Best Baby Cots that Suit Every Budget

Best Baby Cot Singapore

Your baby will spend a huge amount of time in their first few years in a crib, from infant to toddler years. For that reason, investing in a good baby cot will ensure that your little one has a safe and comfortable sleeping space. Your life as a new mom will be a whole lot easier.

Choosing the ideal baby cot goes beyond what suits your taste, style, and space. Most moms will consider looking for a baby cot that is easy to use, safe, durable, and of course, offers more value for money. With many things to consider, new moms may get overwhelmed in choosing between the types and sizes of baby cribs and what fits their budget.

In this article, we have listed six of the best baby cots in Singapore that can fit different budgets. Hopefully, this will help you decide on which baby cot to get.

Beblum Lavo 5 Baby Cot

Beblum Lavo 5 Baby Cot

The Beblum Lavo 5 offers the ultimate combination of safety, durability, functionality and convenience. You can also easily assemble it with no tools in fewer than 10 minutes.

Its revolutionary easy click system allows parents to convert the Lavo 5 from a 120 cm by 60 cm cot to a bigger 120 cm by 100 cm. It has nine height adjustments to adapt to a variety of adult beds, making it an ideal co-sleeper.

The bed base, meanwhile, is made of German beechwood that’s strong enough to hold up the weight of three adults when the cot is converted to a sofa. This baby cot can also be converted to a set of table and chairs and a playpen.

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Sweet Dreams 7-in-1 Convertible Baby Cot

The Sweet Dreams 7-in-1 Convertible Baby Cot is made of premium New Zealand pine wood and finished with non-toxic paint. This cot complies with the European Safety Standard EN716 so you can be sure of its quality and safety.

It also features a drop side railing for easy access to your newborn. Additionally, it has removable and lockable caster wheels and the base is adjustable to four different heights to match different adult bed levels when used as a co-sleeper.

Your baby will be able to comfortably use this cot from birth to 9 months of age. You can also transform it into a toddler bed, a sofa bed, a kid’s bench, or a desk when your child has outgrown the cot.

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Beblum Sam Crib Multifunctional Baby Cot

Beblum Sam Crib Multi-functional Baby Cot

The Beblum Sam Baby Cot is made of durable Grade A German beechwood and coated with water-based and non-hazardous paint. It also boasts the revolutionary easy click system for easy assembly and can be converted to eight different designs with no tools.

This baby cot can be used as a bassinet, an oval baby crib, a co-sleeper, and a changing table during the early months of your newborn. During their toddler years, this baby cot can be converted as a sofa bed, playpen, or children’s furniture.

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MOOB Baby Abby Anti-Colic 5-in-1 Convertible Baby Cot

MOOB Baby Abby Anti-Colic 5-in-1 Convertible Baby Cot

The MOOB Baby Abby Anti-Colic System Convertible Baby Cot is designed to reduce baby reflux. The mattress base can easily be adjusted from 0 degrees to 15° degrees, which can prevent reflux symptoms and discomfort

This wooden cot is 100% made of premium Grade A German beechwood, with a solid orthopaedic slat base that can be adjusted to five different heights. It also has a non-toxic teething railing and is finished with food-grade water-based paint.

Additionally, this convertible cot can also be used as a co-sleeper, a sofa, a playpen, and a toddler bed.

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Pouch Multifunctional Portable European Style Baby Cot

Pouch Multifunctional Portable European Style Baby Cot

The Pouch Multifunctional Portable European Style Baby Cot is ideal for summer trips or visits to family and friends. It features a a convenient one-key folding design that allows moms to single-handedly fold this portable cot.

The extra-strong aluminium alloy support frame makes this portable cot durable, sturdy, and lightweight. It also uses peach skin fabric, creating a breathable, ultra-soft, and comfortable sleeping area for your bundle of joy.

The cot also has a depth of 32 cm, making it suitable for your baby up to 12 months of age. It comes with a travel bag you can carry or store it easily.

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Leander Classic Baby Cot

Leander Classic Baby Cot

World-renowned as one of the most beautiful European cots available in Singapore, Leander Classic Baby Cot is made with superior craftsmanship and optimum comfort. It’s built from the idea that it would be your child’s companion from baby to child to junior.

With its different configurations, it’s meant to last for generations. Its ventilation holes in the bed bottom also allow for optimized air circulation.

The beautiful oval design has a durable design that grows with your child. When your child starts walking, you can remove one rail side giving your child access in and out of the cot.

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Frequently asked questions

How long can a baby use a baby cot?

Babies can sleep in a cot from birth up to around 18 months old, or as long as they can comfortably fit.

Why do babies need a cot?

Baby cots provide a safe and comfortable place for babies to sleep. They keep babies from falling to the floor and hurting themselves, and they can also help prevent exposure to various hazards.

How do I choose a baby cot?

One of the most important things to consider is your budget. Make sure that you don’t spend too much and that you choose a baby cot that’s well within your budget. However, it’s also important to make sure that the baby cot you choose is made of good materials and can give you a lot of value for money.

Do babies sleep better in their own cot?

Studies have shown that babies tend to sleep better in their own cot. However, it’s also important to note that you’ll need to help your baby get used to sleeping in their own space.

No matter which baby cot you decide to get, make sure to assemble it correctly according to instruction manuals and periodically check for any loose bolts or hardware. It is important to always keep your child’s safety a top priority.

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