Best Baby and Toddler Toys from Birth to Age 3 (2023)

best baby and infant toys

Babies are born with a natural curiosity to learn about the world around them. The baby and toddler years can be a crucial time for development. As adults, we know that play is a crucial part of growth and learning. However, did you know just how critical this is for babies? Children’s toys are more than just something to keep them busy; they also help enhance and encourage your child’s development.

The right toys can help to stimulate a baby’s brain development, promote cognitive growth, and improve hand-eye coordination. The best toddler and baby toys should not only keep your little ones entertained, but they should also help encourage early learning and develop children’s left brains/right brains.

Let’s take you through several handpicked baby and infant toys that are a must to help your baby develop into a little Baby Einstein.

Best toddler and baby toys based on your child’s age group

Shopping for baby toys and toddler toys can be a daunting task. Your child’s toys should be not only developmentally appropriate but also fun and engaging. To help you out, we’ve broken down our recommendations by age group to help you choose the best toy for each stage of development. The toys in this guide are meant to meet the following criteria:

  • Safe for babies and toddlers
  • Free of potential choking hazards, especially for children under 3 years old
  • Appropriate for their age group
  • Educational or stimulating

Best toys for 0 to 12 months

Best Toys for 0 - 12 Months

Babies in this age group are just learning about their surroundings, so it’s important to choose a toy that will help them learn more about the world around them. The best toys for babies 0-12 months old include:

  • Toys that produce squeaking or crinkling noises, have a nubby texture, and are soft and cuddly. Infants tend to mouth toys a lot more, and textured ones can help relieve teething pain.
  • Crib mobiles with bright colors and multiple patterns can help stimulate your baby’s senses (must be removed from the crib once your baby is able to sit up)
  • Rattles
  • Activity boards
  • Soft, washable, and colorful stuffed animals or dolls with a smiling face

Ensure that your baby gets only the best of the best. Enfamama and Enfagrow can help you stay healthy and provide your baby with the nutrients they need to grow strong.

Best toys for 1 to 3 years old

Best Toys for 1- 3 Years old

At this age, toddlers are fascinated by cause and effect and will enjoy any toy that responds to their actions and their newly acquired motor skills.

  • Stacking rings
  • Nesting cups or boxes
  • Noise-making push toys and pull toys with moving pieces
  • Toys that allow children to hammer pegs or balls through holes
  • Toy musical instruments like drums, maracas, and more
  • Shape sorters
  • Four- or five-piece puzzles

Best baby and infant toys recommended by Supermom

Hap-P-Kid Little Learner Sun N Glow Highchair Toy

Hap-P-Kid Little Learner Sun N Glow Highchair Toy

Hap-P-Kid Little Learner takes learning through play to a new level. This vibrant toy will be your child’s very first game controller stimulating the senses and encouraging imaginative, problem-solving play. Place it on the high chair tray, countertop, or table during mealtimes. You can then feed your child while keeping them entertained!

The Hap-P-Kid Little Learner Sun N Glow has a soft rubber suction base that allows you to securely place the toy on countertops, tray tables, and other smooth surfaces for entertaining sit-down play. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about it falling or being knocked off the surface.

Main benefits for babies and their parents: 

  • It has different play features that will delight and encourage them to go along with mealtimes and activities you have planned, as well as stimulate their coordination and sensory development.
  • Aside from the textured surfaces, rattles, and rings, the light-up smiling face rolls and flashes as your child plays with the toy.
  • Perfect for babies aged 6 months and older.

What parents say about the Hap-P-Kid Little Learner Sun N Glow Highchair Toy:

This toy can make mealtimes a lot more fun and enjoyable for babies and parents alike. Put it on the table or highchair tray for easy access.

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Bubba Blue Giraffica Musical Mobile

Bubba Blue Giraffica Musical Mobile toy

Entertain and rock your baby to sleep with the entertaining Bubba Blue Giraffica Musical Mobile. This is not only an adorable mobile, but also a functional crib toy with soft lights, a beautiful design, and calming music. You can hang it above the crib and watch your little one while they drift peacefully to sleep while listening to Brahms Lullaby’s.

