Year-End Holiday Program: Fun and Interactive Mandarin Classes by LingoAce


An online Chinese Learning platform, LingoAce offers authentic, engaging, and effective live Chinese classes for young learners aged between 3 and 15 years old with flexible class scheduling and personalised 1-to-1 learning methods, complete with engaging multimedia teaching methods.

Over 300,000 learners across 80 countries have enjoyed our programmes since we started in 2017. 80% of the students renewed their learning journey with us. 50% of the parents referred LingoAce to their friends. Not all our learners and their parents have the same preferences but here are seven common things they appreciate about our programmes: 

  1. High-quality teaching talents (MOE-certified teachers)
  2. 1-to-1 dedicated and engaging class
  3. Flexible scheduling to attend class from anywhere, anytime!
  4. Interactive Homework & playback of video lessons
  5. Professional LingoAce APP for students and parents
  6. Customized Course materials
  7. Shorter Class Duration (25mins for Pre-school and 55mins for Primary 1 to 6)
what parents say about LingoAce Chinese Mandarin Class

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Lingo Ace Year-End Holiday Program

This upcoming Year-End Holiday, embark the journey with LingoAce and discover the wonderous world of Science, History and Fable Stories in Chinese, and attend bridging classes to prepare for the next school year – all through LingoAce’s Holiday Program, for Primary 1-5 Students!

Attend Chinese classes anytime anywhere, even while travelling this holiday!

Select between a 4 or 8 class package and enjoy hassle free and flexible online classes at your child’s convenience from 7 Nov.

Programs available for the year-end:

  • P1: Fable and Idiom Stories & Bridging Classes 寓言故事、成语故事、衔接课
  • P2: Fable and Idiom Stories & Bridging Classes 寓言故事、成语故事、衔接课
  • P3: Science (e.g. water cycle, animal reproduction), Singapore History & Bridging Classes 科学知识(水循环、动物繁殖)、新加坡历史、衔接课
  • P4: Science (e.g. Solar System, Dinosaur Extinction), Singapore History & Bridging Classes 科学知识(太阳系、恐龙灭绝)、新加坡历史、衔接课
  • P5: Science (e.g. Greenhouse Effect, Plastic Recycling), Singapore History & Bridging Classes 科学知识(温室效应、塑料环保)、新加坡历史、衔接课

Date: Anytime from 7 Nov – 25 Dec

Lesson Duration: Each lesson is for 55 minutes


  • 4-Class: $179.90 (before GST)
  • 8-Class: $335.80 (before GST)

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