Important Vitamins for Kids by Dr Ang Ai Ting

Important Vitamins for Kids by Dr Ang Ai Ting

Dr. Ang Ai Ting wants to tell you all about important vitamins for kids! She encourages less screen time and more outdoor time for kids, getting as much Vitamin D from the sun as much as possible! In this clip she talks about the different vitamins and minerals that are important for children as they grow up. Watch this clip and find out more what is important and needs to be in your little one’s diet!

Dr Ang Ai Tin graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1981 and received her Masters in Paediatric Medicine 6 years later in 1987. She has been with Thomson Paediatric Centre since 1991 and is a resident neonatologist once she was recognised by the Specialists Accreditation Board for Neonatology in 2011.

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