A modern take on the classic mobile, this unique piece has a wind-up mechanism that gently swings on its own without any batteries or wires. Aside from that, this musical mobile has tribal-inspired geometric patterns and a striking giraffe print. Mums love the peaceful melody, colorful design, and wind-up mechanism.

Main benefits for babies and their parents: 

  • Your baby will drift into a peaceful sleep while listening to the wonderful music that this mobile plays.
  • It’s the perfect addition to any nursery and features brightly coloured geometric patterns.
  • Perfect for babies aged 0 to 5 months old.

What parents say about the Bubba Blue Giraffica Musical Mobile:

The Bubba Blue Giraffica Musical Mobile is designed to help your baby drift off to sleep. With its modern design and calming music, it’s sure to become a staple in your nursery.

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Sophie la girafe Sophiesticated Rattle

Sophie la girafe Sophiesticated Rattle toy

The Sophie la girafe Sophiesticated Rattle is perfect for young babies during their teething months. Made of natural rubber, this lightweight and sensory-stimulating product is non-toxic, making it a popular choice for parents.

Main benefits for babies and their parents:

  • Lightweight for small hands
  • Textures help soothe sore gums
  • Non-toxic natural materials
  • Sensory-stimulating

What parents say about the Sophie la girafe Sophiesticated Rattle:

The Sophie la girafe Sophiesticated Rattle is an ideal toy for babies to play with and chew on during their teething phase. It’s easy to sterilize and can be a great source of relief for teething babies.

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B. Toys Sounds So Squeezy Rattle Balls

B. Toys Sounds So Squeezy Rattle Balls

Specially designed for your baby’s teething phase, the B. Toys Sounds So Squeezy Rattle Balls is a fun teether that gives your little one a safe way to relieve irritation. Made of soft fabric and high-quality materials, this teether is safe to use and will help your little one stay as comfortable as possible as their teeth come through.

Additionally, it has various colours and textures for your child to marvel over. It also features squeaky and rattle sounds so it will definitely keep your baby entertained.

Main benefits for babies and their parents:

  • Produces rattly, crinkling, chiming, squishy, soft sounds to squeeze
  • Contains a baby ball in a mama ball
  • Has a bumpy ball to squeeze for funny squeaks
  • Crunchy, crinkly, and patterned
  • Has a ringing bell hidden within a soft, squeezable ball
  • Comes with one teething ring with four balls

What parents say about the B. Toys Sounds So Squeezy Rattle Balls: 

The toy makes rattling and squeaky sounds that can entertain your baby while also soothing any itchiness or irritation due to teething.

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Tomy Disney Kerotto Mini Piano

There is a wealth of evidence to suggest that exposing your little one to music from an early age can have great benefits for their development. In fact, studies have shown that exposure to sounds, rhythms, and melodies can help boost language abilities, social skills, and even memory. Lullabies in particular have always been a wonderful way to calm an infant down or help them fall asleep.

Now there’s a new way to introduce your baby to the delightful world of music: the Tomy Disney Kerotto Mini Piano.

This ultra-portable mini piano features a wide variety of songs and sounds specially designed to capture your little one’s attention and inspire their imagination. Whether you’re on a road trip or just spending some quiet time at home, the Kerotto Mini Piano can engage your baby’s senses with tons of fun-filled activities.

The Tomy Disney Kerotto Mini Piano also comes with a built-in Kerotto Switch, which plays melodies that can help soothe your baby during bedtime or nap time. The melodies are composed in a way that balances musical instruments, tempo, and other elements, allowing your baby to develop musicality early on. Meanwhile, the keyboard can help develop fine motor skills.

With the all-new Disney Kerotto Mini Piano, your child can start exploring their musical talents today!

Main benefits for babies and their parents:

  • Built-in Kerotto switch that helps calm down fussy babies
  • Comes with five melodies and three types of sounds
  • Encourages development of musicality and curiosity
  • Easily portable and attachable on stroller bars, cribs, and more
  • Large piano keys encourage development of fine motor skills
  • Perfect for babies aged 3 months and older

What parents say about the Tomy Disney Kerotto Mini Piano:  

The Kerrotto Mini Piano is the perfect way to soothe and calm your baby. It’s also portable and compact, making it the perfect toy for your child to take with them on the go.

