10 Best Baby Strollers in Singapore Reviews & Where To Buy (2021)

10 Best Baby Strollers in Singapore: Reviews & Where To Buy

10 Best Baby Strollers in Singapore: Reviews & Where To Buy

When it comes to baby essentials, strollers and prams most likely come up at the top of the list. Regardless of whether you’re simply hopping out for a quick grocery run or going on an elaborate adventure, a baby stroller is a must when bringing your precious little one out. A good stroller ensures that your baby or toddler is comfortable, and most importantly, safe.

So you might then wonder, which stroller is the most suitable for me? After rounds of research and surveys, here at SuperMom, we have compiled a list of the best baby strollers in Singapore!


Strongest Baby Stroller – Keenz Air Plus 2.0

Strongest Baby Stroller - Keenz Air Plus 2.0

Why we love it:

  • 2-in-1 lightweight stroller
  • Cabin-friendly
  • 40 litres ultra high-capacity storage basket

Product Specifications:

Open size: 80 (D) x 53 (W) x 104 (H) cm
Folded size: 56 (D) x 43 (W) x 24 (H) cm
Product weight: 6.8kg
Product usage: birth to 30kg

Keenz Air Plus 2.0 prides itself in being the strongest cabin-friendly stroller that can hold up to 40L in basket and 7kg on handle without toppling, even with an empty seat. Stroll in style with your little one, with Keenz’s sleek and modern design.

Weighing only 6.8kg and equipped with a one-second folding system, the Keenz Air Plus 2.0 can easily be folded and stored, making it super convenient for parents who are constantly travelling or on the move. The best part is that the stroller can be brought up onto the plane as carry-on luggage due to its compact size after folding up.

On top of that, it features a 4 wheel suspension system which absorbs shock from the ground, providing a more comfortable and safer riding experience for your little one. Keenz’ patented ball bearings technology guarantees a smooth journey without rocking that will wake up your baby during nap times.

The stroller includes a fully extendable canopy with UPF50 UV protection and various large mesh windows to ensure ample air ventilation and shade from rain or shine. Its wide and padded seat reclines fully can accommodate even a bigger child, up to 30kg. The adjustable footrest, backrest and headrest all ensures utmost comfort for your little one during every journey.

Keenz Air Plus 2.0 is a great overall stroller that’s lightweight yet heavy duty, and we are sure you’ll love it!

What parents think

“Love this stroller now whenever I have to take my kids out of the stroller I don’t have to first remove all my shopping bags coz the handle bar alone can hold up to 7kg and the basket another 30kg! Perfect for all my shopping!” – Joanne Kukk

“Best stroller ever! Always recommending it to everyone. It’s so smooth, can be pushed with one hand. Very sturdy as I can hang many stuff at the back and the basket is huge!! Love it!!” – Jane Surin


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Best Outdoor Baby Stroller – Bonbijou Luke Mini


Best Outdoor Baby Stroller - Bonbijou Luke Mini

Why we love it:

  • Fuss-free folding system allows convenient storage and travel
  • 360 degrees rotation and suspension
  • Lightweight but sturdy

Product Specifications:

Open size: 74 (D) x 49 (W) x 101cm (H)
Folded size: 28 (D) x 25 (W) x 54cm (H)
Product weight: 5.9kg
Product usage: birth to 20kg

We know it can be challenging to manage your little one when you’re out and about, especially with a crying little one and heaps of baby necessities to bring around. But fret not! Introducing Bonbijou’s Luke Mini stroller, it was designed for easy traveling in mind, catering to active families who are always on the move.

Equipped with features such as a foldable frame, adjustable belt loops and leg rests, as well as an extendable canopy that shields your baby from the sun, Luke is ready to embark on a journey with you and your little one, regardless of where you go.

Luke’s main selling point would be its easy-to-use folding system, which allows the stroller to be folded and stowed in a matter of seconds for ease of storage. To unfold it, simply tug on the handle bar and it will return to its original size. The hassle-free single motion folding mechanism ensures that travelling with your little one has never been more convenient.

You will also love the 360 degrees rotating front wheels which makes one-handed pushing and steering effortless. With Luke, your child would undeniably experience a comfortable and uninterrupted ride.

