Enhance Your Child’s Creativity With Wooden Toys

When choosing toys for your little one, parents prioritise safety, quality and educational value. Wooden toys meet all these requirements but they are often overlooked. Toys made of wood are safe for your child. They are eco-friendly and biodegradable. These toys use non-toxic materials and manufactured with environment-friendly processes. They are produced with the highest quality but typically cost less. Wooden toys also help your kids develop literacy, cognitive and motor skills.

Playtimes should not only be about having fun, it should also be an opportunity to develop and practice new skills and inspire imagination. Here are some reasons to choose wooden toys to boost your child’s creativity.

Encourage Creative Play

Creative City Blocks

Wooden toys require no batteries and can run on pure imagination. Creative and imaginative play influences your child’s cognitive development. These types of toys also contribute to the improvement of emotional intelligence and social skills. The simplicity of wooden toys allows your child to use their imagination to build something from colourful wooden blocks or create sounds for wooden cars and animals. Kids can explore more possibilities and these toys will encourage them to come up with creative ideas to build.

The Creative City Blocks and the Onshine Urban Building Blocks lets your child create an entire city without limits. Your child can get their imagination working while having fun with different shapes, sizes and prints on these wooden blocks.

Fun and Educational

3 in1 Montessori Wooden Activity Board

There is a wide collection of wooden toys that can help your child discover things and have fun at the same time. They can learn about the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colours and many more. Allowing your kids to play with educational toys will also help them develop their problem-solving skills. Young children will have fun while learning with wooden letter blocks, math boards, wooden puzzles and shape sorters.

The 3 in1 Montessori Wooden Activity Board is an ideal educational toy that brings fun to learning. This activity board trains your child to solve puzzles and helps in developing logic and reasoning skills.

Sensory Experience and Fine Motor Skills

RC-Babykids Wooden Activity Toys Set

When playing with wooden toys, your child can exercise their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Wooden toys provide a different level of sensory experience for your child because they can stimulate the touch, sight and hearing senses compared to having them sit and watch kid-friendly videos all day. These toys let your child learn more about shapes, texture, sounds and colours!
The RC-Babykids Wooden Activity Toys Set is an all-in-one activity set made with vibrant colours and bulky shapes. This can encourage visual learning, fine motor skills and tactile exploration. It includes rainbow-coloured wooden stacking ring tower, twist-twist worm, ring around beads and a xylophone!

Classic and Timeless

Rainbow Stacking Set and Deer Calculate Beads

When shopping for toys, you will most likely be overwhelmed by the choices of playthings available in the market today, especially with the rise of technology and ‘must-have’ toys. According to research, kids tend to lose interest in new toys at an average of 36 days. And 20% of these kids get bored of playing with the latest ‘must-have’ in less than a day. Abandoning their toys may not be beneficial in cultivating creativity in your child. One tried and tested trick is to choose classic and timeless toys. Some popular toys then and now include wooden toy cars, wooden counting beads, wooden play kitchen and wooden stacking towers.
These Rainbow Stacking Set and Deer Calculate Beads are ideal toys for brain exercise, help with early childhood education and can keep your child entertained for a longer time.

Safe and Durable

Kids can sometimes play rough with their toys. Toys made from plastic never seem to last and can break easily, leaving sharp edges or small parts that can hurt your child. Wooden toys are durable and they are built to last!  These toys rarely break or shatter and can easily be repainted so it can look new again. Parents will worry less when their child plays with a wooden toy and it will definitely last for many years. It can be passed on to younger siblings and share creative experiences together. Browse our collection of high-quality wooden toys at best prices in Singapore.

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