The Smart Mum’s Guide to the Best Baby Bottle Brands (2023)

Best Brands for Baby Bottles in Singapore

Although baby bottles come in different shapes and sizes, they all work pretty much the same. However, you should also remember that each baby has different needs, so what works for other babies may not be right for your child.

There are a lot of factors to consider in choosing the right baby bottle. As parents, we want our baby milk bottles to be safe, non-toxic, and suitable for everyday use. Aside from that, we also need to think about bottle sizes, nipple type, anti-colic features, durability, and ease of use. Who knew that choosing the right feeding bottle for our babies is not as simple as we thought?

With so many available baby bottles on the market, it’s natural to get stuck between different choices. Whether you’re feeding your baby formula or pumped breast milk, or a combination of both, we at Supermom can help you make the right choice. Here are some of the best baby feeding bottles you can choose from.


pigeon feeding bottles

Pigeon, a globally recognized brand, has been at the forefront of providing top-notch childcare products, especially in the baby bottle sector. The Pigeon baby milk bottle stands out for many reasons. A key feature is its ultra-soft and flexible peristaltic nipples that mimic the natural motion of breastfeeding. This design encourages babies to adopt a natural sucking pattern, making it easier for mothers to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding without the worry of nipple confusion.

Furthermore, every Pigeon baby bottle is meticulously designed with the brand’s exclusive Air Ventilation System (AVS™). This system is a game-changer as it significantly reduces the intake of air, thereby minimizing excessive gas and the possibility of colic symptoms in babies. Safety is paramount, and Pigeon ensures this by crafting their baby bottles from BPA-free PPSU material. This material is lauded for its high heat resistance and impressive durability, making the bottle long-lasting and safe.

What sets Pigeon apart is its comprehensive range of bottle and nipple sizes, ensuring that there’s a perfect fit for every baby’s unique needs as they grow. In essence, Pigeon’s baby bottle is not just a product but a companion for both the baby and the parent, offering peace of mind with its anti-colic ventilation system and soft peristaltic nipple.

Popular and highly-rated Pigeon bottles

  • Pigeon SofTouch PP Nursing Wide Neck Bottle
  • Pigeon SofTouch 3 PP Nursing Bottle
  • Pigeon SofTouch 3 PPSU Nursing Bottle
  • Pigeon SofTouch PPSU Nursing Wide Neck Bottle


hegen feeding bottles

Hegen stands as a pioneering brand in the realm of baby care, especially known for its innovative baby bottles. At the heart of Hegen’s design is the game-changing baby milk bottle, celebrated for its revolutionary no-screw thread. This patented PCTO (press-to-close and twist-to-open) innovation enables parents to cap and uncap the bottle single-handedly, a blessing for multitasking caregivers everywhere.

The design ingenuity doesn’t end there. The Hegen baby bottle features an off-centre elliptical-shaped teat, carefully crafted to mirror the natural form of a mother’s breast. This thoughtful design promotes an upright feeding posture, facilitating a more intimate bonding session between parent and child. Additionally, Hegen’s anti-colic air vent plays a crucial role in minimizing excessive air ingestion, ensuring babies experience less gastric discomfort.

The bottles boast of a natural amber hue, derived from the top-notch, baby-safe PPSU material they’re fashioned from. Notably absent are artificial pigments and BPA, affirming Hegen’s commitment to safety. As an added bonus, the design allows the baby bottles to stack seamlessly and later transition into interconnecting food containers, evolving alongside your child’s needs.

In essence, Hegen baby bottles shine for their PCTO innovation and multi-use adaptability, a testament to the brand’s dedication to excellence.

Popular and highly-rated Hegen bottles

  • Hegen PCTO Feeding Bottle PPSU

Philips Avent

philips avent feeding bottles

Philips Avent, a globally revered brand, has long been synonymous with superior baby care products. Central to their impressive lineup is the Philips Avent baby milk bottle, known for seamlessly blending design with functionality. Their natural and anti-colic baby bottles, in particular, are meticulously crafted to ensure a smooth transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. 

What sets the Philips Avent baby bottle apart is its wide, skin-soft nipple. Expertly designed, this nipple encourages easy latching, closely simulating the natural breastfeeding experience for infants. This ensures babies feel comfortable and secure, even when switching between breast and bottle. 

Additionally, the integrated anti-colic valve technology is a standout feature. This innovative design minimizes air intake during feeding, thereby reducing the chances of colic, fussiness, and discomfort for the baby. Complementing this is the bottle’s ergonomic design, which not only allows babies to grip it effortlessly with their tiny hands but also features a wide neck. This latter attribute ensures that cleaning the bottle and preparing formula become hassle-free tasks for parents. 

