Planning a baby shower?

Planning a baby shower

How baby shower celebration started

How baby shower celebration started

A baby shower is the celebration of one of the baby’s first milestones in life. To the Chinese, this celebration is also known as “满月” (pronounced as “man yue”) which is literally translated as “full moon”. This practice originates from the past when infant mortality rates were high. Therefore, when a baby manages to reach the full 30 days in good health, it would be considered a milestone worth celebrating.

It was also due to this high mortality rates that the superstition of families being reluctant to announce the birth of the child arose in fear of jinxing the baby. As a result, the baby shower celebration was a joyous occasion to mark the official “showing off” of the mother and child to the world and mark the beginning of the child’s life. During this celebration, symbolic rituals would also be carried out to wish the child good health, happiness, and success in life. Today, some of these traditions continue to be observed.

The evolution of baby shower

The evolution of baby shower

While baby showers are still being held in Singapore, some practices have slightly changed to reflect the culture. Traditionally, baby showers are held 1 month after the baby is born. However, more and more parents are opting to wait until the baby turns 100 days old before throwing a baby shower. Many parents are also opting for fancier and more elaborate parties.

Therefore, over at Chilli Api Catering, party enhancement is one of the services provided. This allows parents the option to customise the set-up for the baby shower instead of using the standard blue or pink skirting on the buffet tables.

What to eat for Baby Shower and Why?

What to eat for baby shower and why

Due to its symbolic significance, some traditional elements that every baby shower should have are red eggs with preserved ginger and Ang Ku Kuehs. Hard-boiled eggs symbolise fertility and the renewal of life and they are dyed red as the colour red represents good luck and blessings. Ang Ku Kuehs, literally translated as red turtle cakes, symbolises good fortune and longevity. Depending on the gender of the new child, either the pointed or the round Ang Ku Kuehs are eaten. Chilli Api Catering’s Baby Shower Menus include Red Eggs and your choice of pointed or round Ang Ku Kuehs.

In recent years, to reflect the modern culture, many parents have also started to include cakes with baby shower designs on it as part of their baby shower line-up as this can be seen as a gesture of appreciation for the guests sharing this joyful celebration with the family..

Why choose Chilli Api Catering’s Baby shower?

Why choose chilli api catering's baby shower

To match the joy of celebrating the first milestone of your baby, it is important to choose an equally outstanding caterer to help you with your planning. As an established caterer, Chilli Api Catering has the necessary expertise to help you make your baby shower a truly memorable one.

With their baby shower catering packages, Chilli Api Catering provides you with the one-stop service to customise your baby shower according to your requirements. Being Singapore’s leading halal Peranakan cuisine caterer, Chilli Api Catering offers authentic Peranakan food such as the Signature Kampung Fried Mee Siam; the Signature Nonya lemak laksa with condiments; and the Ayam Panggang, the nonya version of North Indian chicken tikka. On top of that, Chilli Api Catering’s baby shower catering packages also offers enhancement options allowing parents to have a thematic set-up to suit the occasion!


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