Tips to Choose the Right Probiotics for your Child – SuperMom Expert Series I Probiotics 101 Episode 2

Mummies have learnt the importance of maintaining a balance between good and bad bacteria in the gut to protect your child’s tummy in SuperMom Expert Series Probiotics 101 Episode 1.

If you’re looking for ways to strengthen your child’s immunity, don’t forget about their gut health! Because 70% of our immune system is found in our gut. Promoting good gut health sets a strong foundation for your child’s immune system, and it also helps in better nutrient absorption.

Probiotics are good bacteria that helps to fight off bad bacteria in the gut and restores the balance in our gut microbiome. In promoting good gut health, it also helps to support the immune system.

Tips to Choose the Right Probiotics

1. Select the right probiotics strain

Shared by Dr Dave Ong, Paediatrician, Kids Clinic @ Punggol, Bifidobacterium has the most scientific evidence to support its effectiveness to support our children’s gut health.

2. Pay attention to the amount of probiotics

Probiotics are measured in colony-forming units (CFU). For maintenance of good gut health and immunity, Dr Ong recommends parents to give their children at least 1-2 CFUs as daily supplement.

3. Maintain a healthy digestive system with probiotics! Key ways to maintain good gut health include:

Prebiotics are food to nourish the good gut bacteria and promote its growth. Combination of probiotic with prebiotics create a synergistic effect on health.

An example is 2’-Fucosyllactose (2’-FL), the most abundant human milk oligosaccharide (HMO), which behaves like a prebiotic to promote growth of probiotics and it also supports the immune function.

4. Check out beneficial additives such as 2’-FL, Vitamin D

Addition of Vitamin D not only improves our bone growth, it supports our immunity too!

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* Source: Euromonitor’s research findings as generated via desk research and trade interviews, measured in terms of retail sales value in 2017 and 2018

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