Geniebook: personalised learning to accelerate your child’s improvement

Online learning is no longer a novelty in our world today. With the Covid-19 pandemic emerging 3 years ago, both adults and children have gradually acclimated to the new normal, i.e. working or attending lessons from the comfort of their homes.

This shift to blended learning has altered traditional ways for students to attain knowledge, and it is here to stay. As a parent with a child that may be bound for primary or secondary school soon, how can you ensure that they receive the best education available while keeping up with their progress?

Founders Geniebook
Geniebook’s co-founders, Neo Zhizhong (left) and Alicia Cheong (right). Photo credits: Geniebook

Say hello to Geniebook

Founded in 2017 by passionate educators determined to fuse education and technology to deliver a truly personalised learning experience to every student,  Geniebook’s core belief is that education is a uniquely personal journey. The online learning platform is loved by over 220,000 happy students and parents.

At its core, Geniebook is a powerful suite of three learning products (GenieSmart, GenieClass, and GenieAsk) designed to accelerate your child’s learning, coupled with an exciting Bubble Store to reward your children’s hard work and complement their learning journey.

Geniebook Products
Today, with Geniebook’s suite of online learning products from worksheets to live classes and teacher chats, parents can personalise their child’s learning to accelerate their improvement. Photo credits: Geniebook

GenieSmart is an AI-personalised worksheet generator that was jointly developed with A*STAR, a statutory board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry for homegrown research and development initiatives. What’s magical about GenieSmart is that it identifies and evaluates topics your child excels in or finds challenging based on their past performances, and constantly delivers increasingly personalised worksheets to help improve their understanding of the syllabus.

The AI marks answers, grants rewards and provides feedback instantly – which gives both you and your child insights as to how they are doing. On top of that, you can also track your child’s performance conveniently at your fingertips with Geniebook’s Parent App, where you can access pictorial data sourced from their activities to understand their strong suits and the subjects and topics they need to spend more time working on.

As your child completes more worksheets, GenieSmart customises questions to reinforce their understanding of English, Chinese, Mathematics, and Science, accelerating their learning and improvement. 90% of Geniebook’s students improve after completing just eight worksheets!

GenieClass comprises live and pre-recorded online classes taught by Geniebook’s passionate and experienced teachers well-versed in the curriculum created by Singapore’s Ministry of Education. With over 100 English, Chinese, Mathematics and Science classes scheduled every week, rest assured you have the autonomy to select classes that best fit your child’s study schedule ahead of time.

Your child can expect lively classes packed with engaging demonstrations and fun experiments, as though they were in a physical classroom! Think along the lines of videos, animations, and other visual aids that enhance the classroom experience, which also allows your child to pay attention for longer periods of time.

Geniebook Teachers
Equipped with a wealth of teaching experience, every teacher in Geniebook believes in providing an engaging and well-rounded learning experience for all students. Photo credits: Geniebook

GenieAsk is a social learning platform that allows your child to connect with their teachers and fellow students between 3 PM to 9 PM on weekdays, and 10 AM to 7 PM on weekends to seek real-time assistance for subjects and topics they find challenging. Be it asking questions, exchanging studying tips or partaking in activities within groups of up to 50 students, your child’s journey at Geniebook is sure to encourage proactive and independent learning.

The Bubble Store incentivises your child’s hard work by rewarding them with a plethora of over 5,000 child-friendly items, such as storybooks, toys, games, gift vouchers, and many other attractive redemptions. Just like how adults appreciate some downtime after a long day of work, surely our children would love to be rewarded with a gift (or two) after their Geniebook lessons!

Bubbles are required to redeem items at the Bubble Store, and they can be earned in many different ways, including but not limited to through the completion of worksheets, participating in class activities, and answering their teachers’ questions correctly on GenieAsk. Encourage your children to explore GenieSmart, GenieClass and GenieAsk thoroughly to find out how bubbles can be rewarded to them in other ways! They are a motivating and fun way for students to study more and take charge of their own learning journey.

Try Geniebook for yourself

Level up your child’s learning and request for a complimentary Geniebook demo today. Make a difference and observe them grow exponentially in a matter of a few weeks!

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