What parents think

“Value for money, everyday type of stroller! Steady stroller, super spacious even for a big baby. Smooth maneuverability and super compact when in storage. Good buy at this price.” – Serene, Mom of 1

“Love the pram very much! Very easy to use and absolutely very user friendly. Really really love my purchase on this and it’s totally worth my money.” – Fiona, Mom of 1


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Most Compact Baby Stroller – GB Pockit+ All City


Most Compact Baby Stroller - GB Pockit+ All City

Why we love it:

  • Small and lightweight
  • Self-standing when folded
  • Customisable features to suit your needs

Product Specifications:

Open size: 78 (D) x 34 (W) x 99cm (H)
Folded size: 19 (D) x 33 (W) x 48cm (H)
Product weight: 5.7kg
Product usage: 6 months to 16.7kg

Behind the stunning style and ergonomic design of the Pockit+ All City lies a myriad of configuration options to suit your every need and grow with your little one.

Featuring a stepless recline function, it can be reclined to infinite positions to satisfy your baby’s needs and provide the maximum comfort for them on-the-go.The single wheels of the Pockit+ All City are targeted at parents who are always on the go, with front wheel suspension and ideal slim profile wheels for smooth city surfaces.

The stroller’s unique ultra-compact folding mechanism is a life-saver, providing convenience, portability and ease of storage as it is compliant with even the aircraft’s hand luggage requirements. Hassle-free and space-saving, travelling with your baby is such a breeze!

What makes the Pockit+ All City stand out amongst other strollers is its unique 3-in-1 travel system. Compatible with Cot to Go and GB/Cybex car seats, the stroller can easily be converted into a travel system or a lightweight pram, whichever is most suitable for your child as they grow.

What parents think

“It’s easy to maneuver with one hand and it rolled over uneven pavement really well. I would definitely recommend this!!” – Steffany, Mom of 1

“After many hours on YouTube watching reviews and several weeks of hesitation I finally went for this one. It was the right choice. There is nothing lighter in the market, and it folds smaller than any other stroller.” – Carlos C, Dad of 1


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Best Umbrella Baby Stroller – Maclaren Quest


Best Umbrella Baby Stroller - Maclaren Quest

Why we love it:

  • One-hand compact umbrella fold
  • Foot-operated linked parking brakes
  • Lockable front swivel wheels

Product Specifications:

Open size: 59 (D) x 48 (W) x 104cm (H)
Folded size: 32 (D) x 27 (W) x 104cm (H)
Product weight: 6.3kg
Product usage: birth to 25kg

The Maclaren Quest stroller is a definite favorite among busy parents who need a compact yet full-featured stroller. It features a full recline 4-position seat with convenient one-handed adjustment and extendable leg rest with memory position.

When the seat is fully reclined, the Newborn Safety System helps create a cozy, enclosed cocoon that protects and covers your little one. Its 5-point safety harness is securely anchored to the aluminium frame mated with our exclusive two-finger release buckle, ensuring the safety of your baby.

The extra-large hood, includes a viewing window so that you can always keep an eye on your most precious cargo. Maclaren’s cushioned foam grip handles also help reduce vibrations for a smooth grip, coupled with the easy touch swivel lock, they keep the ride stable over rough ground and withstands quick movements and sudden bumps in the road.

For ease of carrying, Maclaren Quest comes with a carry strap and handle that helps make transporting the umbrella fold buggy easier.

What parents think

“It drives well, I love that you can reverse the seat, and how it reclines. The visor has great coverage and I really like the zip extender on the visor as well.” – Joseph, Dad of 1


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Best Versatile Baby Stroller – Quinny Zapp Flex


Best Versatile Baby Stroller - Quinny Zapp Flex

Why we love it:

  • Sleek, modern design
  • Two-way seat that reclines both ways
  • Swivel wheels for easy steering and smooth ride

Product Specifications:

Open size: 58.4 (D) x 51.3 (W) x 108cm (H)
Folded size: 38.1 (D) x 37.3 (W) x 72.9cm (H)
Product weight: 11.8kg
Product usage: 6 months to 22.7kg

The Quinny Zapp Flex is a versatile and functional stroller. Its reversible seat lets your child face you for enhanced bonding moments, or to get a view of the streets ahead; all while providing unrivaled comfort with its multiple reclines in both rear and forward-facing positions.

