Best Disposable Baby Diapers in Singapore 2022

Best Disposable Baby Diapers in Singapore

Best Disposable Baby Diapers in Singapore 2022: Reviews & Where To Buy

Best Disposable Baby Diapers in Singapore

When it comes to diapers, every mummy will know that it tops the list for baby essentials. Before potty training comes into the picture, diapers are your little ones’ best friend, supporting them (literally) throughout their infant and toddler years.

Of course, as parents, you would not want to be slowly going through the entire market of diapers before finding the perfect one for your precious baby right? That’s why, in this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the top diapers and sorted them according to their outstanding properties and features. You are bound to find one that suits your child’s lifestyle needs.

If you can find the perfect diaper that can accompany your baby on their unique growth journey, it is almost half the battle won. With the right diaper comes reassurance as nothing is more important than seeing your little one in comfort and happiness every moment of the day.

To help you find the best type of diapers for your little one, we have selected the top few diapers recommended by parents in Singapore, so read on to find out what we have on this list!


Huggies Platinum Diapers

Best Disposable Baby Diapers - Huggies Platinum Diapers

Why we love it:

  • Superior absorbency
  • Extremely flexible and functional
  • Ultra thin and breathable liner
  • 3D leak lock liner
  • Silky and soft

Product Specifications:

HUGGIES PLATINUM NB0 – 5kg60 pcs/pack3 packs/carton
HUGGIES PLATINUM S4 – 6kg82 pcs/pack3 packs/carton
HUGGIES PLATINUM M6 – 11kg64 pcs/pack3 packs/carton
HUGGIES PLATINUM L9 – 14kg54 pcs/pack3 packs/carton
HUGGIES PLATINUM XL12 – 17kg44 pcs/pack3 packs/carton

Specially designed to help support healthy skin from young, Huggies Platinum Diaper is made of the softest and silkiest material , allowing your baby to feel the gentlest embrace around their body. Featuring a unique ZeroFeel technology on its ultra thin liner, there are millions of breathable holes on its outer cover, enhancing air ventilation while keeping dampness away so your baby remains dry and fresh all day.

We know that babies are more active than ever once they get a hang of crawling, and Huggies Platinum actually features a 360 degree thin and flexible core which gives babies the freedom and comfort to play and explore like they are wearing nothing at all!

Afraid that the diaper might overflow? Fret not as the Huggies Platinum boasts a 5-layer protection that provides up to 12hours of superior absorbency, which is comparable to an overnight diaper, as well as a 3D leak lock liner that prevents messy leakages. Not to forget, Huggies Platinum Diapers has also been clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash, ensuring your little one gets the most exclusive care for their delicate skin.

What parents think

“This diaper is so light and thin, yet it holds a lot of pee! I tried it out for my 2 year old son and he hasn’t had a rash since he has used this. It is very absorbent and I like the print on the diaper as well!” -Renee, mom of one

“Keeps baby dry and keeps me happy. It is more absorbent than many others that I have tried, meaning I don’t have to change diapers too frequently, and there is minimal to no leaks, meaning I don’t end up with too many soiled clothes. I’m very satisfied with this and will continue using this for my three children.” -Jessica, mom of three

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Drypers Drypantz

Best Disposable Baby Diapers - Drypers Drypantz

Why we love it:

  • Easily Disposable Tape
  • Flexi fit and super-wide coverage
  • Up to 10 hours of dryness
  • Tight and secure ensures no leakages

Product Specifications:

DRYPERS DRYPANTZ M6 – 12kg44 pcs/pack4 packs/carton
DRYPERS DRYPANTZ L9 – 14kg36 pcs/pack4 packs/carton
DRYPERS DRYPANTZ XL12 – 17kg32 pcs/pack4 packs/carton
DRYPERS DRYPANTZ XXL15 – 25kg28 pcs/pack4 packs/carton

Dryper Drypantz is made for super babies who love scurrying through the house on their hands and knees. Rolling, crawling, toe sucking, kung fu kicks—Drypers Drypantz has your baby covered in any event. CushionAbsorb+™ quickly absorbs, distributes and locks in urine effectively, promising no accidents or leaks. Flexi-fit—a soft and snug elastic waist—allows your baby to play comfortably and at ease. Dryper Drypants are also super convenient to use. Simply wiggle your baby into them in the morning, 10 hours later pull them off, roll, tape and toss them into the baby wastebasket.