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Sesame Street I Spot Elmo! Vibrating Bouncer

Sesame Street I Spot Elmo! Vibrating Bouncer

The Sesame Street I Spot Elmo Vibrating Bouncer is perfect for keeping your little one occupied. It boasts bright colors, playful characters, and sounds and music, ensuring that your baby is entertained. This bouncer also offers a fun and engaging experience for babies in different growth stages. Additionally, it’s made with soft fabrics and padding for your baby’s comfort and safety.

The I Spot Elmo Vibrating Bouncer is the perfect solution for busy parents who need a little extra help around the house. With this bouncer, your child can explore and discover their world while you get chores done or even some much-needed downtime.

Main benefits for babies and their parents:

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Has a removable toy bar
  • Can help your baby develop gross motor skills
  • Secure and safe even for the wriggliest babies with a three-point harness
  • Has an attractive and colorful pattern
  • Soothes and calms your baby
  • Perfect for babies from birth up to 6 months of age

What parents say about the Sesame Street I Spot Elmo Vibrating Bouncer: 

This bouncer is a great way to keep your baby entertained and safe. With a variety of fun activities, your little one will be occupied for hours. Plus, it helps parents get a much-needed break while running errands or doing other household tasks.

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Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Activity Jumper

The Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Activity Jumper is a great way to encourage your little one’s love of music. With its engaging and interesting melodies, your child will be fascinated by the sounds and rhythms of the music.

It has electronic bongo drums that feature lights and sounds, while the piano produces interesting sounds. Your baby can play along with five different classical melodies.

This jumper will also react as your baby jumps and moves around. Additionally, it has a removable toy bar that two different plush toys hang from. This can encourage your baby to reach out and grab at the toys, thus helping develop motor skills.

The Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Activity Jumper can help your little one develop a love for music. With lots of fun and interactive features, your child is sure to love it!

Main benefits for babies and their parents:

  • Helps encourage a love for music in babies
  • Entertaining and engaging activity center
  • Has four height adjustments so it can grow with your baby
  • Has a 360-degree rotating seat
  • Removable toy station
  • Perfect for babies at least 6 months old

What parents say about the Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Activity Jumper:  

This activity jumper is great for keeping your baby entertained. It has a variety of activities to keep your baby interested, and it keeps her occupied so you can get things done. It’s lifesaver for busy parents!

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LEGO DUPLO Classic 10914 Deluxe Brick Box Toys for Kids Boys Girls

This versatile LEGO Duplo set is perfect for toddlers, providing a great way to fuel your child’s imagination with hands-on learning. The colorful bricks and pieces in this set can be used to build all sorts of structures, from trains and cars to houses and more.

This set features up to 85 different pieces, ensuring that kids will never grow bored. With so many pieces to choose from, your child is sure to never get bored. This set is also perfect for teaching basic counting skills because it includes number bricks.

The LEGO Duplo set is a versatile toy that provides hours of fun for kids. With the ability to build towering skyscrapers or simple houses, this set is perfect for imaginations of all sizes. This Lego set can provide your child with hours of fun and creativity.

Additionally, the LEGO set comes with its own storage box, which is perfect for keeping all the pieces organized. The box can also help inspire your child to build different kinds of structures with the pieces. Your child will also learn how to tidy up after playing by putting all the pieces back into the box.

Main benefits for babies and their parents:

  • Helps with a child’s creative development
  • Helps develop a toddler’s fine motor skills
  • Teaches toddlers how to follow instructions
  • Encourages new ways to play
  • Perfect for toddlers at least 1 year of age

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Fisher-Price Mega Bloks ABC Learning Train

Give your child a head start on language development with the Fisher-Price Mega Bloks ABC Learning Train. This buildable train features blocks decorated with the letters A through Z, providing your child with a fun and interactive way to learn the alphabet.

To create the train, simply connect the three rolling wheelbases together. Your child can then stack the letter blocks on top to build the alphabet or even create whole words. Kids will be learning their letters in no time! If you’re looking for the next stop on your child’s alphabet adventure, try using the blocks and special shapes to build a station.

