Should You Feed Your Child Cow Milk?

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There are many debates surrounding the best type of milk for children. One common argument is whether you should feed formula milk to a child.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) maintains that breastmilk is best for babies. But not every mother can breastfeed successfully due to low supply or latching problems. In this case, supplying your infant’s diet with other types of milk is the next best choice.

So, should you feed your child cow milk then?

The difference between cow milk protein-based formulas and cow’s milk

The difference between cow milk protein-based formulas and cow’s milk

Many mamas may have seen warnings not to feed their children cow milk, especially if they’re younger than one year old.

While this is partly true, there is actually a difference between cow milk protein-based formulas and cow’s milk.

Cow milk formula is a type of formula that has been treated and fortified to be suitable for babies. Most infant formulas in the market are made from cow’s milk, which contains two types of proteins: whey and casein.

Whole cow’s milk, on the other hand, has much higher protein levels than infant formula and is not recommended for infants. It also does not contain the extra nutrients and minerals typically added in formulas.

Why should you feed your child cow milk formula?

Why should you feed your child cow milk formula?

Once junior turns one, many experts recommend parents switch to fresh milk since he will be getting his nutrients from solids.

However, growing children need a lot of calcium to build and support healthy bones and teeth. The amount of calcium required is as follows:

  • Babies younger than 6 months old need 200 mg of calcium a day.
  • Babies 6 to 11 months old need 260 mg of calcium a day.
  • Kids 1 to 3 years old need 700 mg of calcium a day.
  • Kids 4 to 8 years old need 1,000 mg of calcium a day.

It may be difficult to achieve the recommended calcium intake solely from solid food alone, especially for picky eaters. That’s why it’s best to supplement their diet with milk to ensure their calcium needs are met. The Health Promotion Board (HPB) guidelines also recommend that children between six months and two years of age consume about 750ml of milk daily.

Fortified with nutrients essential for healthy growth and development

1. Fortified with nutrients essential for healthy growth and development 

Formula milk is a form of fortified milk, which means it has added vitamins, minerals, and fish oil.

For example, Karihome’s Cow Milk Growing-Up Formula (1 Year Onwards) is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of children as part of a diversified diet. It contains the following nutrients:

  • Highest* levels of 2’-FL (Fucosyllactose):Special prebiotic which feeds good bacteria in the gut. Having high levels of 2’-FL is important as it stimulates the growth of good bacteria in your little one’s gut, where 70% of the immune system is located. This helps to strengthen your child’s immunity during his early years, reducing the risks of gastrointestinal infections, food allergies, and upper respiratory infections.
  • Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA):A type of omega-3 fatty acid that is an essential building block for the development of the brain and eyes of your child.
  • Zinc and iron:Minerals that support the body’s natural defences.
  • Nucleotides:Essential to normal cell function and replication.
  • More than 28 other nutrients:To support all-round development.

*Compared with toddler cow milk formula brands sold in Singapore. Based on the declared value per 100g of powder.

Affordable and wallet-friendly option formula milk

2. Affordable and wallet-friendly option

Formula milk in Singapore is not cheap, with a 120 per cent increase in formula milk prices over the past decade.

There are many special types of baby milk in the market, such as soy, comfort, hypoallergenic, and anti-reflux formulas. However, most infants would not need these formulas unless they have specific allergies, which only affect 2 – 3 per cent of babies.

Normal cow milk formula works fine and even comes at a much lower price tag. For example, Karihome Cow Milk Growing-Up Formula 900G (1 Years Onwards) retails for $40* in supermarkets. This is much more affordable than other special formulas that can cost at least double the price.

Growing Up Happily and Healthily

Growing Up Happily and Healthily

Ultimately, there is no one perfect diet to follow as every child has his own unique preference. As parents, the best you can do for your little one is to ensure he’s hitting his daily nutritional intake so that he can grow up happily and healthily.

Give Your Child A Stronger Start To Conquer Tomorrow With Karihome Cow Milk

Give Your Child A Stronger Start To Conquer Tomorrow With Karihome Cow Milk

Karihome has now expanded into cow milk! Karihome Cow Milk Growing-Up Formula contains 2’-FL MultiShield Protect to fortify your child’s immune system and digestive health, besides promoting physical and mental development. Give Karihome Cow Milk to:

  • Boost your child’s immunity
  • Help junior maintain a healthy digestive system
  • Promote better eyesight and brain development for your little one

You can buy Karihome Cow Milk Growing-Up Formula at Jin Tai Mart, Lazada (Karihome LazMall), and Shopee Supermarket.

Not sure if your child will like the taste of cow milk? Get a FREE 900g sample of Karihome Cow Milk Growing-Up Formula now!

Karihome milk formula is 100% sourced and produced from their own farms in New Zealand. Since 1991, Karihome has incorporated studies conducted by medical and infant experts internationally to develop products most suitable for infants and toddlers in the Asian-Pacific region, with stringent quality control.

*All prices are accurate at the time of this article.

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  1. No children should be fed cows milk as it is not compatible with our digestive system. It is inflammatory and caused digestive issues ear infections and gif problems and vowel issues. Cows milk is meant for calves. When did it become acceptable to drink breast milk from another species?! Lactose intolerant?’ I suffered from lactose intolerance as a child from cows milk! This should not be served in schools either! Just water ! I know mothers who refuse to give their babies and children cows milk instead give them coconut or almond milk. Children will not be calcium deficient frim not drinking breast milk from another species! Cows milk is not safe for any human to drink. This belongs to calves ppl!

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