How can I make sure my baby is near me yet keeping them safe?

🤰: Is co-sleeping safe? How can I make sure my baby is near me yet keeping them safe? Is a baby cot a good option?

Co-sleeping is quite a controversial subject. Some advise against it, but by taking the right precautions, your baby can sleep safe and sound next to parents. In fact, many people actually think it’s better for the baby and new mom. Convenient, close and comfortable – it helps with mommy’s recovery and baby’s comfort – what’s not to love?

Thus, when choosing to co-sleep, it’s best to use a co-sleeper. But with such a huge choice available, which should you pick? We’ve broken down some of the styles you can lookout for:


👶 Adjustable – A cot that can grow with your baby and can be adjusted to their needs at the respective age?
👶 2-in-1 – Ventilated, lightweight and easy to bring around the house. It has swinger and music option as well to soothe your baby, we love a multitasker RESTEE™ 2 IN 1 CO-SLEEPER W/SWING & MUSIC
👶 Traditional – Wooden, sturdy, easy to install and just a good old trustworthy classic: Beblum Lavo 1 Baby Co-Sleeper Bundle
👶 Bumper – Comfortable and affordable to have, it is easy to clean and helps to keep baby in place with bumper surrounding to protect baby: Baby Bed Co-sleeper Cot Infant


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