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How to Choose the Best Home Care Cleaning Solutions for Your Baby

Best Baby Clothes & Bottle Detergent – Check out Bzu Bzu

There are many considerations to make when choosing the right home care products to use for your family. Especially in such unprecedented times, keeping your family safe and clean must be one of the most essential factors in making your choice. For families with babies, it is even more crucial to ensure that it can protect your child at all growth stages. The average family deals with about 8 to 10 loads of laundry a week and because newborns tend to have extra-sensitive skin, it is imperative to ensure that the best detergent does not only keep the clothes clean but also keeps the baby comfortable. Beyond just the items of clothing, it is also important to keep accessories and food that is consumed by everyone to be clean and safe. Especially if you are buying fruits and vegetables from the market that everyone can touch, it is best to take the extra steps and precautions to keep all things clean.

Here are 4 things to look out for when you are looking for the best cleaning products!

Natural Fragrance or Fragrance-free Detergent for Baby Bottle and Clothes

Ever heard of parents wanting to gobble up their baby cos they just smell so good? It’s addictive! And it’s completely biology at play! Many new parents enjoy smelling their baby and it has been proven that smelling the natural smell of a baby appears to release dopamine, that feel good neurotransmitter that fuels our brain’s reward centre. Therefore, when choosing their baby’s laundry detergent, many parents would go for options that contain natural fragrance, that is gentle for baby while making clothes/fabrics smell nice. Gentle for baby! Good for mommy and daddy!

Clean formulation and plant-based

Ensuring that your baby’s clothes are free of harsh chemical is a no-brainer so that your baby always stays comfortable and safe. Especially if your baby has sensitive skin or prone to eczema, finding a hypoallergenic or natural detergent is your best bet to not exacerbate the condition of your baby’s skin. Plant-based products are the best for not only for your baby but also for the environment. When using plant-based products to clean food and vegetable, it keeps the items safe and clean without worrying about extra chemicals that might get to it.

Easy to rinse but effective in removing dirt

For cleansing foams to clean products, food and clothes, it is important to make sure that while it is gentle, the foam must be effective in removing grime and dirt while being easy to rinse.

No brighteners for detergent

Brighteners keep your clothes colours intact and even makes it appear brighter. It does not actually make your clothes any cleaner, but it could linger in the fabric, eventually causing a reaction.

Introducing: BZU BZU Baby Clothes, Baby Accessories and Bottle Detergent

BZU BZU Home Care Series features two products – Baby Laundry Detergent and Softener 2-in-1 and Baby Accessories Cleansing Foam in Original and Lemon Flavour. Clinically and dermatologically tested, these products are gentle and safe for your baby’s use.

Babies’ skins are often extremely sensitive and fragile making generic ingredients in laundry detergent and cleaning soap harsh. Often the pile of dirty baby clothes can make a mountain very quickly and you need cleaning supplies that is not only gentle but highly effective in taking away stubborn stains.


BZU BZU Baby Laundry Detergent and Softener 2-in-1


BZU BZU Baby Laundry Detergent and Softener 2-in-1 is a concentrated blend that is clinically formulated with a powerful natural cleaning enzyme that is highly efficient in removing milk, spit-up stains and even poop smears, all without damaging the fabric. Looking for something plant-based? Then this detergent is for you! Made with a coconut-based surfactant, natural soap nuts extract for superior cleaning strength and organic aloe vera essence to maintain the hygiene quality, you can be rest assured that your baby is comfortable and well protected. Not only that, but it is also free form harsh chemical such as dyes, bleaching agents and of course, brighteners.


While keeping clothes clean is important, it is also vital that baby’s feeding tools and accessories are also thoroughly clean without worrying about harmful chemicals and artificial fragrance.


BZU BZU bottle detergent

BZU BZU Baby Accessories Cleaning Foam is formulated with 100% plant- based ingredients, effective in removing milk residue, dirty stains and even can be used to clean fruit and vegetables as well. Great for removing dirt and grime while eliminating odours, organic Aloe Vera and Chamomile has also been added to make it gentle and nourishing. The product is also free of chemicals such as fragrance, formalin, formaldehyde, paraben, artificial colouring, soap and alcohol.

Ticking all the checkboxes for great detergent and cleaning supplies for baby bottles, get your hands on the new BZU BZU Home Care Series today!

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