With a sleek, modern design and the ability to fold into a very compact package with the seat attached, this stroller has you covered; from car to train, the Zapp Flex is ready to go wherever life takes you.

The swivel wheels make steering easier while the large zip-open canopy features UV 50+ protection and shades your little one from the sun. Zapp Flex also boasts parent-friendly features such as high handle height for more comfortable pushing and ample storage space in the basket below the seat to store baby necessities. On top of that, the stroller is also easy to clean with a damp cloth when ‘accidents’ occur as it is made of water resistant fabrics.

Similar to GB Pockit+ All City stroller, Quinny Zapp Flex also allows you to customize your stroller by using other accessories from the brand. Give your baby a comfy ride from birth by using the Zapp Flex as a travel system with a Maxi-Cosi Mico infant car seat or the Quinny Lux Tukk (each sold separately).You’ll definitely love it!

What parents think

“The stroller folds up small in an easy 3 step process and does not take up a lot of space at all in the car boot.” – One Slice of Lemon, Parenting Blog

“This stroller is AMAZING! it’s super cute and chic and it’s so lightweight. I love that I can have it facing me and it reclines like a bassinet. 1000% satisfied w/ my purchase.” – Maggie, Mom of 1


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Best Luxury Baby Stroller – Capella Freemove


Best Luxury Baby Stroller - Capella Freemove

Why we love it:

  • Extended canopy
  • Wide, comfortable seats with adjustable footrest
  • Reverse handle allows for parent-facing and world-facing position

Product Specifications:

Open size: 84 (D) x 48 (W) x 102cm (H)
Folded size: 35 (D) x 48 (W) x 86cm (H)
Product weight: 5.4kg
Product usage: birth to 18kg

Unique to Capella Freemove alone, it features a 4-wheel suspension with an automatic conversion system. This makes steering much easier when you switch between the parent-facing and world-facing position. The stroller has a reversible handle that is height adjustable, and embellished with premium faux leather, giving the ergonomic design a modern and stylish finish.

Freemove also features a one-hand folding and self standing mechanism, making it convenient for travelling and storage. Safety and comfort for your little one is also guaranteed with the 0.3G shock absorber and the 3-section extended canopy with 99% UV protection that shelters your child from rain or shine.

The stroller has a wide and comfortable seat, with 3 adjustable footrest angles that makes for the best for both sleeping and sitting. It also comes with a versatile footmuff that offers the perfect level of warmth for your little one.

Stylish, spacious and extremely functional, Capella Freemove is definitely a great choice for parents always on the go!

What parents think

“Good product. Very easy to use. Very light weight.” – Crystal, Mum of 1

“So great for travelling! The compact fold can self-stand and has a puller to easily move around.” – Rebecca, Mum of 1


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Best Lightweight Baby Stroller – Joie Tourist

Best Lightweight Baby Stroller - Joie Tourist

Why we love it:

  • Lightweight and compact
  • One-step, one-hand folding and self-standing mechanism
  • Flat reclining seat and multiple recline positions

Product Specifications:

Open size: 83.1 (D) x 47.1 (W) x 106cm (H)
Folded size: 66.1 (D) x 47.1 (W) x 24.3cm (H)
Product weight: 5.92kg
Product usage: birth to 15kg

The Joie Tourist is an all-in-one package that is not only lightweight, compact but convenient as well. It can be used from birth to 3kg and be paired with all Joie infant carriers, allowing it to be converted to a slim fit fully featured pushchair as your little one grows older.

Tourist features a one-step, one-hand fast fold system with an extremely flat fold package that is freestanding, providing added convenience for parents always on the go. Furthermore, it also comes with a carry strap, custom carry bag, raincover, and full sized shopping basket, all of which ensures that you are always ready for travel.

The stroller has a flat reclining seat and offers various recline positions, allowing it to adapt and customise to your child’s every needs growing up, and can hence be used from birth.

