7 Top Tips for Choosing the Best Baby Cot for Your Child (2023)

Baby Cot

For all the loving parents out there, choosing a baby cot is an important decision. Your baby is going to spend most of their time sleeping in it, and the cot you get will be a place where you leave your little one to sleep, nap, and play.

When looking for the best baby cot in Singapore, the choices can seem overwhelming. You can find many different types and styles of baby cots at different prices to suit your needs and budget. So how do you know which one will work best for you?

Here are some tips on how to choose the safest and best baby cot in Singapore for your new addition to the family: 

Choose a baby cot that complies with safety standards.

The Singapore Safety Standards for Cots (SS 586) set out the minimum requirements for cots sold in Singapore. To ensure that your child is safe while sleeping, buy a cot that complies with these standards. The standards include the following requirements:

  • All edges of the cot must be rounded and smooth so that they do not hurt your child if he bumps into it.
  • There must be no splinters and sharp edges on the cot frame. This requirement is to prevent injury from splinters or sharp edges. 
  • The maximum height of a railing must be at least 410mm from the base of the cot and at least 400mm from the top of the base of the cot. This requirement is to ensure that your child will not get his head stuck between the rails and suffocate, even if he moves to a position where his head is right at the railings. 
  • There must be no gaps between a rail and any stationary part of a cot which are greater than 60mm long or 75mm wide. This requirement is to ensure that there are no spaces through which your child can get his head limbs, hands and fingers to pass through any part of the cot
  • If the cot has wheels, they should have brakes so that you can lock the wheels when necessary. 
  • The side of the cot must be at least 40cm high, so that your baby can’t easily climb out and fall out, causing injury.

Make sure that your baby cot of choice is easy to use.

You should choose a crib that is easy to use and maintain as well as store if you have limited space at home. Keep in mind that you’ll likely need space for other furniture and activities such as playing and studying.

Many cots are designed to be easy to assemble and take down whenever necessary. There are also cots that can be easily assembled with just a screwdriver and a few screws. Make sure that you check out customer reviews to see if other parents have had an easy time setting up a cot that you’re interested in.

Get a cot in the right size.

Your baby will quickly outgrow his clothes and toys, but he doesn’t have to outgrow his crib as quickly. A cot that is too small can be uncomfortable and even dangerous, while a cot that’s too big can seem overwhelming.

Baby cots typically come in standard sizes, and mattresses also follow these standard dimensions. Some cots are smaller and can probably last your baby for a year, but others are larger and can provide your baby with a lot of space to grow. Many of these larger cots can also be converted into toddler beds.

Consider purchasing a convertible cot that can be converted into a toddler bed when needed and back into a cot when your kid grows older. A crib like this saves you money since you do not have to buy different beds as your kid grows older. They can still use the same bed throughout their childhood.

Consider the size of your room.

Before buying a cot, measure out its dimensions in the nursery room to make sure it will fit into the space you have for it. You may also want to consider how close you would like the cot to be to your bed because many parents like to keep their babies close when they are young.

Make sure that the cot has a firm mattress.

A firm mattress will provide better support for your baby and help to ensure that they are safe and comfortable. This is especially important for newborns because firm mattresses decrease the risk of suffocation.

Additionally, it’s important to make sure that the mattress fits the cot perfectly. There should not be any gaps between the mattress and the sides of the cot. Cots typically come with mattresses, but if you like one that doesn’t, make sure that you order a separate mattress in the right size.

Consider your budget.

Baby cots vary greatly in price. Some models are relatively inexpensive, while others are quite expensive. It is important to pick a model that suits your budget without sacrificing safety or quality.

Remember that you can still get baby cots of great quality without breaking the bank. However, it’s also important to keep in mind that purchasing a cheap model may end up costing you more money in the long run. It can break in a few months and will then need to be replaced.

Choose a multifunctional cot.

As mentioned earlier, your baby uses their crib for more than just sleeping in at night. With this in mind, look for a versatile product that offers plenty of functions. Being able to convert your baby’s crib into something else like a playpen or changing table will make life easier for you as well as your baby.

Frequently asked questions

Why do you need a baby cot?

Having a baby cot is essential for any parent as it provides a safe and comfortable sleeping area for their baby. The sides of the cot also help to keep your baby from rolling off the bed, ensuring that they stay safe and snug.

Should a 1-year-old be in a cot?

A cot is beneficial for a 1-year-old. Not only is it a safe place for them to sleep, but it also gives them a sense of security as they become accustomed to their own space. Additionally, a baby cot helps to keep them safe from any potential falls or injuries.

Why do you need a baby cot?

Having a baby cot is an essential part of parenting. It provides a safe space for your baby to sleep and play. It also helps to keep your baby in one place, preventing them from rolling off the bed or out of their crib. Additionally, it allows you to monitor your baby’s movements and ensure that they are safe and secure.

Get the best baby cot for your baby

By following the tips above, you can be sure to pick up a baby cot that will be safe for your baby and allow them to sleep well and comfortably. To make your search for the best baby cot in Singapore easier, Supermom has gathered together some of the best options on the market and put them side by side.

Our online baby store allows you to find the ideal option for your child easily and conveniently from home. From foldable travel cots to bedding, we are confident that we have something that will make life easier for you and your little one. You can browse our range of products today and ensure your little one gets a good night’s sleep sooner rather than later!

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