5 Tips to Think About When Buying a Diaper

5 Tips to Think About When Buying a Diaper

Diapers are a crucial purchase when you have a baby. We know that everyone’s definition of best may differ but everyone would probably agree that the most fundamental aspect of a diaper should be how well it fits your baby. Thus, the best diapers are the diapers that fit your baby best. Choosing the right diaper will contribute to your baby’s comfort! With Drypers, it is always about fit — Sizing that fits, features that fit, materials that fit, and pricing that fits.

So here are 5 things you need to know in order to find the best diaper for your little one!

1. Diaper options available on the market

free from allergens diapers

It’s not good enough to just keep changing your baby’s diaper to prevent exposure to dampness. As a baby’s skin is very sensitive, any irritation to their skin can easily result in redness or rashes. Therefore, it is always good to choose a product that is fragrance- and chlorine-free, and most importantly, free of allergens. This means that it doesn’t contain the EU26 Allergens – 26 most-known allergenic substances in Europe that induce an allergic reaction. Therefore, you can be sure that a diaper that’s free of EU26 Allergens is safe and gentle to your baby’s sensitive skin.

2. Importance of the softness of a diaper

importance of diaper softness

Another thing that you need to think of when choosing the best diapers for your baby is the softness of the material. As mentioned, a baby’s skin is very sensitive and your baby is going to be wearing your diaper day and night. Therefore, the softness of a diaper is a very important to the comfort of the baby as it is able to drastically reduce skin irritation and diaper rash. The softness prevents friction that could cause minor scratches on your skin.

Thus, it is very important to choose a diaper that is made of premium soft fibres! Not only is the lining important, but the back sheet, cuff legs, tape and loop are all important too. The best way to know how soft a diaper is is to try touching the diaper and feeling it for yourself. If it feels nice and fluffy, then you can try putting the diaper on your little one. However, if it feels a little rough, then it is best to skip that diaper and look for something else because there is a high chance that your baby will feel that roughness, too.

3. Absorbency and breathability of a diaper

diapers absorbency and breathability

The best diapers should also be highly absorbent and breathable. Diapers like these can prevent diaper rash and skin irritation that cause the baby discomfort.

Diapers are bound to get wet. Absorbency refers to the diaper’s ability to absorb and hold liquid, thus keeping moisture away from a baby’s skin. Different things contribute to how well it can absorb moisture, such as design and structure of the diaper. One main feature that allows for good absorbency is the core material of the diaper as it helps distribute the urine evenly throughout the diaper.

Poor absorption would result in the baby being exposed to persistent dampness. With speedy absorption, the diaper can keep moisture away from the skin, which minimizes irritation and helps prevent diaper rash. In a diaper, the core material and structure contribute to the speed of absorption and retention, thus keeping the moisture away from the baby’s skin.

There are many parents who consider high absorbency to be an important feature of the best diapers on the market. You may see a lot of brands who claim that their diapers can provide up to 12 hours of protection or other similar claims. However, studies show that diapers don’t need to last that long. Diapers need to be changed every few hours anyway for hygiene purposes. Therefore, Singaporean parents should look for fast absorbency diapers to keep their child’s skin dry.

Another important factor to take note of is the breathability of the diaper, especially in a hot and humid climate like Singapore’s! The breathability of a diaper will allow for air to pass through the diaper, removing excess moisture and helping babies keep cool and comfortable. Whenever paediatricians encounter skin irritation in babies, one of the suggestions they will give to parents is to allow the skin to breathe or use other forms of skin barriers, like diaper creams.

The main star in creating breathability in diaper is the layer that is directly touching your baby’s bum. The amount of air that can pass through a diaper is dependent on the density and the size of holes of this layer. The larger the holes, the more space for air to pass through. The lesser the skin contact, the higher the breathability factor of a diaper.

4. Finding the right fit for your baby

We know that parents sometimes might have the mentality that the best diapers should be a little loose to allow for breathability and thus they look for a slightly bigger size. This tends to be a problem if the diaper does not fit snugly on your baby. The extra roominess would then allow for leakages and that means more cleaning up for you.

Another thing to note is that the sizes of diaper brands are not universal. Therefore, when switching from one brand to another, always take note to check out the weight range of a particular size. This will help you select the correct diaper size to achieve the ideal fit for your baby if you plan on switching brands.

5. Try to get a sample

All mothers will have their preferred brand of go-to diapers. However, what works for one baby may not be suitable for another baby as every baby is unique and different. Therefore, the best way to understand if a diaper is suitable for your little one is to try and get a sample. Of course, you may be able to touch and feel sample pieces of diapers at the supermarket, but nothing beats trying it out for yourself.

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Your little one deserves the best diapers. Give your baby the best care possible with Skinature by Drypers.

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