Best Educational Baby Books [2022]

Types of books to choose for your baby & toddlers

Best Educational Baby Books [2022]

It is crucial to introduce your baby to books as early as possible. However, not every book is suitable for your baby. You need to select specific books for babies before you introduce them to toddler books.

As you start your baby’s library, get to know which books suit them. There are board, cloth/ fabric, or paper books for them. Also, the age of your baby matters when it comes to their learning journey.

This article will help you choose books suitable for your baby and toddler.

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For newborns

Newborn babies learn by seeing things and listening. Therefore, when introducing your baby to learning, begin with images. Visuals usually catch their attention.

When you visit a bookshop in Singapore to buy books for your newborn baby, go for;

  • High-contrast images books

Newborn eyesight grows day by day. Mostly, babies see best from a distance of about one foot. Therefore, it is crucial to buy books with simple, bold images. This will help to catch their attention.

  • Rhyming text

Newborns also learn by listening to the voices around them. When you read a book with basic rhymes, your baby hears. As they develop their speech, they start to imitate the rhythm they always hear.

For older babies

When your baby turns 6 months, they can actively participate in the learning process. At this stage, the baby begins to learn by chewing and later on through pointing and babbling. Therefore consider books that are not easy to tear and small in size for easy flipping.

These are some of the best books in Singapore for older babies;

  • Board books

Board books are short and simple books made of laminated cardboard. Besides, they are sturdy with rounded edges. Board books are made in this form because your baby will chew them. However, these books are difficult to tear on hands and also on teeth. Besides, board books are easy to wipe, and hence, you can easily maintain them as your baby will toss them up and down.

  • Activity books

These books help your older baby to learn as they explore different things through playing. Some of the activity books you can buy for your baby include, Touch something soft and furry, Play peek-a-boo, Search for hidden surprises, and From pop-up to lift-the-flap to bath.

Toddler books

Your child is about to go to school at this age, and you might want to introduce them to books that primarily focus on teaching. Such books are good, but first, introduce them to books that teach them basic themes and lead to conversation.

Some of the best books to begin with for your toddler are;

  • Picture books

Toddler books with pictures give more elaborate illustrations, and plots than board books do. Some of the featured subjects in picture books include animals, ABCs, favorite characters, and feelings. This helps to develop your child’s imagination.

  • Bedtime books

Before your toddler sleeps, have some bedtime books to read with them. Read the stories aloud for them and ask them a few questions about the stories you read. Also, let them ask any questions they might have. It helps them to grow their thinking capacity and become active.

If you are looking for toddler books that majors in teaching, you can go for;

  • ABCs books

The ABCs learning is the first and crucial step in your toddler’s education journey. You can enhance their language skills by buying books that help them sing and spell the ABCs correctly.

  • Colors and shapes

Toddlers are attracted to bright colors and bold shapes. You can help your baby recognize and differentiate shapes by buying them the colors and shapes books. They will learn the names of different shapes as they color and differentiate a square from an oval.

  • Counting

Learning basic numbers 1, 2, 3 is crucial to your toddler. You will hear your child count their toes or bananas in the kitchen. At this age, you can introduce them to counting books that help them learn numbers in familiar situations and fanciful settings.

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