Why Skin to Skin Contact? by Ms. Nurhanesah Binte A. Rahman

Why Skin to Skin Contact by Ms. Nurhanesah Binte A. Rahman

Skin to Skin contact is a very special bonding time between baby and mother. By having this skin-to-skin contact, it helps to soothe and calm both baby and mother post-delivery. Ms. Nurhanesah shares that by hearing the mother’s heartbeat and smelling the mother’s scent it will help to reduce the baby’s cry and also naturally lead to the start of lactation. Having the baby close to the mother will also assist in reducing the mother’s anxiety and postpartum pain, and indirectly reduces the chance of any excessive bleeding from the uterus after delivery. Sit back and learn more!

Ms. Nurhanesah Binte A. Rahman is a Lactation Consultant with Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital. She is experienced in aiding new parents on their breastfeeding journey.

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