All that playing, must have your little one working up a sweat. Dryper Drypantz Self-Cool Cover™ naturally releases heat and moisture through micro-pores, with 100% breathable cover that allows air circulation to keep the baby’s skin cool and dry, even during hot weather. With Singapore’s hot and humid weather conditions, it is exactly what you need!

What parents think

“Drypers Drypantz is a great product as it absorbs very quickly and has no leakage. My son is also very comfortable using it and has had no issues with it even though he is very active and loves playing. This will be my first choice of diapers now!” -Hamzah, dad of one

“The new improved Drypers Drypantz is giving me even more relief and a larger, peace of mind. This is because I am now assured that even if he has to run around in his Drypers Drypantz, the little boy gets ultimate comfort wearing those pants diapers. I also especially love how Drypers Drypantz has this Comfort Fit™ waistband that gives my boy maximum softness and comfort and leaves him with absolutely ZERO pressure marks and redness.” -Elizabeth(Mummy blogger: MotherKao) , mom of three

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Drypers Touch

Best Disposable Baby Diapers - Drypers Touch

Why we love it:

  • Premium embossed soft layer
  • Pro Skin Technology
  • Up to 12-hour dryness

Product Specifications:

DRYPERS TOUCH NB0 – 5kg80 pcs/pack3 packs/carton
DRYPERS TOUCH S3 – 7kg70 pcs/pack4 packs/carton
DRYPERS TOUCH M6 – 11kg64 pcs/pack4 packs/carton
DRYPERS TOUCH L9 – 14kg56 pcs/pack4 packs/carton
DRYPERS TOUCH XL12 – 17kg46 pcs/pack3 packs/carton
DRYPERS TOUCH XXL15 and above36 pcs/pack3 packs/carton

No two baby bums are alike. Drypers Touch, made with Pro Skin Technology, is designed for bums that need extra love and care. The cotton-like material is breathable and feels incredibly soft. There’s also a super soft embossed top layer that secures the poo away from your baby’s skin, keeping it dry around the clock. That’s right, no need to drag your tail out of bed at odd hours for a diaper change. The super-absorbent core locks in and evenly distributes urine, so your little one won’t wake up with a soggy diaper.

It’s no wonder Drypers Touch sold out within the first 3 days of launching. The stretchable waistband makes Drypers Touch a snug yet gentle fit, leaving your baby’s thighs free of any marks. Your baby can play, play, and play some more, have a day out in Singapore’s hot and sticky weather, and their bottoms will remain light and airy. Taking your baby out on the town is way less stressful now!

What parents think

“My Daughter developed eczema from birth hence the sensitive skin. So I decided to try this particular diaper as it’s new and because of their promise of quality material which is breathable. So far it was the best I’ve tried! My baby’s bum neither got red nor any rashes appeared. Best of all no leakage. Even last through over night with the skin still dry. And the design is so stylish:)” -Qaiser,dad of one

“My baby uses this diaper and we have never had any diapers leakage ever since we used this. She had no diaper rash, and the diaper lasted for more than 7 hours. And it really does the job by absorbing all the wetness. She sleeps well through the night and we have stuck with this diaper ever since! And of course it is value for money.” -Insyirah, mom of one

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Pee-Ka-Poo 3rd Gen No.1 Premium Taped Diapers

Best Disposable Baby Diapers - Pee-Ka-Poo 3rd Gen No.1 Premium Taped Diapers

Why we love it:

  • Provides up to 12 hours of superior protection
  • Adjustable features for the ultimate comfort
  • Barrier cuffs to prevent side leakage
  • Adorable and fun prints on diapers
  • Strap markers for easy fitting

Product specifications:

