Best High Chairs for Babies in Singapore [2022]

How to Choose the Best High Chairs in Singapore

Best High Chairs for Babies Buying Guide in Singapore

It is time for your little one to join you during dining time! Are you ready with a sturdy high chair to provide maximum comfort as they feed? Or are you still unsure of which baby dining chair is best for them?

Most parents introduce their babies to solid food at the age of 6 months. By this time, they can sit upright and enjoy their meals. A high chair will help them to sit comfortably and safely as they eat.

However, it can be challenging to find the best one for your baby because of the wide variety in the market. That is why Supermom is here to help you choose 

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What to consider in high chairs for babies


Your baby’s comfort should be a priority when shopping for a high chair at the best prices in Singapore. This is because the baby will be seating for a considerable amount of time as they feed. Hence, they need a place where they can sit without straining.

A well-padded seat and footrest make your baby comfortable. Also, a stable baby dining chair offers comfort to your baby because it stands at the right angle.

Safety of baby high chair

When choosing your best baby chair for dining, your baby’s safety should also be in your mind. Ensure that the seat has safety features such as the harness point. The three- or five- harness point helps fasten the baby in the chair to avoid falling out.

Also, a safe baby dining chair should be certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) to show that it is safe for the baby.

Amount of space you have

How much space do you have in your dining or storage area to keep the high baby seat? Consider having a chair that doesn’t block the dining space for the comfort of other family members.

If you don’t have much space in your dining area, have a compact one that doesn’t take much of your space. Also, choose a foldable dining chair to fold away when the baby is not using it.

Cleanliness of high chair for babies

Babies mess their dining seats with spills and crumbles as they eat. Therefore, consider searching for one that is easy to clean. It will avoid the risk of putting your baby on an adult chair when feeding, which is risky.

It is easy to clean a chair with a vinyl seat. Also, go for a chair with fewer seams and crevices to avoid the struggle of removing crumbs. Finally, the latest dining chairs are coming with dual trays such that when you wash one tray, the baby can use the other.

Functionality of high chair for babies

Beside considering the price, moms should look into functionality too.  Can you get the baby in and out of the chair hassle-free? Can you operate with one hand?

If you are moving the chair to different places, consider a chair with wheels. Also, check if the wheels can lock to keep it stationary when in use. Finally, consider the best baby high seat that can grow with your baby to minimize your baby essentials’ budget.


Last but not least, consider the price. It is crucial to have a budget as you purchase the baby’s chair. There are a variety of chairs in the market you can get at the best prices in Singapore.

Don’t overpay for the baby high chair in Singapore. Get to the Supermom store today and enjoy the best prices in Singapore. We got your back, mummy!


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