Best Baby Feeding Bottles in Singapore

Best Baby Feeding Bottles in Singapore – Reviews & Where To Buy (2021)

Although baby bottles come in different shapes and sizes, they all work pretty much the same. But you should also remember that each baby has different needs, so what works for other babies may not be right for your child.

There are a lot of factors to consider in choosing the right feeding bottle. As parents, we want our baby milk bottles to be safe and non-toxic and practical for everyday use. Aside from that, we also need to think about the right bottle size, nipple type, anti-colic features, durability and ease of use just to name a few. Who knew that choosing the right feeding bottle for our children is not as simple as we thought.

With so many available baby bottles in the market, it’s natural to get stuck between choices. Whether you’re feeding your baby formula or pumped breast milk, or a combination of both, we at SuperMoms can help you make the right choice. Here are some of the best baby feeding bottles you can choose from.


pigeon feeding bottles

Why We Love it

● Anti-colic Air Ventilation System
● Soft Peristaltic Nipple

Product Specifications

Pigeon nursing bottles have ultra-soft and flexible Peristaltic Nipple which encourages your baby to use a natural sucking pattern and prevent nipple confusion. This will help moms do a combination of breast and bottle feeding. It is designed with an Air Ventilation System (AVS™) that reduces excessive gas and reduce colic symptoms. This BPA free bottle is made from PPSU material with high heat resistance and excellent durability. Pigeon has a wide range of bottle and nipple sizes to meet you and your child’s preferences at each growing stage.

What Parents Think

“After trying out different bottles so our twins would latch properly and feed comfortably, we finally came across pigeon wide necks and they have changed how our little guys feed for the better. No wind or colic issues and finishing bottles with ease.” – Twin Mumma

“I started to mix feed my baby from 4 months and after 5 different bottles she took to the Pigeon one with not a problem, she took to it instantly and at 14 months she still uses them every day!” – Amy

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hegen feeding bottles

Why We Love it
● PCTO innovation (press-to-close and twist-to-open)
● Multi-use, when your child outgrows the bottle

Product Specifications

Hegen bottles have a revolutionary no screw thread one-handed closure innovation. Moms can use one hand with the press-to-close and twist-to-open action. It has an off-centred elliptical-shaped teat that mimics a mother’s breast and supports an upright feeding position. Its anti-colic air vent reduces excessive air intake to prevent an upset tummy. This PPSU bottle is naturally amber-coloured and contains no artificial pigments and BPA free . The Hegen bottles can also be used as stackable and snap-on interconnecting food containers as your child grows.

What Parents Think

“Bought this as a gift for a friend but ended getting one more for myself instead hahaha! The various lids were very convenient and easy to use. Absolutely loved them, highly recommend it to all mummys out there!!” – Jia Qian Foo

“My twins have been using Hegen exclusively and have taken to it really well. Beside from the quality and simple chic classy design, what I love is how I am able to stack all the bottles, lids and teats into one storage box, saving lots of space.” – Fanny Li

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Philips Avent

philips avent feeding bottles

Why We Love it

● Anti-colic valve technology
● Wide breast-shaped nipple

Product Specifications

Philips Avent Natural and Anti-colic baby bottles have a skin-soft wide breast-shaped nipple combined with the flexible spiral with comfort petals design that promotes an easy latch on and natural breastfeeding experience. The unique anti-colic valve technology reduces fuss and discomfort during feeding time. It has an ergonomic shape for an easy grip, perfect for your baby’s tiny hands and a wide neck for easy cleaning.

