Best Selling Baby Wipes in Singapore in 2022: Reviews & Where To Buy

Baby wipes are a must-have item for any parent, as they can be used to clean your baby’s face and hands after meals, and clean up messes and dirty hands to keep your little one free from all the harmful germs and bacteria. Especially when your baby is crawling around, grabbing at every interesting item in his path, you would want to make sure that those little hands and legs are kept clean and hygienic all the time. After all, who doesn’t want their little one to smell nice and fresh all day!

However, there are many different types of baby wipes available in the market today. Which one should you choose?

To help you find the best selling baby wipes for your little one, we have selected the top ten baby wipes recommended by parents in Singapore, so read on to find out what we have on this list!

Tollyjoy Unscented Wipes

Best Selling Baby Wipes - Tollyjoy Unsented Wipes


Product Specifications:

Package content: 100pcs x 12

Sheet dimension: 15 x 20 cm

Tollyjoy has been a household brand for decades, with a mission to provide only the best for both parents and children. Not only are Tollyjoy wipes the ideal choice for your baby’s delicate skin, it is excellent for use by the whole family anytime, anywhere.

From ultrafiltration to further reverse osmosis to UV sanitization, Tollyjoy’s baby wipes have undergone 3 levels of purification to achieve a 99% pure water moisture content. This ensures that your baby’s skin not only remains clean, but also constantly stays hydrated and moisturized.

Made with ultra soft spunlace material, Tollyjoy’s wipes definitely do not contain any type of alcohol, paraben or preservatives that could be harmful for your kids. Using the mildest ingredients, coupled with cooling aloe vera extracts and HA moisturizer, Tollyjoy ensures your baby stays cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Furthermore, the wet wipes do not fray or tear easily, making them stronger and more durable than many wet wipes. These unscented, extra thick embossed wipes guarantee that personal hygiene and household cleaning will be a breeze from now on!

Why parents love it:

  • Ultra soft material
  • Contains 99.9% pure water
  • Unscented and natural
  • Durable and long lasting

What parents think

“Solid wipes. Does not tear easily, does not soak through easily, comes out piece by piece instead of in a whole chunk. At the end of the day, it’s just value for money.” -Colin, dad of one

“They have become a regular at my home and whenever we go outside. They are very handy when it comes to cleaning their sweaty and dirty faces, hands, legs when they are on the playground. They have been my saviour in all situations when it comes to keeping kids clean!” -Shub, mom of two

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Farlin Wet Wipes for Hand and Mouth

Best Selling Baby Wipes - Farlin Wet Wipes for Hand and Mouth

Product Specifications:

Are you particular about items which come into contact with your baby’s face? We know that many are, and to use any random baby wipe to clean your baby’s face and mouth is a big no-no! That’s why, Farlin has wet wipes made specifically for your little one’s delicate face.

Made with pure water and 100% food-grade ingredients, Farlin’s wet wipes for hand and mouth effectively removes dirt and protects the delicate skin of your baby, keeping your baby’s skin clean and fresh all day. Fluorescence-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free and preservatives-free, their wipes are especially suitable for the sensitive skin around the mouth and eyes. Furthemore, the spunlace non-woven fabric feels extra soft and gentle on the skin.

A unique element about Farlin’s wipes would have to be the added xylitol component. Yes, you heard us right – Xylitol! Since their wipes are made for usage on the mouth, they decided to add this ingredient in their wipes for a special added benefit. The xylitol not only provides a freshening effect on the mouth, it also aids in oral cavity cleaning, protecting your baby’s gums and teeth after meals!

Why parents love it:

  • Made of food grade ingredients
  • Contains xylitol for oral cleaning
  • Extra Gentle fabric
  • Made specifically for use on face

What parents think

“Good For Sensitive Skin. They correspond to my expectations and leaves the skin feeling really soft and clean even if my baby’s skin is sensitive. Love the texture as well. One of my favourite wipes!” -Lily, mom of one

“Love that i can use the wipes on my baby’s mouth without having to worry about the effect it will have on her sensitive skin. Very gentle and cooling and is perfect for keeping her skin moisturised and clean.” -Angel, mom of two

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Bebesup Signature Baby Wipes

Best Selling Baby Wipes - Bebesup Signature Baby Wipes


Product Specifications:

Package content: 70pcs x 10

Sheet dimension: 18 x 20 cm

Bebesup Signature Baby Wipes was put together by a team of wipes experts, combining ideas of research consumers, product merchandisers and postpartum care center directors to produce premium quality wet wipes that not only keeps your little one clean, but keeps their skin healthy as well.