PEE-KA-POO 3RD GEN NO.1 PREMIUM TAPED DIAPERS NB0 – 5kg12 pcs/pack80 pcs/carton
PEE-KA-POO 3RD GEN NO.1 PREMIUM TAPED DIAPERS S4 – 8kg12 pcs/pack80 pcs/carton
PEE-KA-POO 3RD GEN NO.1 PREMIUM TAPED DIAPERS M6 – 11kg12 pcs/pack80 pcs/carton
PEE-KA-POO 3RD GEN NO.1 PREMIUM TAPED DIAPERS L9 – 14kg12 pcs/pack80 pcs/carton
PEE-KA-POO 3RD GEN NO.1 PREMIUM TAPED DIAPERS XL12 – 18kg12 pcs/pack80 pcs/carton

Known as Singapore’s first and only 3rd Generation super diapers, Pee-Ka-Poo’s 3rd Gen No.1 Premium Taped Diapers has 6 distinctive features that allows them to stand out from the others in the market. Featuring adorable prints fit for both boys and girls, this new generation diapers is guaranteed to satisfy your little one’s needs.

Made with cashmere soft nonwoven fabric, the inner Permasorp core allows for up to 12 hours of protection, ensuring not only a quick pee absorption rate, but also an even distribution of absorption to maximise comfort for your child. Coupled with the Wetness Lock Technology, Pee-Ka-Poo’s diaper keeps dampness away from your baby’s bum, allowing them to remain dry and breathable, and at the same time preventing diaper rash.

Designed with securely fitting moisture barrier cuffs that prevent side leakage, plus an extended diaper length to prevent waistline leakage, parents no longer have to deal with unexpected mess or leakages.Extremely thin and soft, the diaper features a comfy stretch waistband and refastenable tabs that allow for the perfect, all rounded snug and comfy fit for your precious little one!

With all these amazing features, Pee-Ka-Poo’s diapers still remain affordable regardless of size as they hope to provide the best care for all parents and children alike in Singapore.

What parents think

“My boy Jayven actually slept through the night when wearing Pee-Ka-Poo diapers! He slept so soundly that he didn’t even cry for milk. Power to Pee-Ka-Poo!” -Lionel Tan, Dad of one “I love that it is super soft, thin and absorbent at the same time. It doesn’t give my baby red lines. Will definitely share with my friends who are also young parents like me about Pee-Ka-Poo!” -Melanie Tan, mom of one

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GOO.N Marshmallow Premium Soft Diapers

Best Disposable Baby Diapers - GOO.N Marshmallow Premium Soft Diapers

Why we love it:

  • Superior quality – extremely soft and fluffy
  • Wetness indicator
  • Infused with natural vitamin E Plus
  • Stretchable waistband

Product Specifications:

GOO.N MARSHMALLOW PREMIUM SOFT DIAPERS NB0 – 5kg66 pcs/pack4 packs/carton
GOO.N MARSHMALLOW PREMIUM SOFT DIAPERS S4 – 8kg60 pcs/pack4 packs/carton
GOO.N MARSHMALLOW PREMIUM SOFT DIAPERS M6 – 11kg48 pcs/pack4 packs/carton
GOO.N MARSHMALLOW PREMIUM SOFT DIAPERS L9 – 14kg40 pcs/pack4 packs/carton
GOO.N MARSHMALLOW PREMIUM SOFT DIAPERS XL12 – 20kg42 pcs/pack3 packs/carton

Winner of multiple awards, the Goo.n Marshmallow Premium Soft Diapers is known as ‘Angel Baby Clothes’ in Japan. Made with carefully selected high quality materials, the result is an unmatched softness in its diapers, making it ideal for new born babies’ delicate skin.

Containing double the amount of Natural Vitamin E plus, the Marshmallow Soft Premium Diapers is manufactured using the new ‘marshmallow tailoring series’, resulting in double the softness, fluffiness and comfort for your little one. Not to forget, the Marshmallow Premium Soft Diapers provides added convenience for parents, with its wetness indicator informing them when it’s time for a diaper change.

