Top 10 Best Educational Toys for Toddlers and Kids [2022]

RC-Babykids Wooden Activity Toys Set

Top 10 Best Educational Toys for Toddlers and Kids [2022]

Educational toys have a lot of benefits. Aside from fun and entertainment, these toys are known to aid in the development of your child’s intelligence and emotional well-being. It also enhances and develops their problem-solving skills, boosts creativity, enhances the development of their senses, improves concentration and promotes positive social skills.

Parents play an important role in the early stages of children’s learning process. Parents can help their children learn by providing them with high-quality educational toys that are also age-appropriate. These toys should match your child’s learning level and ensure that they will also be safe while playing.

SuperMom is here to help you choose toys for your little one. We have listed here the best educational toys for toddlers and kids based on age range.

1. FisherPrice Laugh and Learn Storybook Rhymes

FisherPrice Laugh and Learn Storybook Rhymes

The FisherPrice Laugh and Learn Storybook Rhymes will introduce your baby to the world of fun and learning. It has 6 easy-to-turn pages that can help your baby develop motor skills while listening and singing along to classical nursery rhymes. Each page features bright and colourful pictures of your favourite Laugh & Learn pals, Puppy and Sis! There are also 3 buttons on the sides that light up and can be pressed to help your child learn about letters, numbers, colours and shapes. This storybook can help your baby develop their visual and auditory senses while making storytime more fun!

Suitable for 6-36 months


2. LeapFrog Learn & Groove Bilingual Musical Table

LeapFrog Learn & Groove Bilingual Musical Table

The LeapFrog Learn & Groove Bilingual Musical Table is an interactive way of introducing your baby to different sounds that can help them learn their first word and more. This activity table allows your child to choose between music and learning mode by simply turning the book page in the middle of the table. In learning mode, each of the musical instruments and buttons introduces the alphabet, numbers, colours and shapes to your child. In music mode, your little one can explore the real musical sounds of instruments. It also has 27 popular children songs that they can dance and sing along to. This toy allows your children to play in either English or Spanish.

Your child can simply press, slide, pull and spin colourful instruments and shapes to activate a variety of learning and musical responses. The table legs can also be detached for floor play for infants.

Suitable for 6-36 months


3. VTech Click & Count Remote

VTech Click & Count Remote

The VTech Click & Count Remote is an interactive early education toy for babies and toddlers. Your baby can play with over 45 songs, melodies, sound effects and phrases that can help them in developing their vocabulary. This remote has 9 pretend channels and your child can press and simulate changing channels to watch different programs like news and weather. This baby remote toy can encourage learning and role-playing with mom and dad. It also has 10 more buttons that can introduce your baby colours and shapes.

Suitable for 6-36 months


4. Winfun- Sort ‘N Learn Pull Along Plane

Winfun- Sort 'N Learn Pull Along Plane

This Sort ‘N Learn Pull Along Plane from Winfun is a great way to start your kids early learning stage. This educational toy can help your baby to learn about letters, numbers, shapes and fun phrases. It plays different melodies and sound effects to add more fun while learning. The eyes and the propeller of this talking plane moves and this toy also play sounds while your baby pulls along. The shape sorter will help your baby develop thinking skills and pulling action advances gross motor skills. Great for babies who are already learning to walk!

Suitable for 12+ months


5. 15 in 1 Activity Play Book Bilingual Interactive Children sound Book

15 in 1 Activity Play Book Bilingual Interactive Children sound Book

This 15 in 1 Activity Playbook offers different fun learning activities that can develop boost your child’s creativity and problem-solving skills while improving concentration and fine motor skills. This interactive audiobook has different learning pages that teach your child about letters, words, numbers, colours, shapes, animals, music and many more. It can play numerous melodies and sounds and your child can play music with the 8 keys electronic keyboard.

This activity audiobook lets your child explore and learn at their own pace and be engaged in playtime with the parents and other kids.

Language can be switched from English to Chinese and supports USB charging.

Suitable for 1-6 years old


6. VTech Tote and Go Laptop

VTech Tote and Go Laptop

The VTech Tote and Go Laptop is the best way to introduce your preschoolers to the world of computers. You can personalise your child’s first-ever laptop with their name, age and their favourites and more. It has 20 interactive activities that can match and progress your child’s learning levels and teach a variety of subjects. It teaches letters, words, numbers, shapes, animals, foods, and musical instruments. It also provides basic math games and logic activities to improve your child’s problem-solving skills. This laptop is equipped with a built-in mouse that can enhance hand-eye coordination and mouse skills.

Suitable for 3-6 years old


7. LeapFrog Mr. Pencil’s Scribble & Write

LeapFrog Mr. Pencil's Scribble & Write

The LeapFrog Mr. Pencil’s Scribble & Write is an educational device that will help your toddlers learn to write letters, numbers, spelling and more! This tablet has a built-in Mr. Pencil stylus and a touch-sensitive LCD screen with buttons for letters and numbers that your child can press to hear the different letter or number names. It also has 6 activity buttons that feature the following modes:

● Free Draw – It allows your kid to draw whatever they want and tap their creations to animate them.
● Shapes – This mode lets your kids follow a dotted line to trace and create different shapes.
● Upper Case Letters *
● Lower Case Letters *
* These modes let your child trace letters and numbers

● Numbers – The numbers mode teaches your kid to count by tapping objects on the LCD screen.
● Spelling – This activity will ask your child to match the letters to sounds, fill in the missing letters and use the letter buttons to spell out different words. This activity mode has 3 different levels of difficulty so it can match your child’s learning progress.

Suitable for 3-7 years old


8. RC-BabyKids Educational Building Blocks

RC-BabyKids Educational Building Blocks

The RC-BabyKids Educational Building Blocks are ideal for toddlers. It can inspire creativity and enhance your kid’s thinking ability and motor skills. Your child can play with these colourful building blocks and let their imagination come up with countless combination and configurations. This educational toy can also engage your child in playing with other kids to develop their social skills.

Suitable for 3+ years old


9. Wooden Educational Stacking Board

Wooden Educational Stacking Board

This wooden educational stacking board is perfect for young children to learn while having fun. This stacking board will not only teach your child about letters, numbers, colours and shapes but can also help improve your child’s hand-eye coordination, creative ability and logical thinking. Wooden toys like this educational board offer different fun activities like sorting colours, counting, stacking and many more.

Suitable for 3+ years old


10. Galt Felt First Words

Galt Felt First Words

The Galt Felt First Words is a fun activity that will help children learn their first words while having fun. This educational toy encourages language development and early literacy skills. Young children will definitely enjoy learning words and sticking colourful and engaging felt pictures and words in fun felt pages. The felt pieces are also good to develop sensory skills and develop your child’s imagination and creativity.

Suitable for 3+ years old


Mummies and daddies, we hope this guide has helped you choose educational toys based on age range and an explanation of their benefits. For more collection of fun and educational toys, visit SuperMom website today.


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