Best Baby Food, Purees, and Juices in Singapore

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As your baby grows, they will need additional nutrient sources that will support their healthy growth and development. Although breastmilk is still your baby’s ideal source of nutrition, solid food and other beverages should be slowly introduced to your baby’s diet to keep up with their needs.

You, as parents, are in charge of what type of food to serve for your bundle of joy. You would want to make sure to give them delicious and nutritious food as much as possible. However, busy parents may not have enough time to prepare home-cooked meals all the time.

The good news is, there are a lot of baby food, puree, and juice brands in Singapore that are tasty, nutrition-packed, convenient, and easy-to-prepare.

In this article, we have listed some of the best baby and toddler food brands with the best prices in Singapore that are worth trying.

Best baby puree and juices

Little Freddie Wholesome Apples, Bananas and Oats

Little Freddie Wholesome Apples, Bananas and Oats

Little Freddie Wholesome Apples, Bananas and Oats is a mild and creamy blend with the right smoothness, sweetness, and slight nuttiness. This smoothie is made of 100% organic ingredients that are high in vitamin C, fibre, and potassium and is gluten and dairy-free.

Little Freddie is committed to producing organic baby food with the best, most nutritious, and most delicious ingredients with no artificial flavours, colours, and fillers.

This smoothie is also available in flavours like Fragrant Strawberries, Bananas and Apples, Zesty Kiwis, Bananas and Pears, Creamy Perfect Start Prune Greek Style Yoghurt with Oats, Homely Carrots and Apples, Velvety Coconut and Summer Berries, Tender Spinach, Peas and Apples, and many more. This drink is recommended for babies 6 months old and up.

Hipp Organic Wildberries in Apple Peach Pouch

Hipp Organic Wildberries in Apple Peach Pouch

The Hipp Organic Wildberries in Apple Peach Pouch is made of 100% organic fruits with no added sugars, no additional flavourings or preservatives, and is dairy- and gluten-free. It’s an ideal snack, drink, or dessert that’s rich in vitamin C. The fruits used in HiPP products are placed under the strictest quality checks to make sure that your child is getting nothing but nature’s best in a pouch. 

You can also try other Hipp Organic Pouch flavours like Banana Pear Mango, Strawberry Banana in Apple, Plum Blackcurrant in Pear, and Apple Pear Banana. This drink is suitable for babies 6 months old and up.

PediaSure Gold Ready-to-Drink (RTD)

PediaSure Gold Ready-to-Drink (RTD)

PediaSure Gold Ready-to-Drink provides your child with complete and balanced nutrition even when you’re on the go! It’s recommended for children with picky eating behaviours, poor appetite, and suboptimal growth. PediaSure Gold has a Triple Sure System™ that contains 34 key nutrients to support your child’s physical growth and bone development as well as boost  their immunity.

This drink is specially formulated to have 25% less sugar and 25% higher calcium and it is enhanced with arginine and natural vitamin K2. It’s also lactose-free and gluten-free.

PediaSure Gold Ready-to-Drink is available in two great-tasting flavours – Classic Vanilla and Premium Chocolate. It’s recommended for children aged 1 to 12 years old.

Best baby cereal and porridge

Holle Organic Wholegrain Cereal

Holle Organic Wholegrain Cereal

Holle Organic Wholegrain Cereal is a great addition to your baby’s weaning diet. It’s made from wholegrain wheat flakes that can easily be digested by your little one. It also has a rich fruity flavour and sweetness from the banana puree.

Furthermore, it has no added sugar, and it’s non-GMO and is egg-, soy-, and dairy-free. This organic cereal can be prepared in minutes! Just heat 120 ml of your baby’s usual milk then add four tablespoons or 15 g of Holle Organic Wholegrain Cereal. Stir well, cool, and serve. This cereal is suitable for babies 6 months  old and up.

Other Holle Organic Wholegrain cereals recommended for your baby include Rice, 3-Grain, Spelt, Oat, Millet, and Baby Muesli.

Nestlé Cerelac Rice and Chicken

Nestlé Cerelac Rice and Chicken

Nestlé Cerelac Rice and Chicken is a great food to try when your baby is ready to explore richer flavours and textures. It’s made with a thicker cereal base with bits and pieces of chicken and spinach. Each serving is rich in vitamin C and contains more than 50% of your little one’s daily iron requirement. This cereal is suitable for babies 6 months  old and up.

This baby food is also easy to prepare. Just combine 150 ml of lukewarm water and  50 g or five tablespoons of Nestle Ceralac Infant Cereal.

Nestlé Cerelac is the only infant cereal with BIFIDUS BL probiotics that aid in fighting against harmful bacteria and DHA. This is an essential building block for your baby’s brain and eye development. Other flavours to try are Wheat, Honey and Dates, Oats, Wheat and Prunes and many more.