Inclusive of a stretchable waistband and soft sheet that gently wraps around your baby’s skin, skin irritation and discomfort is prevented. Extremely fast-absorbing, the inner sheet absorbs moisture at a very quick rate, allowing for your baby’s skin to remain dry and smooth throughout the day. For easy wearing and removal, the diaper also features a reusable grip tape to cater to mild adjustments whenever needed!

What parents think

“Love it! It’s super soft and fluffy, looks comfortable for my baby. Have not experienced any leakages ever since I bought it for my first child, so I have decided to come back to this brand. Definitely recommend.” -Yan Ting, mother of two

“Have always been a fan of Japanese products so I decided to try this out when looking for a suitable diaper brand for my girl. She loves it and sleeps really well throughout the night! Very absorbent and breathable. Also particularly appreciate the wetness indicator.” -Felicia, mom of one

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Nepia Genki Premium Soft Tape Diapers

Best Disposable Baby Diapers - Nepia Genki Premium Soft Tape Diapers

Why we love it:

  • In-built wetness indicator
  • Soft and comfortable material
  • Unique 3D inner design
  • Side and back leakage block

Manufactured by Oji Nepia in Japan, Genki is known for its ultra-absorbency due to its stellar design. Featuring a unique ‘Multi-Channel’ absorption layer in all of its nappies, the Premium Soft Tape Diapers is no exception.

Using a unique 3D technology, Genki has come up with a dots and wave combined texture for the inner layer of the diaper, which is proven to provide up to 12 hours of superior protection. Furthermore, the Premium Soft Tape Diapers has a powerful side and back leakage block to further prevent messy leakages even when your baby is moving around.

Genki Premium Soft Tape is well known for its softness and silky texture, providing babies with the ultimate comfort and cosiness. Not to mention, the super elastic waistband ensures a snug and perfect fit for your baby.

Another important feature that parents love would be the built-in wetness indicator, which changes from blue to yellow when the diaper is filling up, giving parents a quick heads-up when nappy time is near!

Product Specifications:

NEPIA GENKI PREMIUM SOFT TAPE DIAPERS NB0 – 5kg44 pcs/pack8 packs/carton
NEPIA GENKI PREMIUM SOFT TAPE DIAPERS S4 – 8kg72 pcs/pack4 packs/carton
NEPIA GENKI PREMIUM SOFT TAPE DIAPERS M6 – 11kg64 pcs/pack4 packs/carton
NEPIA GENKI PREMIUM SOFT TAPE DIAPERS L9 – 14kg54 pcs/pack4 packs/carton
NEPIA GENKI PREMIUM SOFT TAPE DIAPERS XL12 – 17kg44 pcs/pack4 packs/carton

What parents think

“Recommended to me by my friend and I am so thankful I decided to try it! No leakage and looks very comfortable for my boy, and he can crawl and move around freely without the diaper looking loose. Easy to use and dispose. Will recommend to my friends!” -Wan Ting, mom of one

“Absolutely love the wetness indicator. It provides much more convenience for us when its time to change my LO’s diaper. Material is very soft and gentle on the skin, and my baby doesn’t cry when his diaper is wet anymore, unlike when using other brands. Love it!” -Helen, mom of one

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Pampers Premium Care Pants

Best Disposable Baby Diapers - Pampers Premium Care Pants

Why we love it:

  • Super absorbent gel channels
  • Soft and silky material
  • Thin and flexible
  • Adjustable for maximum comfort

Product Specifications:

PAMPERS PREMIUM CARE PANTS M6 – 11kg44 pcs/pack4 packs/carton
PAMPERS PREMIUM CARE PANTS L9 – 14kg34 pcs/pack4 packs/carton
PAMPERS PREMIUM CARE PANTS XL12 – 22kg30 pcs/pack4 packs/carton
PAMPERS PREMIUM CARE PANTS XXL15-28kg26 pcs/pack4 packs/carton

The No.1 choice for hospitals, nurses and parents, Pampers remains dedicated to caring for your baby’s health above all else. Made in Japan, Pampers Baby Dry Pants is specially designed to deliver up to 12 hours of superior protection and comfort. Made of silky soft, breathable materials that stay extra gentle around the skin, the dry pants has a 360 degree slim fit that wraps around your little one, providing ultimate softness and comfort.