Specially infused with great natural seed formula extracts (lotus seed, evening primrose seed and grape seed), Bebesup Signature Wet Wipes provides a deep moisturising function, allowing for the skin to be protected and constantly refreshed. Designed with a thick and moist embossing premium fabric, their wipes are durable and large, but still gentle on the skin, ensuring that your little one stays comfortable and hygienic from head to toe.

Furthermore, their wipes have been dermatologically tested by SKINMED and Intertek Global, and has been proven to contain no harmful components or chemicals, assuring you that they are safe and suitable even for sensitive skin or usage on the face and mouth. Made in Korea, Bebesup’s team integrates personal and expert opinions in order to relate to consumer’s needs, and what’s more? Their Signature Wet Wipes are just one of the many great products they have!

Why we love it:

  • Includes seed formula extracts
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Premium fabric and material
  • Produced with the help of specialists and experts

What parents think

“I have four children and have used almost all the wipes out there on the market, and so glad to come across this one. Not only that it is thick and most important of all , it does not irritate my little one’s sensitive skin. even my picky husband likes so much to the point he uses it on cleaning his computer and bike!” -ChingHung, mom of four

“The wipe is thick and very soft! It’s a slightly larger sheet compared to many others . Most importantly it’s easy to pull out when you are scrambling with a crying baby and an exploding scene on the changing table. Great quality and probably too wasteful to wipe poop off because I feel it’s gentle enough for your face as well.” -Shing Hui, mom of two

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Natural Organic Original Plain Baby Wipes

Best Selling Baby Wipes - Natural Organic Original Plain Baby Wipes

Product Specifications:

Package content:100pcs x10

Sheet dimension: 15 x 20 cm

Living up to its name, Natural Organic Wet Wipes are most trusted for its use of natural and organic ingredients, with multiple certifications worldwide. Having undergone a 6 steps water treatment process, their wet wipes are made of 99% pure water, and are fragrance free.

Hypoallergenic, their wipes are suitable for sensitive skin and for people with existing skin conditions due to their non-irritation, non-toxic and allergy-free properties.Furthermore, Natural Organic wipes contain natural organic extract and active complex for dry and sensitive skin,helping to regulate the skin’s natural pH level and ensures that your baby’s skin is kept moisturised and healthy.

Made in Korea, it also contains natural calendula extract which is very beneficial to the skin, ensuring that your baby’s skin is constantly kept healthy and smooth from young! Not to forget, the wipes are extremely soft and gentle, and are perfectly suitable for your little one from birth.

With their multiple certifications and rigorous testing of their wet wipes, Natural Organic’s products are sure to put worried parents’ minds at ease, knowing that their little one is safe, clean and happy!

Why parents love it:

  • Allergy friendly product
  • Infused with calendula extract
  • Made of 99.9% ultra pure water
  • Entirely free of toxic materials
  • Obtained highest rating in dermatological testing

What parents think

“Tried a tester and I love the thickness of the wipes and also the wetness of it. Wipes feel soft and is not harsh on my baby’s skin. Bought 2 cartons of it at baby fair and bought few more cartons after that. Love it!” -Hannah, mom of one “The quality is good. Very gentle, thick and moist. Suitable for food mess or diaper change. Allergy friendly and free of toxic materials. Plus it has a one hand system for convenience!”-En Min, mom of two

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Offspring Baby Wipes

Best Selling Baby Wipes - Offspring Baby Wipes

Product Specifications:

Package content: 20pcs x 6

Sheet Dimension : 17 x 20 cm

Offspring has been known for their dedication in creating products with not only consumers, but also animals and nature in mind. They pride themselves on delivering products that are safe, sensible and sustainable – with one of the best selling items being the Offspring Baby Wipes.

Formulated with all natural and gentle ingredients for sensitive skin, their wet wipes are manufactured to be hard on dirt, but soft on skin, providing a gentle but thorough cleansing from head to toe for your little one. Made with top-quality botanical plant extract, Offspring Wet Wipes are also specially infused with organic aloe vera and organic chamomile, providing a soothing and refreshing feel when used, and at the same time moisturising and promoting healthy skin from young.

What more? Their wet wipes are top medical-grade embossed cloth, designed to be strong but soft, and are thicker, larger and more absorbent than normal wet wipes! Furthermore, they are guaranteed chemical free, ensuring a gentle and safe usage on your children. For parents who feel strongly for the environment, Offspring assures you that their wipes are certified cruelty-free, completely vegan, and are biodegradable, allowing you to dispose of them without any worries!

