Joie Spin 360 Ember Reviewed by SuperMom

Joie Spin 360 Ember Reviewed by SuperMom


The Joie Spin 360 Car Seat is a Group 0+/1* car seat suitable from birth to 4 years old, beginning as a rearward facing infant seat, and can then be converted to a forward-facing seat supporting up to 18kg. The 360° rotating seat allows you to get your child in and out of the car seat with greater ease and effortless rearward-to-forward transitioning. With Joie Spin 360, you no longer have to worry about the safety of your little one while driving around Singapore.


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What is Group 0+/1

Joie Spin 360 Ember - What is Group 0plus1

Group 0+/1 car seats are a combination of Group 0+ and Group 1 car seats. They face rearwards until 13kg and can then either remain rear facing to 18kg, or can be used forward facing from 9 to 18kg.


Long term usage

Joie Spin 360 Ember for long term usage

Grow Together multi-height headrest and harness system adjust simultaneously and does not require you to readjust the length of the straps to fit your child nicely. This makes the body and head support of the car seat customisable to better fit your baby. Hence, this allows for long term usage as the car seat is able to grow together with your little one.


Comfort guaranteed for your little one

Joie Spin 360 Ember is comfort guaranteed for your little one

The Spin 360 car seat also features 5 recline positions which can be used both rearward and forward facing. The integrated load leg, plush cushioning and deluxe fabrics help keep your baby cosy and snug. Its built-in side ventilation also helps to keep your baby cool on warm days, providing your little one with the utmost comfort.


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  • Easy to get your child on and off the car – simply swivel the seat either forwards or back and it will lock into place.
  • Long-term usage due to adjustable headrest and harness.
  • Plush cushioning and built-in ventilation provides utmost comfort for your baby.
  • Compact. Small, streamlined base is “rebound bar-free”, making it one of the smallest spinning safety seats in the market.
  • Extremely secure thanks to its 5 point harness.
  • Great adjustability. 360° rotation allows you to position your little one based on your preference and needs


  • Group 0+/1 car seat.
  • Suitable rearward facing from birth to 18kg/4 years old.
  • Suitable forward facing from 9kg to 18kg/4 years old.
  • 360° rotating seat makes an easy way in and out for your baby
  • 5 recline positions can be used both rearward and forward facing.
  • Grow Together multi-height headrest and harness system allows simultaneous adjustment
  • Grow-with-me infant body and head support are customisable.
  • Integrated load leg
  • Plush, deluxe cushioning and fabrics to keep baby cosy.
  • Built-in side ventilation keeps the baby cool on warm days.
  • Easy installation using ISOFIX.
  • 5 point harness with shoulder and lower buckle covers that tightens with one pull motion.


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“The Joie 360 Spin is a fantastic product. It’s a great investment if you use it for the full four years!”
-Candace, mom of two


“A 360 degree swivel seat just makes life so much easier. I no longer have to twist myself just to get my child into the seat and I can literally stand and place them into it without pulling a muscle! The straps are very easy to loosen and tighten, which is definitely a bonus.”
-Kelsea, mom of one


“This car seat is perfect for a busy parent like myself, who always seems to be in a rush or running late. It’s super simple to swivel in and out of position, and easy to fasten in the child and lock them into position quickly. It also saves you the back ache of trying to fasten in the child whilst they are facing forward. Highly recommended to all!”
-Charlotte, mom of two


“I absolutely love this carseat! I love that there are parts you can remove as he gets older and that it grows with him and can eventually face forward. The swivel seat makes life so much easier to get him in and out, I wish I had this for my other two it was such a struggle.”
-Jennie, mom of three


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