Main benefits for babies and their parents:

  • Helps children learn the alphabet in a fun way
  • Has 50 pieces that include building blocks, train shapes, and rolling wheelbases
  • Produces train sounds and music when the smokestack is pressed
  • Has blocks printed with letters of the alphabet
  • Helps with early childhood development
  • Perfect for children aged 1 to 5 years old

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Vtech Musical Rhymes Book

The VTech Musical Rhymes Book is not only engaging and entertaining for babies, but it can also help babies with the development of their motor skills. It features six different nursery rhymes, and it’s designed to be easy for babies to leaf through.

This book is perfect for children who love to play and explore. Each page features fun play pieces that can be slid and twisted, and there is also an attached keyboard that plays piano sounds.

Additionally, this book can help you introduce your little one to numbers 1 through 5. The engaging number buttons feature cute farm animals, so the book can entertain and educate your child whether you’re at home or on the go.

Main benefits for babies and their parents:

  • Helps with your baby’s early development
  • Encourages the development of fine motor skills
  • Durable and can last for a long time
  • Automatically shuts off after 3 minutes of inactivity
  • Perfect for children 6 months to 3 years of age

What parents say about the VTech Musical Rhymes Book:

This book is interactive and engaging, making it a great choice for babies. They will love the buttons that make sounds, as well as the music that plays when the book is closed. This book is sure to become one of your child’s favorite toys. It will keep them entertained on long flights, dinners, and more.

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What toys are appropriate for an infant?

When shopping for toys for an infant, safety should be the utmost priority. Rattles, large rings, squeeze toys, and teething toys are all great options for babies.

Rattles stimulate the baby’s visual and auditory senses, while large rings are good for developing hand-eye coordination. Squeeze toys are great for helping the baby learn how to use their hands, while teething toys can help relieve discomfort when the baby is teething.

All of these toys should be made of safe, non-toxic materials and should be age-appropriate. Additionally, it is important to make sure that all toys are properly cleaned and sanitized before giving them to the baby.

Do newborns need any toys?

Newborn babies don’t need toys for the first month of life, but having some can be beneficial. Toys help stimulate a baby’s senses, which is important for development. They can help a baby focus on different shapes, colors, and sounds. Soft books, rattles, and teething rings are ideal for newborns.

For a baby who is one month old, simple toys like these can help to engage them and keep them entertained. Babies at this age love to explore and learn about their environment, so having a few toys can be beneficial.

Toys can also help with hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Ultimately, while newborns may not be able to actually play with toys, having them around can still be beneficial and can help a baby develop and grow.

Can a 1 month old play with toys?

Yes, a 1-month old baby can play with toys. At this age, babies are just beginning to develop their motor skills and can grasp objects with their hands. Toys that are appropriate for a 1-month old baby should be light, soft, and colorful. They should also have different textures and shapes that the baby can explore. 

Toys that make noise can also be beneficial as they help babies learn to recognize different sounds and can help them develop language skills. Babies this age may not be able to play with the toys in the traditional sense, but they can still explore the different colors, shapes, and textures that the toys provide. 

By playing with toys, babies can also learn about cause and effect, as well as how to use their hands.

Which kind of toy should babies not be given?

When selecting toys for babies, it is important to consider their safety. Babies should not be given toys with small parts, such as buttons, beads, or marbles, as these can be a choking hazard. 

Babies should also be supervised while playing with any toys, as they may not yet understand the dangers of putting them in their mouths. Parents should also avoid giving babies toys that contain sharp edges, which can cause injury. The best kind of toys for babies are those that are soft, colorful, and made from non-toxic materials.

Looking for the best baby toys?

Finding the perfect toy for your baby or toddler can be a daunting task. To make it easier, we have assembled a list of the top 10 best baby and toddler toys available in Singapore. With this comprehensive guide, you will be sure to find the perfect toy for your little one.

From soft and cuddly plush animals to developmental puzzles that promote hand-eye coordination, we’ve got a range of exciting and educational toys to choose from. So go ahead and shop Supermom for all your baby toy needs!

Which of these ten amazing toys will you be buying for your child?

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