Have an active baby? Fret not! The Premium Care Pants are further designed with an S-curve and flexible waistband,flexing with your baby’s every move to ensure it stays in place and prevents leakages, making it suitable for even the most active and playful little ones!

Featuring a unique Super Gel absorption core, the diaper absorbs and locks-in up to 7 wettings, as well as evenly distributes the wetness so your baby’s skin remains dry and cool. Proven to have an excellent absorption rate, you will be able to keep your baby’s skin healthy and rash-free with the Pampers Premium Care Pants Pants.

What parents think

“With Pampers (especially the Premium Care), my kiddos enjoy longer hours of sleep and play without being disturbed by a problematic nappy. These diapers provide up to 12 hours of dryness, though, of course, we have to change nappies from time to time. Also, they don’t leak, they’re lightweight and the stretchy tape on each side are great. Since it’s clothlike, a Pampers nappy does not produce annoying sounds… 🙂 Awesome!” -Heather, mom of two

“Recommended to all parents out there to try the premium care product by pampers.With strong tape , and leakage proof , it really Daughter is using the XXL , and she loved it .Thumbs up pampers!” Alice, mom of one

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Bosomi Real Cotton Diapers

Best Disposable Baby Diapers - Bosomi Real Cotton Diapers

Why we love it

  • Amazing breathability
  • Complete leak blockage
  • Urine Alert Line
  • Extra fashionable

Product Specification:

BOSOMI REAL COTTON DIAPERS NB0 – 4.5kg50 pcs/pack4 packs/carton
BOSOMI REAL COTTON DIAPERS S4 – 7kg46 pcs/pack4 packs/carton
BOSOMI REAL COTTON DIAPERS M7 – 11kg46 pcs/pack3 packs/carton
BOSOMI REAL COTTON DIAPERS L10 – 14kg40 pcs/pack3 packs/carton
BOSOMI REAL COTTON DIAPERS XL13 – 18kg36 pcs/pack3 packs/carton

Korea’s No.1 leading diaper Brand, Bosomi, is dedicated to manufacturing safer and softer diapers for babies, with the awareness that diapers are on a baby’s sensitive skin 24 hours a day. With 100% U.S. cotton materials and upgraded absorption power, Bosomi Real Cotton Diapers assures you that your baby’s skin will stay as fluffy as the clouds.

Featuring a 360 degree air cover, the diaper provides excellent breathability to allow the inside of the diaper to remain dry and fluffy even after urination. With the double-up leg band and safety guard, the Real Cotton Diapers ensures a complete leak blockage from all sides, preventing any messy accidents. Furthermore, the urine alert line changes colour to let you know when it is time to change diapers, providing added convenience for busy parents.

Made with a double stretching cotton band, the diaper has twice the elasticity, allowing for the most comfortable and snug fit regardless of your baby’s size. In Korea, fashion is all the rage these days — babies included! Having undergone an ultra slim process, the diapers are light as air and extra thin, letting your little one look extra fashionable and comfortable in their favourite clothes!

What parents think

“Bosomi really lives up to its promise.After close to 12 hours of usage, the diaper was still super dry! We touched our baby’s butt butt and it’s also smooth and dry! There was also no leakage considering how much our little girl moves while sleeping. At times, diapers might not stay on her waist and butt when she wriggles too much, but Bosomi was still very secure and in place after the whole night.” -Kai Boon, dad of one

“Glad that I discovered Bosomi Diapers, my baby tried it for a week and viola, no more rashes baby! Bosomi diapers is the top diaper brand in Korea because of its remarkable quality and features. I don’t have to worry if it will sag or cause any harm to my baby’s skin!” -Aisha, mom of one

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What Types of Diapers are There?

