5 Reasons Why Mums Love Hegen Bottles

5 Reasons Why Mums Love Hegen Bottles

Bottle-feeding is a great option for new mums who want an alternative to breastfeeding or are unable to breastfeed. Although breastfeeding has its benefits and it is believed by many to be the best feeding method, it might be painful and uncomfortable. Many mums also worry about nursing in public. These concerns can be easily resolved with bottle-feeding.

In today’s society where women are constantly juggling family and career, many new mums feel obligated to keep up their performance at work while learning to take care of their little ones. When you’re sleep deprived and exhausted, breastfeeding is the last thing any new mums would want to think about. Give your body the rest it deserves and consider introducing Hegen bottles to your feeding regime.

Hegen was founded to help, serve and empower breastfeeding mothers by providing a holistic and sustainable solution for your breastfeeding experience. Hegen bottles are long-lasting and can grow with you; they are environmentally-friendly and can be reused as an air-tight food containers when your child has grown older. From aesthetics to functionality, Hegen bottle design prioritises safety and quality, making every drop count!

1. The Teat

natural shaped hegen feeding bottles teat

The teat of Hegen feeding bottles mimics the natural shape and feel of the breast and nipple, making it easier for the babies to adapt and accept. The off-centred design allows for a feeding position similar to feeding from the breast and reduces the risk of milk backflow from conventional bottles. The teat is made of silicone material and is more durable compared to latex teats.

2. The Seal

spill-safe hegen bottles seal

Hegen bottles are fool-proof and spill-safe. The bottles are ergonomically designed with the Press-to-Close, twist-to-Open (PCTO) innovation which ensures secure closure and zero spillage. Mummies and daddies can feel free to bring Hegen bottles on the go without having to worry about liquid leaking all over your tote bags or backpacks.

3. The Ventilation

hegen bottles smart built-in air ventilation

All Hegen bottles have a smart built-in air ventilation system to reduce air swallowed during feeds, therefore preventing colicky behaviours and any tummy sensitivity related to gas and indigestion. As air bypasses the milk, it can also help to prevent aeration and reduce the oxidation of previous nutrients.

4. The Body

easy to hold hegen bottles body

Hegen bottles are shaped like a “soft square” with no hard angles or edges, making it easy and comfortable for the little ones to hold, and prevents the bottle from rolling around when it’s horizontal. Hegen bottles have a very wide mouth opening, and the interior is just like the exterior – with no ridges or hidden corners. Hegen bottles can be cleaned without a bottle brush (of course the choice is yours!), making the whole cleaning process exceptionally easy.

5. The Lids

Hegen Bottles interchangeable lids

Apart from the feeding lids, Hegen bottles also come with snap-on storage lids that are interconnectable and interchangeable. Yes, you read it right! The same bottle body can be attached to both a feeding and a storage lid, which means you can express, store and feed with a single container with no wasteful transfer of milk and one less bottle to wash! Additionally, the snap-on storage lids are stackable with interconnecting buttons so you can keep your space organized and tidy while having your milk conveniently stored for your baby.


You can now get Hegen bottles at best prices in Singapore from SuperMom. Head over to our website to shop and enjoy a fuss-free, environmental-friendly, and multi-functional feeding experience. We’re excited for you and your journey as new mummies!

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