Lao Ban Niang Confinement Herbal Package: Recondition Yourself After Pregnancy

Lao Ban Niang Confinement Herbal Package Recondition Yourself After Pregnancy

Lao Ban Niang Confinement Herbal Package: Recondition Yourself After Pregnancy

Are you a first-time mummy or a soon-to-be mummy? If you’re a mummy in Singapore, you sure have heard about the importance of confinement from your friends and family or read about the variety of confinement practices and foods from online resources. In this article, we will tell you all about our award-winning product – Lao Ban Niang Confinement Herbal Package – and how it helps to improve your postpartum recovery journey.
Once a family business, Lao Ban Niang has now made its way to an award-winning brand with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Lao Ban Niang is dedicated to providing the highest quality ingredients, herbs and tonics to all mummies for a smooth and effective recuperation process after giving birth. Lao Ban Niang confinement packages include herbal tea, herbal soup, and herbal bath, all filled with nutrients to cater to a new mummy’s every need. Whether you want to pamper yourself or buy as a gift for someone you know, Lao Ban Niang Confinement Herbal Packages are just what you need for postpartum nourishment.
Below are some of the products you may find in a confinement package:

1. The Soup Packet

soup packet lao ban niang confinement package

Lao Ban Niang’s Confinement Herbal Soup packets are specially formulated to walk new mummies through three stages of postpartum recovery: healing, adjusting, and strengthening. Phase one takes care of the body right after birth and flushes out discharge from the uterus, phase two helps to adjust your inner Qi and nourish your Yin, and phase three restores your energy and rebuilds your strengths and immune system. The herbs and tonics are measured and pre-packed into daily serving sizes, making the preparation process is super convenient and fuss-free.

2. The Tea Packet

tea packet lao ban niang confinement package

Lao Ban Niang’s Confinement Herbal Tea is made up of longan meat, black dates, red dates, radix codonopsis, astragalus roots, and wolfberries – a perfect blend of sweet and earthy aroma and taste. This combination of ingredients tonifies the Qi that was lost during childbirth, aids in blood circulation and boosts quantity and quality of milk for breastfeeding. This herbal drink works as a great substitute for plain water (with extra benefits1) for postpartum mummies to stay hydrated without worrying about water retention. Store any excess herbal tea in a thermal flask and enjoy.

3. Lao Bang Niang Bath Packet

bath packet lao ban niang confinement

This Confinement Herbal Bath is packed with top-quality herbs and follows a traditional Chinese formula. The confinement bath sachets are made of 100% herbs (Negundo Chastetree fruit, Balsamiferou blumea herb, ginger powder and peppermint)put together to help new mummies expel wind and dampness from their body and rid of any rheumatic pains of discomfort. Each Lao Ban Niang Confinement Herbal Bath packet contains two sachets, which is all you need for one bath. We recommend bringing the sachets to boil before taking the herbal bath and use a towel to wipe down for thorough cleansing. You can wash your whole body and hair with the herbal bath water, and there’s no need to rinse off with water after.

Lao Ban Niang confinement packages are loved and recommended by many mummies in Singapore. 

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