Disposable Diapers:
As its name suggests, disposable diapers are diapers that are disposed and thrown away after a one-time usage. Of course, while there are slight differences in features which vary from brand to brand, disposable diapers are mostly designed for increased convenience, giving credit to the ease of changing and cleaning up. Usually much more absorbent and lasting than cloth diapers, disposable diapers are also expected to keep your baby dryer and more comfortable for a longer period of time. Not to forget, under the umbrella of disposable diapers, there are many variations available, with some manufactured for specific usage or situations.

Nowadays, disposable diapers are generally more popular due to its functionality and properties, which is highly attractive given the fast-paced, demanding nature of society today. Therefore, if convenience is off the top of your mind, we think the disposable diapers would suit you better.

Cloth Diapers:
Just like disposable diapers, cloth diapers mostly function the same way, with the exception of the cleaning up part. For cloth diapers, they are mainly made out of absorbent fabric and materials which are gentle on your baby’s skin. Designed to be reused on a regular basis (with washing of course), cloth diapers help to lessen the financial load on parents, as well as contribute to saving the environment, given its much more eco-friendly properties. Some cloth diapers have waterproof inserts that you can simply wash and reuse, while others have liners that can be disposed of after usage.

Although not as convenient, they are definitely as easy to use as disposables, given that cloth diapers have evolved and developed to better suit people’s lifestyles now. If you would like to play your part for the environment, or you save on purchasing the thousands of disposable diapers, or if you simply prefer the material, then the cloth diapers might be what you are looking for.

Scented vs Unscented:
Who wouldn’t want your little one to smell nice? We definitely want them to smell nice, but not at the expense of their health. Although some parents may go for scented diapers as they prefer a clean and fresh smell on their babies, often at times, parents don’t actually realise that the diapers they have purchased are actually mildly scented. You may have used scented lotions or scented shampoos, and may be wondering what exactly is wrong with scented diapers.

To effectively mask the smell of discharge, it is no wonder that manufacturers will include a large amount of chemical dyes or fragrances just to ensure the pleasant smell remains. In actual fact, many scented diapers have components of toxic chemicals or ingredients, such as allergens or irritants that are harmful for normal skin after prolonged usage, let alone your baby. Since babies have very gentle and sensitive skin, it is especially important to ensure that they do not get exposed or get in contact with these harmful chemicals. As such, we definitely do suggest going only for unscented diapers, and scented diapers only if they are completely clear of any possible harmful components.

Day vs Night:
Many babies will use one type of diaper for the day and another type at night. What is the difference and why must we do that? To answer that question, day diapers usually do not have special properties, and are the regular disposable or cloth diapers, depending on which is the one you use for your baby.

As for night, or overnight diapers, the most important difference would be the highly absorbent core as compared to the one for daytime usage. No baby would want to be woken up regularly just for their parents to check how full their diaper is or to ensure that their bed is still dry. Likewise, no parent would want to constantly be awakened by sudden cries due to discomfort or leakages. Hence, the overnight diaper has the solution for you. Not only will it be able to keep your little one comfortable and dry as they sleep, it would also prevent any mess or leakages from an overflowing diaper. If you know you often have to change your baby’s diapers throughout the night, we highly recommend switching to night diapers instead.

Choosing the Best Diaper for Your Baby

Hmm.. but first, what makes a good diaper? Granted, the most basic requirement is for it to be absorbent and leakage-proof, but we definitely have to consider factors such as comfort, functionality, price etc. Here, we have a list of the top factors that we deem essential when considering which diaper is the ideal choice for your little one.

Absorbency: Of course, this is one of the first few factors parents look out for in a diaper, after all, isn’t that what diapers are for? How absorbent a diaper is should not be dependent on the weight of liquid being absorbed, but rather how quickly and effectively the diaper is able to absorb liquid so your little one remains comfortable and dry.

Safety: Although some diapers may claim to be completely safe and natural, there are bound to be chemicals or agents found in them that may be a potential danger for your baby. It is thus crucial that parents keep themselves informed about the risks and effects of certain ingredients used in the diapers, and strictly stay away from them when choosing a suitable diaper for their baby.

