Herobility Eco Placemat Feeding Set (Blue) – Reviewed By SuperMom

Herobility Eco Placemat Feeding Set (Blue) Reviewed By SuperMom

Say goodbye to messy dinners! The Herbobility Eco Placement Feeding set brings you 4 pieces from Herobility, making dinner time for your little one easier than ever before. More than just an ordinary silicone mat, the HeroPlacemat is truly one of a kind with its unique suction design that prevents it from slipping. Use it together with the HeroBib and HeroEcoPlate, and the result is a hassle-free and cleaner mealtime.


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4-piece feeding

4-piece feeding - Herobility Eco Placemat Feeding Set

The Eco Placemat is made from flexible silicone and attaches to most surfaces including high chair trays by suction, making it nearly impossible for your little one to shift it. Eco Baby Plate attaches to the placemat with vacuum and does not tip over. It comes with a lid to help you save leftovers and is also microwavable and easy to clean. The Eco Feeding Spoon is made of herbal material and designed for better grip by your baby. And lastly, the bib connects to the Eco Placemat with magnets, collecting any food that falls from the table. Its unique design gives extra protection for your child’s outfit and ensures no more stains. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, mummies will never have to fuss over your little one’s meals ever again.



  • Eco Placemat attaches to surfaces by suction
  • Eco Baby Plate attaches to placemat with vacuum
  • Eco Baby Plate comes with a lid to help store food
  • Eco Baby Plate is microwavable
  • Bib attaches to the placemat by magnets
  • Unique grooves on handle of spoon
  • All items are dishwasher safe


  • Eco Placemat won’t shift on the table while your baby is eating
  • Eco Baby Plate won’t tip over even if pushed by baby
  • Leftovers can be easily stored with baby plate and lid
  • Baby can grip the feeding spoon firmly due to its design
  • Bib keeps baby’s clothes clean during meals
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • Food can be heated up easily


“This feeding set is the ultimate kit! It’s absolutely everything we looked for to satisfy the feeding needs of our baby. The bib keeps my baby’s clothes clean while the placemat and bowl are secured such that my baby can’t throw it off the high chair, and my baby can grip onto the spoon really well. Absolutely adore the quality and style of this feeding set!
-Anna, mom of five


“I love how functional this feeding set is! The placemat secures to any flat surface so the bowl/plate can’t be moved around and tipped over. The bib attaches to the placemat so that food doesn’t slip into my baby’s lap. This makes mealtime so much cleaner and easier for me!
-Lina, mom of one


“We have loved using this for our daughter! The bib being attached is simply genius and helps make cleaning up so much faster! Also loved that the plate comes with a lid so we can store food for later if necessary! I would definitely recommend getting the entire set! -David, dad of one





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