Best Selling KEENZ Strollers: Reviews & Where To Buy (2023)

KEENZ Top Selling Products in Singapore Reviews & Where To Buy (2021)

KEENZ is the Tesla of baby gear. They have worldwide patents on their novel designs and offer unparalleled comfort. With an innovative R&D team and engineers who have specialized in the baby product field for over 10 years, KEENZ combines engineering technicality with creative inspiration to produce impressive designs with attractive prices. It’s no wonder Keenz Strollers and High Chairs are becoming top-selling products everywhere!

KEENZ’s high-end, safe, and ergonomic product experiences make them a Super Brand. To help you decide which of KEENZ best-sellers are right for you, Team WeLoveSuperMoms has detailed noteworthy features of the top four bestselling KEENZ strollers and high chair, as well as need-to-know product specifications.

Which Keenz Is The One For You?

Super For Travelling Families

Keenz Air Plus Strongest Compact Stroller

Keenz Air Plus Strongest Compact Stroller

Why We Love It:

  • For newborns up to a 30kg baby
  • Easily opens with one hand
  • The largest stroller basket in the world at 40L/30kg

Product Specifications:

  • Open size: L 35 x W 60 x H 101 cm
  • Folded size: L 35 x W 20 x H 59 cm
  • Product weight: 6.8kg
  • Product usage: birth to 30kg

The Keenz Air Plus makes travelling the world with your tiny tot super convenient. In a single second, and with one hand, you can fold the Keenz Air Plus in a swish. Once folded, pop it into the stroller bag, lift and tote it about like a duffle or wheel it like a mini suitcase; the choice is yours. Yours is the first stroller to tuck into an overhead compartment. Clink your seat belts and get ready for a family adventure.

Carrying up to 40L, the stroller basket is as spacious as a supermarket trolley. It’s also roomie enough for your pet to hop into. There’s a zip entrance especially designed for them. Family day out anyone? In addition to being spacious, the stroller is super sturdy. If loaded with 50kgs of groceries and on an escalator ramp, the stroller won’t topple over. With the quick brakes, you can be hands and fancy-free anywhere you go.

The Keenz Air Plus is designed to accommodate your baby in every way. On hot and sticky days, the full cover canopy protects them from harmful rays and the mesh screen keeps them ventilated. Uh-oh! Bumpy footpath, ahead? The antishock, 4 wheel suspension ensures a smooth and safe ride. Froyo snack time calls for the multi-use T bar to transform into tray mode. As your baby grows, you can adjust the leg rest with a single touch. Made with durable and modern-looking Melange fabric, the Keenz Air Plus grows up with your baby.

What Parents Think

“Love this stroller now whenever I have to take my kids out of the stroller I don’t have to first remove all my shopping bags because the handlebar alone can hold up to 7kg and the basket another 30kg! Perfect for all my shopping!” – Susanna, mom of 3

“This is so far the BEST stroller I have ever owned! Very strong and sturdy yet small for a cabin stroller. Hanging things on the handlebar is super convenient as the stroller won’t topple over. Big and huge baskets too!” – Alison, mom of 2

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Super For Sporty Families

Keenz 7S Premium Deluxe Foldable Wagon

Keenz 7S Premium Deluxe Foldable Wagon

Why We Love It:

  • Peaked roof and full canopy
  • Dual adjustable and soft-grip handles
  • Removable fabric for easy cleaning
  • Advance ball bearing and shock absorbing wheel system

Product Specifications:

  • Open size: W 49 x L 91 x H 110 CM
  • Folded size: W 49 x L 39 x H 90 CM
  • Product weight: 13.15kg
  • Product usage: birth to 20 kg (per child)

Your 6-year-old is a bouncy ball and needs to skip, run, jump and swim. However, your 3 and 1-year-old get tired and cranky when they’re out for long stretches. What do you do? Shop Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon. Beach trips, sporting events, this sturdy yet stylish wagon is geared for all events. Because it’s made of glass fibre reinforced plastic, it’s long-lasting. You can even pass it down to family members.

It’s got plenty of neat storage space and synthetic leather handles. The adjustable rear and front-wheel handles make it easy for you to zip in and out of supermarket aisles. The detachable shopping baskets come with a storage bag, cup holder and a hidden mesh compartment. On the other side are a velcro pocket, a zip pocket and an elastic pocket, which is great to slip bottles into. The 7S wagon is designed for your convenience.

With 2 shock absorbent backrests and antishock PU tires, your kiddos are guaranteed a comfortable and safe ride. On sunny days, the full cover canopy with a peaked roof blocks sunlight and protects their skin. When it’s a tad too quiet, you can open up the mesh layer to peek inside. They’re only snoozing. Don’t worry, Mum!