In summary, Philips Avent baby bottles are beloved for their pioneering anti-colic valve technology and their wide, breast-shaped nipples, encapsulating the brand’s commitment to ensuring both baby and parent have the best experience possible.

Popular and highly-rated Philips Avent bottles

  • Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle
  • Philips Avent Natural PPSU Baby Bottle

Tommee Tippee

tommee tippee feeding bottles

Tommee Tippee, a leading name in infant care, has consistently showcased its dedication to crafting products that prioritize the comfort and health of babies. Central to this commitment is the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature baby milk bottle. This innovatively designed baby bottle closely emulates the natural suppleness and flexibility of a mother’s breast. The intention behind this is to ensure a smooth and stress-free transition when shifting your baby from breastfeeding to bottle feeding.

A distinctive feature of this baby bottle is its slanted teat, which incorporates a one-of-a-kind anti-colic tube and valve system. This design ingeniously minimizes the entry of excessive air during feedings, thereby drastically reducing potential issues such as spit-ups, gassiness, and overall fussiness. Consequently, babies can enjoy a more serene and comfortable feeding experience.

Furthermore, practicality is woven into its design. The Tommee Tippee baby bottles boast an ergonomic form, facilitating greater handling control. Paired with this is the bottle’s expansive neck, simplifying the cleaning process.

In essence, Tommee Tippee baby bottles are celebrated for their natural easy-latch nipple shape and the integrated anti-colic valve, embodying the brand’s dedication to optimal baby well-being.

Popular and highly-rated Tommee Tippee bottles

  • Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature PPSU Bottle
  • Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Tinted Bottle
  • Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature PP Bottle


Haakaa feeding bottles

Haakaa, a trailblazing brand in the realm of baby care, has crafted a niche for itself with its innovative baby products. A standout in their repertoire is the Haakaa baby milk bottle, designed with the utmost attention to both safety and functionality. Made entirely of 100% food-grade silicone, this baby bottle promises a soft touch, ensuring maximum comfort for the infant during feeding sessions.

The silicone nipple, shaped to resemble the natural form of a mother’s breast, offers babies a familiar feeding experience. Coupled with this is the dual anti-colic vent system, a feature that minimizes the risk of excessive air ingestion, ensuring your baby’s comfort.

The ingenuity of the Haakaa baby bottle doesn’t stop there. Its ultra-wide neck design not only simplifies cleaning but also serves a dual purpose. This design ensures compatibility with the Haakaa Gen 3 breast pump flange and other versatile attachments, including the food spoon dispenser and sippy bottle top. Moreover, these bottles are crafted to withstand impact and are safe to use in microwaves.

In summation, the Haakaa baby bottle shines for its multifunctional design and compatibility with other Haakaa attachments, marking the brand’s commitment to providing holistic solutions for modern parenting.

Popular and highly-rated Haakaa bottles

  • Haakaa Gen 3 Glass Baby Bottle
  • Haakaa Gen 3 Silicone Milk Bottle

Dr. Brown’s

dr brown's feeding bottles

Dr. Brown’s, a vanguard in infant care, has established itself as a go-to brand for parents seeking quality and reliability. The star of their lineup is the Dr. Brown’s baby milk bottle, designed meticulously with both baby and caregiver in mind. Central to this baby bottle’s acclaim is its patented internal venting system. Clinically validated, this system works wonders in curtailing common feeding issues such as colic, spit-up, burping, and gas. The result? A more contented and comfortable baby during and post feeding.

The thoughtfulness in design extends to the bottle’s soft silicone nipple, which encourages a natural latch. This helps make the transition between breast and bottle smoother for infants.

Moreover, Dr. Brown’s offers a variety of choices when it comes to their baby bottles, catering to diverse parental preferences. Parents can opt for the original plastic or the eco-friendly glass variant. Additionally, these baby bottles are available in both narrow and wide-neck options. For the modern parent, these bottles are a boon, being BPA-free, dishwasher-friendly, and safe for sterilization.

In a nutshell, the love for Dr. Brown’s baby bottles stems from their unique vent system and their promise of a steady, natural nipple flow, encapsulating the brand’s dedication to infant wellness.