What Parents Think

” I like this bottle a lot, the nipple shape, the bottle doesn’t leak. It’s just a great design. It’s easy to clean and make bottles, there’s just the three basic parts. Love it!” – Rebecca

“My babies have used these bottles for formula and expressed milk since they were 1 week old, my twins are 4 months now and I have been breastfeeding a lot, but they could feed easily between breast and these bottles.” – Sarah Katie

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Tommee Tippee

tommee tippee feeding bottles

Why We Love it

● Natural easy-latch-on nipple shape
● Built-in anti-colic valve

Product Specifications

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature range of feeding bottles is designed to mimic the natural flexes and softness of a mom’s breast which helps to switch your baby from breast to bottle feeding with ease. It has an angled teat with unique anti-colic tube and valve system to reduce excessive airflow and prevent spit-up, fussiness and gas providing your baby with utmost comfort. The Tommee Tippee also have an ergonomic bottle shape for better bottle control and wide neck for easy cleaning.

What Parents Think

” I loved the shape of the bottle. Has a cute design for me and a size I like. is comfortable and safe. my son did very well using her in breastfeeding. had no cramps with the use of this bottle. I found it very easy to clean, for having a big mouth. not leaked at all.” – Leticia Soares

” These are our favorite bottles. Our lactation consultant recommended these when we were breastfeeding to help prevent nipple confusion. By far the best bottles I have found on the market.” – C Grovell

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Haakaa feeding bottles

Why We Love it

● Multifunction bottles, compatible with other Haakaa attachments
● Wide neck for easy cleaning

Product Specifications

Haakaa milk bottles are made of 100% food-grade silicone which makes it uniquely soft and completely safe for your baby. The bottle comes with a soft naturally-shaped silicone nipple that provides a natural breastfeeding experience and has dual anti-colic vents to prevent excess air intake. This baby bottle has a multifunctional ultra-wide neck design and compatible with their Gen 3 breast pump flange and other attachments such as the food spoon dispenser and sippy bottle top. The Haakaa silicone bottles are impact resistant and safe to be used in the microwave for reheating leftover milk or food.

What Parents Think

“My babies have always been fickle about bottles. Finally tried the Haaka generation 3 pump and this bottle (after my electric breast-pump died). I WISH I’d just bitten the bullet with my first kids and tried Haakaa’s lovely user-friendly and functional products sooner. All babies are different… but my 4 month old loves this bottle. I will purchase more for when she starts daycare. So easy to clean and hold and looks cute too. Thank you Haaka!” – Catherine

“Happy with the purchase. Great product. Bub has been using it everyday at daycare. Transitioning from EBF to bottles is not easy, but have had a few successful days already. Bub loves to hold the handle herself. Thanks Haakaa!” – Viola

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Dr. Brown’s

dr brown's feeding bottles

Why We Love it

● Patented internal vent system that helps with reducing colic
● Consistent and natural nipple flow

Product Specifications

Dr. Brown’s baby bottles feature an internal venting system that is clinically proven to reduce colic, spit-up, burping and gas. Their bottles also come with a soft silicone nipple which helps babies to naturally latch on. These bottles minimize feeding problems and provide comfort and safety for your baby. Dr. Brown comes in original and glass baby bottles with narrow and wide-neck options. They are also BPA free, dishwasher (top rack) and sterilizer safe.

What Parents Think

” Love it! My preemie baby start using Dr brown bottles and pacifier in the hospital and still used it. I prefer to use it with the vent cause it prevents my baby from sucking air. I simply love all Dr brown products and my baby loves them too. I would recommend all my friends and family to use Dr brown products.” – Aleema

“Awesome bottle! My newborn has been using since day one and very happy baby!” – Hector Taylor

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Evorie Tritan

evorie tritan feeding bottles

Why We Love it

● Built-in anti-colic air system
● Able to withstand high temperatures from sterilization

Product Specifications

Evorie Tritan is made of BPA and BPS free material that makes it safe for babies. It has glass-like clarity and resistant to high heat, impact and stains. This milk bottle comes with a built-in anti-colic air system and super soft and flexible breast-like teat that offers comfortable and natural feeding action. Its wide neck bottle design allows for quick and easy refilling and cleaning. The Evorie Tritan is recommended for babies 3-6 months of age. Available in 160ml and 240ml variations.

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