Tourist has an all wheel suspension that allows for a smooth ride and enhanced maneuverability, ensuring that your baby’s ride is always smooth, peaceful and without interruptions. Locking front swivel wheels will also prevent the stroller from steering off in another direction on uneven and bumpy terrains, making sure that your little one always has a safe ride.

What parents think

“This buggy is so easy to put up and fold down! We don’t want a troublesome item with children by our side.” – Natalie, Mum of 3

“This product makes my life so much easier as a mum. It’s so easy to use I didn’t even use instructions!” – Hayley, Mum of 1


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Best Travel Baby Stroller  – Babyzen YOYO


Best Travel Baby Stroller - Babyzen YOYO

Why we love it:

  • Lightweight and compact; cabin-friendly
  • Rain cover
  • 5-point safety harness

Product Specifications:

Tired of the inconvenience brought about by big and bulky strollers? With Babyzen YOYO, you no longer have to worry about that. Designed with compactness in mind, the stroller can easily be folded and is compact enough to fit into the airplane’s overhead cabin, making it a perfect choice for active families. It also takes up minimal space at home, making storage extremely convenient and quick. However, its size in no way compromises the sitting room for your little one as YOYO features a generous and spacious seating area that has plenty of room to ensure the comfort of your little one.

Babyzen takes pride in the maneuverability of their strollers, as they are easy to steer and direct, even with one hand, providing added ease for all parents as they go about their daily routines effortlessly.

YOYO ensures that you and your little one are always prepared for rainy days, with a flexible rain cover that is easy to install, has great coverage and can be kept in a storage pouch. It even covers the canopy of the stroller, making sure that your little one is completely covered during wet weather.

Safety of your little one is also guaranteed with the stroller’s 5-point safety harness. It keeps your little one strapped in and makes it difficult for them to undo it, providing enhanced protection for your child on every ride.

This stylish, lightweight and easy mover definitely stands out from the rest in the market!

What parents think

“It’s very light and compact, so it’s great for strolling around town or taking on holiday.” – Lucy, Mum of 2

“We’d highly recommend the Babyzen Yoyo and consider it the best travel stroller on the market!” – Elaine, Mum of 1


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Most Spacious Baby Stroller – Quinny Hubb Mono

Most Spacious Baby Stroller - Quinny Hubb Mono

Why we love it:

  • Maneuverable swivel wheels and large foam-filled tires
  • Height-adjustable push bar
  • Large basket holds up to 10kg worth of items

Product Specifications:

Open size: 98 (D) x 57 (W) x 105cm (H)
Folded size: 95 (D) x 57 (W) x 34cm (H)
Product weight: 13.5kg
Product usage: birth to 15kg

Quinny Hub Mono offers everything you could ask for in a stroller, and more, making it a definite favourite among parents. With its highly maneuverable swivel wheels and large foam-filled tires, every ride is a smooth and effortless one. It also features an XL sun canopy to shield your little one from the sun. The comfort push bar can be adjusted to a comfortable height for parents to push, ensuring comfort for both parents and their little ones.

Hub Mono’s easy folding mechanism allows for easy handling, where parents can fold and open the stroller with a single-hand, while carrying their little one in the other. This makes for a much more convenient and hassle-free usage experience.

The stroller is also equipped with a large basket that can hold up to 10kg of load, making it a perfect storage companion when bringing your little one out. It even has a hidden storage pocket to safely store personal items such as your wallet or phone.

Easy maneuverability, convenience for travelling and storage, as well as the comfort provided for both parents and children makes Quinny Hub Mono a perfect choice for an all-in-one stroller

What parents think

“Awesome pushchair convertible to a double for my toddler and newborn, has a huge shopping basket enough for all items.” – Esther, Mum of 3

“Stylish and sturdy enough for my can’t-stay-still granddaughter, and with huge storage to keep her barangs.” – Rohanah, Grandmother of 1


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Most Portable Baby Stroller – Beblum Navuto

Most Portable Baby Stroller - Beblum Navuto

Why we love it:

Beblum Navuto definitely takes the win for the lightest auto-fold stroller. Weighing only 6.2kg, it can fit anywhere, from cars to overhead compartments in airplanes, making it a top choice for families who often travel and are always on the go. With a single push of a button, the stroller folds and stands on its own, and you can do this all while carrying your baby in your other hand, making storage and travelling much simpler.
Further equipped with a self-standing mechanism and swivel wheels, parents are able to easily manoeuvre and push the stroller with just one hand. The added storage basket below the seat provides ample space to place all your baby necessities. Beblum Navuto also has a 3 levels reclinable backrest and adjustable footrest that ensures your little one enjoys the optimal comfort on the go.

