AGUARD Bumper Bed – Reviewed By SuperMom

AGUARD Bumper Bed in Twinkle (M) - Reviewed By SuperMom

AGUARD’s is a multifunctional bumper bed that can be used as a sofa, ball pool or play mat. It is designed to be aesthetically pleasing – with pastel color and eye-catching prints. The bumper bed provides a comfortable environment for your baby to sleep and play and is perfect for small homes like those in Singapore. The brand name ‘AGUARD’ was made by combining ‘A’ (the pronunciation of the Korean word for child), and ‘guard’, which essentially formed the company’s mission to prevent any safety accidents.

AGUARD’s safety technology ensures that your little ones stay safe while still enjoying their play time. Its 35cm tall guard allows you to leave your baby alone without having to worry about them falling off the bumper bed. The guard also has a thickness of 10cm and is heavily cushioned to ensure that your little one will not get any bruises even if they were to bump against the guard.


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Safety guaranteed

AGUARD Bumper Bed in Twinkle (M) bumper size


Comfort guaranteed for your little one

AGUARD Bumper Bed in Twinkle two m size combined

The bumper bed’s mattress is made of 100% bio-cell cotton which provides an extremely soft and comfortable bedding for your little one to nap and play on. The bio-cell cotton ensures breathability, lightness and antibacterial effects. This helps keep the baby cool and maintains sanitary and safe conditions for the baby at all times despite the hot and humid weather in Singapore.


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Benefits of Aguard Bumper Bed

  • Multi-purpose. Can be used as sofa, ball pool or play mat
  • Safe environment for baby to play and rest without getting injured from falls
  • Utmost comfort. Made with 100% bio-cell cotton which keeps babies cool
  • Expandable. 2 sets of bumper beds can be zipped together to form a L size bumper bed
  • Perfect size for small homes
  • Long usage period of 5-6 years
  • Covers can be taken off easily for washing

Features of Aguard Bumper Bed

  • 4 components: mat cottons, mat covers, 4 bumper cottons and 4 bumper covers
  • Made of bio-cell cotton which is light, functional and anti-bacterial
  • Made of environmentally friendly material
  • Cushioned bumpers
  • Washable material
  • 100% handmade
  • Expandable by zipping extensions (sold separately) together
  • Dimensions: 80 X 110 X 35cm
  • Guard thickness: 10cm
  • Height: 35cm


Absolutely loved this bumper bed for my little girl! It lets me leave her alone for a short while when I need to get things done and I can be rest assured that she’ll be safe and won’t fall off. It’s also big enough for me to crawl in and snuggle with her when she’s taking her naps or play with her when she’s in the mood for it. Overall a good purchase, would definitely recommend it!
-Annalise, mom of one


My baby sleeps super well on this bumper bed so it seems that it’s extremely comfortable and cooling as he is usually very particular about where he sleeps. I also love the cute and simple design of the whole bumper bed as it looks very aesthetic and neat in my little one’s room.
-Madeline, mom of two


Tried converting the bumper bed into a ball pit as recommended and my little boy had so much fun in it, he couldn’t stop giggling! He also has no problems falling asleep in it as it is very soft and comfortable, definitely a good buy.
-Priscilla, mom of one




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