru different formulas until finally finding this one. Life saver!

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