Best puree for babies

Only Organic Vegetable Lasagne

Only Organic Vegetable Lasagne

Delight your little one with a savoury and nutritious meal. The Only Organic Vegetable Lasagne is made of certified organic ingredients with New Zealand organic cheese and pasta. It has a perfect combination of flavours and textures that your baby will surely enjoy. It’s also nutritionist-approved with no artificial colours and flavours, no added sugar, salt, and preservatives. This yummy meal is best served warm for lunch or dinner.

Your little one will love these other flavours: Chicken Bolognese, Mango, Chicken and Coconut Rice, Lentils Vegetables Barley and Coconut, and Sweet Potato Lamb and Couscous. These products are suitable for babies 10 months old and up. 

Holle Organic Baby Jar

Holle Organic Baby Jar

When you are getting ready to introduce your baby to solid food, it’s best to start with a delicious jar of organic goodness. The Holle Organic Baby Jar is a nutritious and great-tasting blend of biodynamically grown vegetables packed in resealable jars. You can safely pop these jars in a baby food warmer or soak them in a pot of hot water before serving.

Holle Organic Baby Jars are puree blends made from the freshest and carefully selected fruits and vegetables with a variety of flavours. They’re suitable for different food stages and can meet your baby’s nutritional needs. This product is recommended for babies 6 months old and up.

This puree is also gluten-, egg-, dairy-, and soy-free with no added sugar, salt, and binding agents. You can also try other flavours like Carrot and Potatoes, Potatoes, Pumpkin and Zucchini, Spinach with Potatoes and many more.

Best baby vitamins and supplements

Sambucol Black Elderberry Syrup

Sambucol Black Elderberry Syrup

The Sambucol Black Elderberry Syrup is trusted by millions to provide their whole family with year-round support to boost their immune system. This formula is developed and tested by world-renowned virologists with over 20 years of scientific research, making it the most extensively researched elderberry product in the world.

It contains 3.8 g of premium elderberry per serving and its high antioxidant levels help fight free radicals and maintain healthy cells. 

Sambucol is also gluten-, nut-, soy-, dairy-, and egg-free with no artificial colours, making it safe and effective for everyday use. The best part is that it’s great-tasting so young children will surely love it! This is recommended for children 12 months old and up.

Best baby snacks

BeBecook Baby Melting Puff with Probiotics

BeBecook Baby Melting Puff with Probiotics

If you are looking for a fun and delicious healthy snack for your baby, then the BeBecook Baby Melting Puff with Probiotics is right for you! This snack has a sweet and appetizing flavor and is easy for toddlers to eat. It also has no artificial additives, so you can rest assured that it’s healthy for your baby.

One of the best things about this snack is that it contains 500 million live probiotics that are good for your baby’s tummy. It also comes in a resealable and portable pouch so your child can get a healthy snack anytime and anywhere. 

Parents can also try other Baby Melting Puff flavours like Strawberry and Yogurt Cheese. This snack is suitable for toddlers 12 months old and up. 

Pigeon Retort Baby Food

Pigeon Retort Baby Food

The Pigeon Retort Baby Food Fish & Veg Casserole is a ready-to-eat nutrition-balanced food for your little one. It’s an umami-filled creamy stew with a vegetable and seafood taste that you can easily serve for your baby every day. This healthy meal was created with the right softness and its bits and pieces were sliced to a suitable size according to your child’s age.

It contains 12 different kinds of vegetables with sardines and has no food colouring, preservatives, or artificial flavours. Additionally, it can be warmed or transferred directly to a bowl. It’s also recommended for babies 12 months old and up. 

Other Pigeon Retort Baby Food flavours you can try are Stewed Tuna Fish, Salmon and vegetable Sauce, Seafood Chop Suey, Fish and Veg Chinese Sauce and Sea-Bream Aquapazza.

We hope that this guide will help you choose the most nutritious food and beverage products for babies at the best prices in Singapore. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the best baby food to start with?

Steamed and mashed or pureed vegetables are great first foods. Make sure that the flavour isn’t too overwhelming, and you can gradually add more flavourful foods to your baby’s diet.

What food can I give my 4-month-old baby?

At 4 months old, your baby might not be ready for solid foods just yet. It’s best to stick to breast milk or formula milk at this age. You can consult your pediatrician to determine when your baby is ready for solids.

What baby food is safe for babies?

It’s best to start with single-ingredient purees using vegetables or fruits. You can also consult your pediatrician for guidance on what kinds of food are good for babies who are just getting started on solids.

What foods can a 6-month-old baby have?

6-month-olds can start with single-ingredient purees, but you can eventually start introducing other kinds of purees with more ingredients.

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