Fun Places to Visit in Singapore this August

Places to Have Fun in Singapore this August

Singapore is a land full of exciting sites, events, and cultures! In August there are brilliant things to do and fun places to visit in Singapore with your family and friends.

But what about Covid 19 restrictions?  Hang on because there are a lot of places you can visit despite the lockdown in the country. You can have fun from home or visit different attraction centers.

Here are 6 different places to have fun in Singapore this August!

1. Rainforest Lumina

It is a multimedia night walk in Singapore where you can explore ten different multisensory zones. Meet with the Creature Crew, a heroic group of eight virtual animals, for a magical experience.

This Singapore Zoo has an enhanced multimedia Water Zone with Bob the Otter. The creature portrays his mastery over the weather and makes a symphony of light and sound orchestral music.

It is time to light up your August days with memorable things to do in Singapore on weekends at Rainforest Lumina!

Rainforest Lumina

2. Junior Aquarist Programme

Which are the things to do in Singapore with my kids? You might be asking yourself. Worry not because the Junior Aquarist Programme has got you! It is a one-hour experience for kids to enjoy being a professional aquarist and learn about marine animals.

This programme is available throughout the year and focuses on different marine animals in different seasons. Let your children have fun this August with this mesmerizing marine experience at Junior Aquarist Programme.

3. All New Festival

If you are afraid to go out with your family for dinner because of Covid 19 this August in Singapore, the All New Festival will sort you out! It is a festival where Chope partners with 28 restaurants and bars in Singapore to bring delicious dishes to your doorstep!

You can order any dish on the menu and get it delivered to your doorstep! The dishes are unique and combine all the cuisines in the world. This is one of the best things to do in Singapore with your whole family.

4. Peranakan House

It is a historical feature in Eastern Singapore that portrays the Peranakan culture. It is a 10-minute drive from the city where you can go and experience the charming, colorful pastel pre-wars shophouses and colonial bungalows.

Visiting this ancestral home of the shipping tycoon Wee Bin is one of the things to do in Singapore with your kids. They will learn about rich glimpses displayed on the first and the second floors.

Peranakan House

5. Moonlight Cinema

Do you love films? If yes, then this August is your month of fun! The Singapore International Film Festival is bringing its annual festival on 20th & 22nd August. It is going to be exciting and thrilling!

This festival will focus on appreciating the local films and directors. Besides, it will feature homegrown filmmakers such as Tan Pin Pin, Royton Tan, and Ng Xi Jie. The Moonlight Cinema will be happening at the beautiful Gardens by the Bay. Get your popcorns and favorite coffee ready!

6. Young Nautilus Walk At Pasir Ris Mangrove

The Young Nautilus offers an opportunity to explore the hidden Mangrove gem of the East! A visit to this protected 6-hectare mangrove forest is one of the things to do in Singapore with your little boys and girls. You will meet exciting biodiversity features such as Tree-climbing crabs, hornbills, and mudskippers.

Book a space for this memorable event happening on the 22 August this year! It will be happening at Pasir Ris Mangrove for one and a half hours. Let your Sunday be relaxing with things to do in Singapore on weekends with this mangrove experience!

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