Most importantly, you can rest assured that your little one is safely secured in the stroller, with its 5-point safety harness and padded shoulder straps that keeps your little one strapped in without harming their delicate skin.

Product Specifications:

  • Open size: 85 (D) x 40 (W) x 104cm (H)
  • Folded size:26 (D) x 40 (W) x 63cm (H)
  • Product weight: 6.2kg
  • Product usage: birth to 20kg


What parents think

“Always had trouble loading and unloading my strollers from my car, but the lightweight and compact design of this stroller made it so much easier when I bring my little one out alone. Would definitely recommend this!” – Rebecca, Mom of 1

“The cabin-friendly feature of this stroller made it so much more convenient for my wife and I to travel with my baby boy. We could place him on the stroller and get off the plane without having to wake him up!” – David, Dad of 2


What types of baby strollers are there?

Things to consider when purchasing a stroller:

  • Safety
    When it comes to your little one’s safety, there is no room for compromise. Always look for a stroller that has a secure system to keep your little one strapped in.
  • Portability
    Do you intend on travelling with your stroller often? Is it easy to fold and store? Does it fit into your trunk or an overhead cabin? These are important questions to take into consideration when choosing a stroller.
  • Maneuverability
    Is it easy to steer with a single hand? How well does it hold on uneven surfaces? Does it have a simple to use folding mechanism? When bringing your little one about, there’s already enough to worry about, you definitely wouldn’t want to struggle with your stroller as well.
  • Storage Space
    There’s probably heaps of items you need to bring along when you’re out and about with your child. Ample storage space is definitely necessary to ensure you don’t have to lug around your baby necessities.

Types of Strollers

Full-size baby strollers
Definitely a popular option among many parents, full-size strollers are well-loved due to its sturdiness and usability as it’ll last your little one from his infant to toddler years. They are also usually bigger in size and offer more space for your little one to move about in. Ironically, this would also perhaps be its downside, as its huge size makes it less portable and takes up more space.

Lightweight/umbrella strollers
For families who are constantly on the go, a lightweight stroller is definitely a must-have. It’s probably half of the size of a full-size stroller and much lighter, which makes it much easier to maneuver. They are also foldable and compact, providing greater ease when you have to carry them or store them in the trunk or an overhead cabin. However, do take into consideration that it’s small size also means that you’re unlikely to use it beyond your child’s infant years.

Double strollers
As its name suggests, double strollers are for when you have double the angels (or devils). Be it a twin or an older sibling who’s not ready to leave the comfort of a stroller behind yet, a double stroller is definitely needed when bringing your kids out. They come in either tandem seating or side-by-side seating. This type of stroller is definitely the heaviest and bulkiest out of the lot, so carrying and storing them may pose some difficulties.

Jogging strollers
To the exercise fanatics, this one’s for you! Being a parent doesn’t have to stop you from doing what you love. Bring your little one with you on a quick jog or just take a stroll in the park in a jogging stroller. It has great stability and a strong suspension system to ensure your little one stays comfy.


Customizing the Stroller to Fit Your Needs

We know it can be challenging bringing your little one out, so here are some things we think will help make your life a little easier!

Stroller Hook

Ran out of storage space on your stroller? No worriers, get a stroller hook and you’re good to go. Use it for your groceries or even your handbag!
Get them here

Stroller Organiser

For messier parents, this helps you keep all your essentials in one place and gives you easy access to them while on the go.
Check them out here

Clip-on Portable Fans

The weather in Singapore tends to be on the hotter side, and it can get really stuffy for your little one if they were to stay in the stroller for long periods of time. Having a portable fan definitely helps cool things down a little.
Grab them here


For parents looking for an easy way out, we’ve got starter packs that consist of everything you’ll need for your stroller. Take a look here!

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