7 Best JuJuBe Diaper Bags To Help You Get Organized As A Singaporean Mother

A mom carrying the Best jujube diaper bag

7 Best JuJuBe Diaper Bags To Help You Get Organized As A Singaporean Mother

As a mother in Singapore, taking a step out of your home with your baby can be a complete disaster if you fail to bring the essentials. A diaper bag helps solves this issue as you can keep these essentials in advance and ready to grab the moment you need to take a step out with your baby.

The best diaper bag can do more than that, as with the right features they can also keep you organised and fit right into your lifestyle. This is where the best JuJuBe Diaper Bags come in. With a wide variety of styles, sizes, designs, and features, the brand promises that it will not be your average diaper bag.

Discover more about what JuJuBe has to offer and how it differs from the average diaper bag in the market.

What makes JuJuBe Diaper Bags the best

If you’re wondering why JuJube Diaper Bags are regarded as one of the best in the Singaporean market today, here’s what it has to offer:

  • Machine Washable – Perfect for mummies who want to keep all things clean
  • Anti-Microbial Linings – Keeps the outside germs from coming in
  • Memory Foam Changing Pad – Items stay nice, comfy, and safe inside
  • Smart Pockets – Get easy access and tons of organising done easily
  • Adjustable, Versatile, and Comfy Straps – Fits every type of mummy out there

On top of all of these features, the diaper bags come in various trendy designs and fashion that will make any mummy out there feel stylish as they take their baby out.

With this in mind, here are the best out there that are bound to suit your varying needs.

7 Best JuJuBe Diaper Bags

Backpack Style Diaper Bag

Are you the kind of mummy that has a lot to carry around? Maybe you’re a working mother who prefers to bring everything just in case. You also like to keep things hands free as much as possible. Then these backpack style diaper bags are for you.

1. JuJuBe BRB

Best Jujube Diaper Bags

Source: JuJuBe


Pros: Perfect for carrying many essentials and keeping it all organised

Cons: Only one carry style

The JuJuBe BRB (Be Right Back) is a stylish backpack style diaper bag that fits not just your baby’s essential needs, but also other items like a laptop, tablet, and more thanks to its many pockets!

Seeing as you’re carrying a lot, you also don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable as it comes with a back panel made with padded, breathable mesh to keep you cool and comfortable all day long, and it also has a memory foam changing pad in the back pocket that provides added cushioning for your back.

Buy it now:


Enchanted Garden

Dots & Stripes Jujube Bag

Dots & Stripes


2. JuJuBe Be Packed

Source: JuJuBe


Pros: A lighter option for backpack style from JuJuBe

Cons: Lesser padding and pockets compared to the BFF

The JuJuBe Be Packed diaper bag is perfect for mummies who travel as it’s compact enough to fit in the overhead compartment of an airplane. It’s perfect for those who want to make a quick trip, and it comes with plenty of pockets and padding to keep electronics, diaper and wipes, and more.

The best part? Your child can eventually use this bag as a school backpack should you choose to do so!


Available at these varieties:


Flying KeysFlying Keys Jujube Bag

Camp TokiJujube: Be Packed (Assorted Prints)

March of the Murlocs


Compact Diaper Bags

You may need a simple type of diaper bag that gives you just enough to keep all the essentials, but doesn’t take up as much space. Maybe you’d like it small enough for your child to carry it around as well. If these are the kind of bags you need, then check these out.


3. JuJuBe Mini BFF

Source: JuJuBe


Pros: Multiple carry styles, perfect for children to use as well

Cons: Too small for bigger devices such as tablets

The JuJuBe Mini BFF is a smaller version of the BFF. It has the same zippered front pocket, back slip pocket, and a wide-unzip main compartment. The major difference is that it’s a lot smaller, and you can convert this bag from a backpack to a messenger strap. You can even grab and go thanks to its top handle!

You can even get the BFF for yourself and the Mini BFF with your child for a cute outfit matching day!


Buy it now here:


Teal Lagoon Jujube BagTeal Lagoon

Cozy Knit

Hello Summer




4. JuJuBe Be Light

Source: JuJuBe


Pros: Perfect to keep as an extra shopping bag

Cons: May be uncomfortable to carry for long hours

The JuJuBe Be Light bag is so light, you might even forget you have it! It can be folded up small so it would barely take up space, yet still comes with multiple pockets with zippers to make it easy for you to stay organised. It has enough space to pack your basic necessities as you take a quick trip around town with your baby!

Buy it now here:


Tweeting Pretty

Grape Crush



Diaper Bag Organisers & Pouches

You may find yourself needing to stay even more organised with your baby’s essentials and even your own items. This is where you can use organisers and pouches to really ensure certain items are kept in places you can grab and go easily. If that’s what you need, here’s what JuJuBe has to offer!


5. JuJuBe Be Set

Source: JuJuBe


Pros: The different sizes makes it perfect for organisation

Cons: No extra pocket features

The JuJuBe Be Set comes with three mini bags that you can use to organise your diaper bag or even use it as a standalone bag. You don’t have to dig through your bag further for small items when you can keep them in mini bags like these!

It also comes with two detachable straps that you can use as a wristlet or shoulder bag. You can also hang the bags on your stroller for even easier access.

Buy it now here:


Tea Time

Ziggy Warm Sand

Navy Duchess

6. JuJuBe Be Quick

Source: JuJuBe


Pros: Able to hold a lot of items despite its size

Cons: No additional pockets inside

The JuJuBe Be Quick is the perfect quick trip carrying case to run simple errands. Just big enough to keep diapers and wipes, as well as other essentials, you can also hang it from your wrist or stroller.

The best part? You can keep using the Be Quick even after your baby has grown from using diapers as it makes a perfect clutch purse for casual meetups with friends.


Buy it now here:


Sea Foam

Black Lightning

Gray Jujube Diaper BagPebble


Jujube Baby Bottle Bags

One major baby essential is mealtime! If you need to bring baby bottles and need to keep it cool, JuJuBe has a baby bottle bag worth looking into


7. JuJuBe Be Cool

Source: JuJuBe


Pros: Keeps food and baby bottles cool/warm for hours

Cons: Zippers do not fully contain leaks

The JuJuBe Be Cool Bag comes with an insulated, structured cooler that’s able to hold two bottles for your baby. It can even function as a lunch bag for older kids and even adults! It has compartments to keep napkins, utensils, and other essentials, keeping mealtime organised and simple.


Buy it now here:


Baby Pink Jujube Diaper Bag Blush

Hello Kitty Jujube Diaper BagHello Kitty Kimono

Pink Jujube Diaper BagRaspberry Jam


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