Comfort Level: I’m sure it is no surprise that this factor is on the list. It is extremely important that your baby feels comfortable in the diaper, or they may end up being in pain or discomfort. Although it varies from child to child, features such as velcro straps, adjustable waistbands, and material etc. all contribute to a snug and fitting, yet comfortable diaper for your little one. As diapers are to be worn at all times, find one that is suitable for your baby that they would be happy and comfy enough to play in and crawl around all day.

Wetness Indicator: Although not an essential, having this would be extra convenient for parents. It gives parents the awareness and obvious heads-up as to when their baby’s diaper should be changed, instead of having to constantly check on it when it seems relatively full (and about to overflow).

Ease of usage: Practicality is key when having to deal with a dirty diaper change. You would not want to find yourself in the position where you are unable to buckle or secure the diaper properly, especially when you are out in public. Therefore, sometimes, having a simple yet guaranteed method of changing a diaper may be more important than the complicated mechanism and fancy add-ons some diapers have.

Baby’s needs: Does your baby have sensitive skin? Does he or she tend to urinate a lot? Are they allergic to any materials? The list goes on. Only as parents would you be aware of what your kid needs and what they should be avoiding, so the onus is on you to find a diaper that caters to your specific needs.

Design: You may wonder why this factor is on the list. Honestly, rarely anyone purchases a diaper based on whether the design is attractive or not. In this case, what we are referring to is how your baby reacts to the designs. Some diapers have been specially designed to draw attention from your little one, either to distract them during diaper changes, to educate them on simple icons and images, or to stimulate their curiosity and engagement level from young.

Eco-friendliness: It is no surprise that disposable diapers contribute greatly to the environmental footprint, given its intensive manufacturing and disposal process. Cloth diapers, on the other hand, are 40% more environmentally friendly compared to its earlier counterpart as they are reusable and made of less environmentally harmful materials.

Price: Individually, purchasing boxes of disposable diapers may not seem like much, but in the long run, looking at the big picture, you may realise that the purchase of diapers may actually burn a hole in your pocket. This is especially so if you have more than one child, or if you are expecting more to come. Cloth diapers, being reusable, can be passed down among siblings, and thus are more friendly and sustainable on the financial end.

What Other Items Should I Consider Getting Alongside the Diapers?

Wet wipes: Things may get messy at times, and it is essential that you have wet wipes at hand to be able to clean up anywhere and everywhere. Wet wipes are also very important in maintaining your baby’s hygiene during diaper changing, helping to prevent any rash or skin irritation.

Changing mats: This item may not be considered an essential, but is useful in the sense that it provides a standard clean surface, be it at home or when using a public diaper changing station. You never know how clean the station might be, and having a handy changing mat will be able to put your mind at ease. Your little one might also be more comfortable changing atop a familiar and comfortable surface.

Diaper liner: Only applicable when using cloth diapers, a diaper liner is placed between the diaper and your baby for a fuss-free clean-up and discharge disposal. It also ensures that your cloth diapers remains dry and clean for a longer period of time.

Trash bag dispenser: Constantly out and about and often unable to find a rubbish bin to dispose of your baby’s soiled diapers? Simply dispense a trash bag and hang it from your stroller or diaper bag until you come across a rubbish bin. These bags are even lightly scented to help with odour control.

Diaper bags: Looking like an ordinary bag, a diaper bag is a very convenient way to store and transport diapers and other diapering essentials with you when you are on-the-go. Simply attach it to your stroller or carry it along, and your little one’s diapering needs would be attended to quickly and easily.

Our Final Verdict

Every child is different, and so are their diaper needs. While it is expected that parents often go for the well-known, big brands in the diaper market due to their name and reputation, not every type of diaper will fit your little one. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons of each diaper, with a personalised criteria that best fits your child so as to ensure the most accurate and suitable fit. After all, diapers are an everyday essential, and you would want to make sure that your precious angel is comfortable and happy all the time.


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