5 Best Baby Monitors in Singapore To Keep Your Little Ones Safe

5 Best Baby Monitors in Singapore To Keep Your Little Ones Safe

Baby video monitors are your extra pair of eyes and ears that lets you check your baby when they are out of your sight. When your baby is sleeping soundly in their room, your mind will be at peace when you carry on with your daily routine. Now, parents don’t have to stop what they are doing to take a peek inside the nursery to see if their child is okay. They can just simply view a live video feed from a handheld device or their smartphones.

Baby monitors these days offer so much more than just giving parents video and audio feeds. Here are some of the best baby monitors that you can get for your family.

Kodak Cherish Baby Plus C525P Smart Baby Monitor

Kodak Cherish Baby Plus C525P Smart Baby Monitor

The Kodak Cherish Baby Plus C525P Smart Baby Monitor is a smart video baby monitor that keeps you connected with your little one and captures special moments wherever you may go. You can conveniently install your baby camera anywhere in your home or bring it with you on the road because it has built-in rechargeable batteries.

This baby monitor allows you to take control if you’re having connectivity issues. It’s compatible with the R100 Range Extender, which can help extend the range of the baby monitor and handle any issues with connectivity.

The Kodak Cherish C525P works on the Kodak Smart Home App to continuously provide you with a clear stream of your little one for up to 6 hours. You can also choose to turn off video and stick to audio to make the battery life last longer.

Both the parent unit and your smartphone can receive motion and sound notifications and temperature alerts so you can be informed when your baby wakes from their nap or if the room is too warm or cold.

Philips Avent SCD833/05 Digital Video Baby Monitor

Philips Avent SCD833/05 Digital Video Baby Monitor

The Philips Avent SCD833/05 Digital Video Baby Monitor provides parents and their little ones with a secure and private connection all the time. This baby monitor has a range of up to 300 meters and the parent unit can be used for up to 10 hours before it needs to be recharged. It is equipped with LED alerts to let you know if you are still connected, out of range, or when the power is low.

Parents can get high-quality videos from its 2.7″ screen during the day and even at nighttime with its infrared night vision. It also allows you to talk and hear your baby with crystal clear audio from anywhere around your home. You can play comforting lullabies to calm your baby and adjust the best sound level for you so you can easily hear their tiny giggles, hiccups, or babbling.

This Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor has an energy-saving eco mode that reduces power consumption. The ECO mode switches the video and audio connection off and turns the unit back on when the baby makes a sound.

Motorola Halo+ Over The Crib Baby Monitor & Sleep Companion

Motorola Halo+ Over The Crib Baby Monitor & Sleep Companion

The Motorola® Halo+ Over The Crib Baby Monitor provides parents with an overhead full crib view of their child. It can be mounted directly to your baby’s crib and it can also be detached for added portability.

You can monitor or talk to your baby from the 4.3” colour screen or you can install the Hubble app on your smartphone for non-stop HD video streaming. It has superb infrared night vision, sound motion, and temperature notifications.

To help your baby drift off to sleep faster, this baby monitor is already preloaded with a selection of soothing sounds, lullabies, and bedtime stories. If you want to add more sounds and lullabies, you can download them through the Hubble app. You can also change the night light colours or use the light show projector to soothe your little one at night.

Aside from the awesome features mentioned above, you can also get the Baby Smart Sleep Assistant on the Hubble app. It has a Baby Video Sleep Diary where you can check a short video summary of your baby’s sleep and activities for the last 24 hours, as well as a Baby Development Tracker where you can log their sleep, feeding, and diaper changes.

Additionally, it includes the Expert Sleep Tips from the Pediatric Sleep Council and Parenting Science all for free!

Ensure that your baby gets only the best of the best. Enfamama and Enfagrow can help you stay healthy and provide your baby with the nutrients they need to grow strong.

Kodak Cherish C520 Smart Baby Video Monitor

Kodak Cherish C520 Smart Baby Video Monitor

The Kodak Cherish C520 Smart Baby Video Monitor lets you stay connected to your little ones without disturbing their sleep. It has a 720P HD camera equipped with infrared night vision so you can monitor your child day or night.

The parent unit has a 5” screen with a split-screen feature that lets you monitor two cameras at the same time. This works great if you have more than one kid in two different rooms.

The rechargeable batteries on both the camera and the parent unit provide parents with the freedom to use this baby monitor anywhere in their home or bring it on the go. It allows two-way communication between you and your child with crystal clear audio, motion and sound notifications, temperature display and alerts and it comes with pre-installed soothing lullabies too!

Parents can cherish all their baby’s beautiful moments by streaming high-quality videos securely from their smartphones through the KODAK Smart Home App.

This works great for parents going back to work or if you need to go out beyond the baby monitor’s 750 feet range. The SD recording feature and the KODAK Smart Home App lets parents save videos so they can share them with their loved ones.

HelloBaby HB32 Wireless Digital Video Baby Monitor

HelloBaby HB32 Wireless Digital Video Baby Monitor

The HelloBaby HB32 Wireless Digital Video Baby Monitor keeps you connected to your baby with an extended range of up to 960 feet with 100% digital privacy. It uses an enhanced 2.4GHz wireless technology that ensures security and reliability. It also provides great videos even at night with its built-in infrared night vision. The camera can be rotated 360° degrees and can be tilted up or down up to 60° so you can get the best view every time.

You can continue to stream live videos and talk to your little one wherever you are in your home through the 3.2” HD colour parent unit. Parents can monitor room temperature so they can make sure their baby is comfortable and safe and choose from eight lullabies to soothe them to sleep.

This baby monitor has an auto-mute feature that turns off the audio feed if the sound in your baby’s room is below 50db for more than 7 seconds and will be activated when your baby makes a loud sound. You can pair up to four cameras to the parent unit so you add more extra pairs of eyes around your home.

Frequently asked questions

Which is the best baby monitor to buy?

1. Kodak Cherish Baby Plus C525P Smart Baby Monitor
2. Philips Avent SCD833/05 Digital Video Baby Monitor
3. Motorola Halo+ Over The Crib Baby Monitor & Sleep Companion
4. Kodak Cherish C520 Smart Baby Video Monitor
5. HelloBaby HB32 Wireless Digital Video Baby Monitor

Do you really need a baby monitor?

Many parents consider a baby monitor to be an essential. It can give you peace of mind knowing that your baby is sleeping safely and that you can be alerted if something is wrong.

A baby monitor can also be helpful if you have a large home and need to keep an eye on your baby from a different room. Baby monitors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be used to monitor sound, movement, and breathing.

What age can you start using a baby monitor?

You can start using a baby monitor right after your baby is born. However, it’s important to note that it’s best to keep your baby in the same room for at least the first six months of life. While your baby is sleeping in the same room, you can use the baby monitor to keep an eye on your baby during naps while you’re elsewhere in the house.

Do you leave baby monitor on all night?

Yes, keeping the baby monitor on all night can be helpful, especially in the first few months. You can stop using a baby monitor when your child is about 4 years old, though this also depends on your family’s unique situation.

We hope that this guide has helped you choose the best baby monitor for you and your family. Browse other baby products from Supermom and get the lowest prices for baby monitors and more in Singapore today!

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