Why parents love it:

  • Infused with chamomile flower extract
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Strong but soft
  • Made with all natural ingredients
  • Environmentally friendly

What parents think

“Offspring baby wipes is my first choice of wipes for my baby because it can be used for baby and even on hand & mouth! It is safe & free of alcohol & any fragrances. The honeycomb sheet design can easily clean off the dirt from baby’s bottom! The price is quite acceptable for the big pack as well.” -Sherline, mom of one

“I love Offspring Baby Wipes as it is affordable, pure, fresh & safe from chemicals. Most importantly , it suits my baby skin which moisturizes and prevents rashes. Definitely my no. 1 choice!” -Valencia, mom of two

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Nuk 80pcs Baby Wipes

Best Selling Baby Wipes - Nuk 80pcs Baby Wipes

Product Specifications:

Package content: 80pcs x 3

Sheet Dimension: 18 x 20 cm

If you are looking for a baby wipe to use specifically for nappy changes, Nuk Baby Wipes has the perfect solution for you!

Unlike typical wipes, Nuk’s wipes are designed to be larger in size, and are much thicker and more textured, making them ideal for messy diaper changes. With these wipes, parents no longer have to worry about getting their hands dirty, and cleaning up will now be effortless!

Although their wipes appear to be slightly stronger, it actually has a very soft touch to it, making it gentle on the skin. Not to forget, their wipes are moistened using purified water, are fragrance and alcohol free, and suitable for use even on the most delicate and sensitive areas.

Dried up baby wipes? With Nuk baby wipes, that is certainly not an issue. With a unique smaller dispensing hole on each packaging, parents can rest assured that the wipes are tightly sealed, and will not dry out even after they have been opened. Apart from its great properties, Nuk’s Baby Wipes are still very affordable, making it a pretty sustainable choice for many families.

Why parents love it:

  • Extra thick
  • Large size for easy cleaning
  • Extra moisturising
  • Small dispensing hole

What parents think

“Highly recommended! Very good quality wet wipes. Thick material yet soft on the skin so no worries about skin irritation. The wipes are also wet enough to ensure optimum cleansing.” -June, mom of one

“I love these water based wipes. We use them for everything- diaper changes, cleaning hands and mouths when messy, some light housecleaning. The wipes are indeed thick and we could use lesser number of wipes every time when changing diapers. They are the best!” Glenda, mom of two

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Bluna Smoothing Premium Embossing Baby Wet Wipes

Best Selling Baby Wipes - Bluna Smoothing Premium Embossing Baby Wet Wipes

Product Specifications:

Package content:30pcs x 10

Sheet dimension: 18 x 20 cm

Bluna Smoothing Premium Wet Wipes is proud to be one of the finest products made in UNESCO-certified world natural heritage blue island, Jeju. Having obtained the highest rating in dermatological testing, as well as having gone through various rigorous tests, Bluna now churns out premium quality safe baby wipes at an affordable price.

Made with purified water that has undergone a 7-step UV sterilization process, Bluna Wet Wipes are natural and pure, made with the softest premium fabric for a gentle, comfortable feel on the skin. Further infused with 4 types of organic extracts, Bluna assures you that not only are their wipes safe for usage on sensitive skin, hands, and mouth, it also minimises skin irritation, promoting soft and beautiful skin for your little one.

With a motto of ‘Your little one’s safety is our priority!’, their wet wipes are of course free of toxic materials, and are allergy free as well, perfect for prolonged usage. With Bluna being one of the most popular and well reviewed embossed wet wipes, you can place your trust in them to deliver quality products that you and your child will love.

Why parents love it:

  • Made with premium quality fabric
  • Includes various natural extracts
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Made specially in Jeju

What parents think

“This product is superior. Thicker sheets and so when you pull them out, they don’t get entangled at all! No fragrance and no residue after using on my face and skin. The cap helps to seal the package tightly as well. Will order again!” -Chan, mom of one

“It has a mild scent and feels soft and a little lux. The thickness is also good, makes you feel like you’re getting a good wipe out of each sheet. Love it being organic and the ingredients seem good. Love the caps as well!” -Melanie, mom of two

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Cloversoft Unbleached Bamboo Organic Antibacterial Wipes

Best Selling Baby Wipes - Cloversoft Unbleached Bamboo Organic Antibacterial Wipes

Product Specifications:

Package content: 40pcs x 40

Made from natural unbleached bamboo, Cloversoft Organic Antibacterial Bamboo Cloth Wipes are made entirely using certified organic aloe vera and plant based ingredients. Free of alcohol, bleach, chlorine and other toxic preservatives, it is proven to be extremely safe for direct skin contact for toddlers.

In fact, their wipes offer triple the benefits. Not only does it kill up to 99.9% of bacteria that can live on various surfaces, it protects your skin against dryness and further moisturises your skin for hours! Designed to be thicker and larger than the usual wet wipes, Cloversoft’s wipes ensure an easy cleaning process.

Multi-purpose, their wipes are also ideal for every occasion, from outdoor activities, to meal times to sanitising baby equipment – and the list goes on! If you are looking for wet wipes that are effective, gentle on the skin, AND eco-friendly at the same time, Cloversoft’s wipes may just be what you need for you and your little one.