Popular and highly-rated Dr. Brown’s bottles

  • Dr. Brown’s PP Narrow-Neck Bottle
  • Dr. Brown’s Anti-Colic Options+ Wide-Neck Baby Bottle
  • Dr. Brown’s Breast Milk Collection Bottle
  • Dr. Brown’s Milestones Narrow Sippy Bottle with Handles
  • Dr. Brown’s Anti-Colic Options+ Wide-Neck PPSU Baby Bottle
  • Dr. Brown’s Anti-Colic Options+ Narrow Sippy Bottle

Evorie Tritan

evorie tritan feeding bottles

Evorie Tritan has carved a niche for itself in the competitive world of baby care products, with its baby bottles being particularly commendable. One of the defining features of the Evorie Tritan baby milk bottle is its construction from BPA- and BPS-free material, ensuring utmost safety for the infant. This material not only guarantees safety but also boasts a glass-like transparency. Moreover, it resists high temperatures, impacts, and stains, highlighting the brand’s commitment to durability and quality.

A significant feature of this baby bottle is the built-in anti-colic air system, designed to reduce air ingestion and ensure a more comfortable feeding experience for the baby. Further enhancing the natural feeding experience is the bottle’s super soft, breast-like teat, which is highly flexible and ensures an effortless transition from breast to bottle feeding.

Another user-friendly aspect is the bottle’s wide-neck design, making both refilling and cleaning a breeze. Tailored for babies aged 3 to 6 months, Evorie Tritan offers these bottles in two sizes: 160 ml and 240 ml.

In conclusion, the Evorie Tritan baby bottle’s standout features, such as the anti-colic air system and its ability to endure high sterilization temperatures, make it a preferred choice among discerning parents.

Popular and highly-rated Evorie Tritan bottles

  • Evorie Tritan Baby Milk Feeding Bottle

How do I choose a baby bottle?

With so many options to choose from, finding the right baby bottle can be overwhelming. Check out what you need to look for in baby bottles to make sure that you’re making the right decision.


Baby bottles are typically made of plastic or silicone, and there are also some glass options. Plastic ones are typically the least expensive, though it’s important to make sure that the plastic is BPA-free and can withstand high temperatures during sterilization.

Silicone bottles are also lightweight like plastic bottles, but are typically more expensive. However, silicone is a safer alternative to plastic, and parents who don’t want plastic bottles can opt for silicone ones instead.

There are also glass baby bottles on the market, but they do have their downsides. Though may prefer glass to plastic, glass bottles are heavy and can cause injuries if they shatter.


Generally, baby bottles come in roughly two sizes. The smaller bottles are around 4 to 5 ounces, while the larger ones are around 8 to 10 ounces.

The size of the bottles you choose can depend on your baby’s age and appetite. You can purchase bottles in both sizes initially, then check out how much milk your baby is consuming in one feeding. As your baby grows older, you’ll likely have to stock up on larger baby bottles to keep up with demand.


Different baby bottles come with different design features that can benefit you in a variety of ways. For example, there are wide-neck bottles that can make transferring milk and formula easier. There are also angled-neck bottles that are designed to keep air from getting into the nipple.

There are also vented bottles, like the ones from Hegen or Pigeon, that are designed to help prevent colic in babies. However, one caveat about vented bottles is that they can be more difficult to clean because of the vents and other parts.


Baby bottles can vary quite significantly in terms of price. Plastic ones are typically quite inexpensive, while silicone bottles from well-known brands like Haakaa are pricier. You can still get great baby bottles at lower prices, but this can depend on your preferences and the features you want your baby’s bottles to have.


What are the best bottles for babies?

  • Pigeon: Offers a wide range of bottles and nipple sizes.
  • Hegen: Offers versatile bottles that are stackable and can be used as food containers.
  • Philips Avent: Uses anti-colic technology to help reduce your baby’s discomfort during feeding time.
  • Tommee Tippee: Offers ergonomically designed bottles with angled teats.
  • Haakaa: Highly trusted brand with versatile wide-neck bottles.
  • Dr. Brown’s: Has a patented design that helps prevent colic in babies.
  • Evorie Tritan: Offers bottles designed to prevent colic, as well as teats made of soft and flexible material.

How many bottles should I buy for my newborn?

It’s best to have at least four bottles on hand, though having more can make things easier for you. This gives you enough bottles to get through the day and night without having to worry about washing and sanitizing them in between feedings. You can also buy more as needed.

At what age should a baby be done with bottles?

Some babies may be ready to give up bottles as early as 6 months old, while others may continue for longer. Pediatricians recommend weaning babies off the bottle starting at 12 months old. Ideally, toddlers should be completely weaned from bottles by the time they’re 18 months old.

Is a warm bottle better for a baby?

Babies typically prefer body-temperature milk when they’re fed from a bottle. This is because breastmilk is at body temperature, so it’s best to replicate this when your baby is bottle-fed.


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