What Parents Think

“We received this as a gift from my dad. We have 24-month-old twins and this wagon is by far their favorite ride. We have multiple strollers (tandem, side by side and umbrella) and another smaller wagon that we used before this. Now we only use this wagon. This an amazing ride and we plan on using this way past when the boys are too big for it to haul camping gear or beach gear. This summer we are going to give Disneyland a try.” -Jenn, mom of two

“The Keenz wagon is the missing link between my travel strollers and a double stroller. Those barely have any room to haul around stuff and one kid always wants to walk and their freedom. With this wagon, they can interact, have their freedom, and push it while I pull so they tire out, and I can haul all their stuff for weekend adventures. It’s a must for our family with 2 toddlers.” -Amanda, mom of two

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Super For Everyday Use

Keenz X Hybrid Wagon Stroller

Keenz X Hybrid Wagon Stroller


Why We Love It:

  • Transformable stroller and wagon
  • Triangle structure for feather-like manoeuvrability
  • Handcrafted handles for durability and comfort
  • A full cover canopy that’s 40cm wide
  • All wheels have anti-shock suspensions

Product Specifications:

  • Open size: W 95 x L 58 x H 104 CM
  • Folded size: W 95 x L 58 x H 41 CM
  • Product weight: 14kg
  • Product usage: birth to 25 kg (per child)

Looking for an all-in-one stroller? The KEENZ X Hybrid Wagon Stroller is a must-have. It’s dynamically designed for growing babies and families; converting into a cosy bassinet for newborns; a face to face stroller with leg rest for 4-12-month-olds; a looking back stroller for curious 24-36-month-olds; and a double stroller or a wagon for sweet siblings. What more could you ask for?

This sweet ride is designed to perfection. The handles are handcrafted leather for durability and comfort. The 40cm wide canopy with 99% UPF50+, waterproof fabric and flexible wire protects your little ones from sun, wind, and rain. The eco-friendly and spacious double tray is great for reading, eating or playing. And there’s also a detachable basket for your groceries.

With two backrests that have a 5 point harness, you can straddle both your munchkins in the strogon comfortably. The anti-shock wide wheel and high-end PU tires with premium suspensions ensure safety and no jerky surprises for your baby. What’s more, is the stroller body and canopy folds together in just 3 seconds.

What Parents Think

“Keenz is simply amazing. Looks like they have thought about everything, safety, comfort, maneuverability and convenience. In fact, it is not only a single stroller, but also a double one. Unlike existing strollers that see short-lived usage, it can be used from birth onwards, over the next ten years!” -Trisha, mom of three

“Amazing! If you are on the fence about purchasing this strolle r, just do it! I have 2 toddlers and this strogon has been perfect for us. Our double stroller was so heavy and was so hard to maneuver. So with that being said, my main concern for this product was the weight and manoeuvrability- both of which is awesome! It has been especially designed from scratch to address the shortcomings of existing strollers and prams!” -Stephanie, mom of two

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Super For Everyday Wear

Keenz Yommy High Chair

Keenz Yommy High Chair

Why We Love It:

  • Only high chair with a huge storage basket
  • Automatic braking & one-touch pushing system
  • 5-position angle-adjustable backrest
  • Luxurious and waterproof leather seat pad
  • Large Double Feeding Tray

Product Specifications:

  • Open size: W 95 x L 58 x H 104 CM
  • Product weight: 14kg
  • Product usage: birth to 20 kg

The Keenz Yommy High Chair is not only safe and comfortable for the baby to use, but is also easy to maintain. Unlike others, this stylish & comfortable high chair has a super strong and sturdy frame which allows it to be used from newborns until a maximum weight of 20kg. So you can use this high chair from a very early stage to keep the baby close by when you are getting things done anywhere in the house. When the baby is older, simply remove the feeding tray so that the child can sit right at the table and eat together with the family.

This Keenz high chair is super functional with adjustable seat height, backrest reclining angle, footrest and feeding tray depth. This allows it to be used as a comfortable recliner (perfect for keeping the baby close by) or a perfect spot for napping, relaxing, resting, eating or playing. Leg divider can even be removed if needed. Feeding tray can be secured easily on its rear legs, while a huge storage basket underneath the high chair allows you to easily keep and access to things that you might need during mealtime. With its improved “Automatic Braking & One-Touch Pushing System”, the high chair can be pushed around easily even with the babysitting in it!

What Parents Think

“This high chair is the greatest quality chair that I could’ve ever asked for. I knew it had different options as the baby grows but it had a few other features I didn’t realize until I got it. Great buy!” -Ili, mom of two

“Awesome high chair that is easy to clean. On kiddo number 2 and we were looking for a high chair that was easier to clean. The Keenz Yommy high chair won us over :)” -Angela, mom of three


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Keenz Strollers: Our Final Verdict

Keenz has been a very well received brand among modern parents nowadays, for their products have been proven to be effective and of high quality. Although the price for Keenz products may be a little steep as compared to the household stroller brands in the market, we would definitely deem it as a worthwhile investment. Afterall, every parent would want their child to be comfortable and happy, be it in the house or on-the-go.

As for strollers, to further help you, we thought you might be interested in checking out this other article on the best strollers in the market now, with further tips and must-knows before getting yourself a handy stroller.

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