Why parents love it:

  • Made of natural plant based ingredients
  • Thicker and larger than most wipes
  • Multi-purpose wipes
  • Moisturises and protects your skin for hours

What parents think

“My favourite brand of antibacterial wipes! Have always liked this product, thick, moist and green.Will keep purchasing this item as it’s gentle on my baby’s skin.” -Vanessa, mom of two

“My go-to wipes from now on! I like that there are no scents and it’s non-toxic. Clean and green, and perfect for use anywhere. This is so much better on my baby’s skin as well as compared to the previous brand i was using. Love it! ” -Yu Tong, mom of two

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Pigeon Baby Wet Wipes With Milk Lotion

Best Selling Baby Wipes - Pigeon Baby Wet Wipes With Milk Lotion

Product Specifications:

Package content: 66pcs x 6

Worried about baby wipes leaving your baby’s skin dry and unhealthy? Pigeon has the perfect wet wipes for you! Made of 99% pure water and further enriched with milk lotion, their baby wipes are extremely moisturising and soothing, providing an added barrier on your baby’s skin for extra protection.

Cleaning of your baby’s bottom will be effortless with the embossed petal design, providing added ease during clean up. Not only do the wipes provide extra convenience for parents, it ensures maximum softness for the ultimate care and comfort when wiping your baby’s delicate skin.

With the right combination of fabric, coupled with the intricate technique in fibre weaving, Pigeon’s baby wipes offer an extra soft touch on the skin, but at the same time ensures that their wipes are able to take on the rigors of cleaning without tearing. Alcohol, colorant and fragrance free, Pigeon assures you that your little one’s skin will remain healthy and radiant at all times!

Why parents love it:

  • Enriched with lotion
  • Extra soft and gentle
  • Embossed for better cleaning
  • Made in Japan

What parents think

“This is my favourite baby wipe of all! It is thick and moisturising. Does not dry or irritate my baby’s skin, considering that her skin is quite sensitive. It also makes cleaning poop a breeze as it is thick and wet!” -Ting, mom of one

“Ultimate favourite!This is my fourth time ordering! Great value and fantastic quality leaves skin feeling clean & smooth.. gentle on LO’s bum and privates plus great for my face too!” -Grace, mom of one

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Pee-Ka-Poo Honeysuckle Extract Wet Wipes

Best Selling Baby Wipes - Pee-Ka-Poo Honeysuckle Extract Wet Wipes

Product Specifications:

Package content: 80pcx x 24

Providing not one, not double, but TRIPLE the care and benefits over regular traditional baby wipes, Pee-Ka-Poo’s Honeysuckle Extract Wet Wipes cleanses and soothes your baby’s skin for hours!

Specially infused with honeysuckle extract, their bamboo wet wipes are not only non-toxic, durable and eco-friendly, but are also extremely mild and gentle even on the most sensitive baby’s skin. Made from unbleached bamboo fiber and aloe vera extract, the natural plant based ingredients used in the wipes allow for the elimination of up to 99.9% of bacteria, as well as moisturises your baby’s skin against rashes and allergies.

The wipes are also incredibly soft and comfortable to the touch, ensuring your little one receives the most gentle and soothing care possible when using the wet wipes on their face and body. Parents can have an ease of mind knowing that the wipes are fragrance, alcohol and paraben free, ensuring that Pee-Ka-Poo’s Honeysuckle Extract Wet Wipes are guaranteed to be safe and suitable for each and every child out there.

Why parents love it:

  • Made with bamboo fiber
  • Infused with Honeysuckle extract
  • Ultra soft and delicate for baby’s skin
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Does not tear easily

What parents think

“Nice wet wipes, the wetness and texture is just right! Very soothing as well. Super safe to use on baby smooth skin. Will definitely recommend it to my friends!” -Rian, mom of one

“When I hand my boy the wet wipes, he knows how to open and take out the wipes to wipe his mouth and face… (still practicing to make it perfect). The wipes are thick, so it is not easily torn, and contains aloe vera helps to moisturize baby D’s skin against rashes and allergies. Love it!” -Sherlyn C., mom of one

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Baby Wipes Accessories

Wet Wipes Cover:
For keeping your wet wipes moist and cool, we recommend purchasing a wet wipe cover if the wet wipes package does not come with a tight resealable cover. This will prevent the wet wipes from drying out and ensures they remain effective for a longer period of time.

Wet Wipes Warmer:
Wet Wipes Warmer: Designed to keep your wipes warm until usage so your little one will have a pleasant and warm wipe, instead of shocking them with the cold wipes on their skin

Get the Wet Wipes Warmer here.

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