Eat Right With Chilli Padi Confinement

Eat Right With Chilli Padi Confinement

Is confinement now still relevant?

Everyone knows that the process of pregnancy, labour, and eventual delivery of the child is a very toiling process, both mentally and physically. Hence, the post-natal period after delivery is a very important period for new mummies to recuperate. Confinement care refers to this post-natal period whereby new mummies follow certain practices and follow a strict diet in order to recover their bodies.

While some practices such as the prohibition of doing certain tasks may seem rather obsolete in today’s modern society, the importance of following a particular diet, such as eating the right food and herbs at the appropriate time, is one of the key success for confinement recovery. Therefore, with the thoughtfully curated confinement menu by Chilli Padi Confinement Catering, new mummies can ensure that they get the required nutrients needed to nourish their bodies, restore their hormonal balance and improve their immunity for a smooth recovery. In addition, for breastfeeding mummies, eating the right meals can also promote lactation, thus providing their child with the optimal nutrients.

The herbs that are used in confinement

In TCM, there’s a saying where the quality of the confinement care would determine the physique of the mummy. Good confinement care would be able to improve a mummy’s constitution. Similarly, if the confinement care is not of good quality, it can cause a mummy’s health to deteriorate. Therefore, the herbs used in confinement food are essential as they help a new mummy recuperate and regain her vitality. Here are some of the herbs used in Chilli Padi Confinement Catering.

Eat Right With Chilli Padi Confinement - The herbs that are used in confinement


1. Wolfberries/ Goji Berries 枸杞 (Go Ji)

High anti-oxidant food packed with minerals and vitamins, wolfberries detoxifies the body, reinforces the liver and invigorate the kidneys. It also reduces stress and fatigue, and improve neurological and psychological performance.

2. Astragalus Propinquus 北芪 (Bei Qi)

An anti-inflammatory herb, the astragalus propinguus boosts the immune system, and protects the cardiovascular system. It also contains antioxidative as well as anti-ageing capabilities.

3. Radix Angelica Sinensis 当归 (Dang Gui)

This is used to enrich the blood, promote blood circulation and regulate the body’s immune system and is an important herb to have during the postpartum period.

4. Fleece flower root/ Chinese knotweed root 何首乌 (He Shou Wu)

This herb is traditionally used to aid in the metabolism, reproduction and cleansing of blood in the body. It is also found to have anti-inflammatory effects and can help improve the quality of sleep.

5. Red Dates 红枣 (Hong Zao)

As an excellent source of iron which is good at replenishing red blood cells, red dates are a vital herb for breastfeeding mummies. It also enhances the immune system and is also found to be a natural antidepressant.

6. Black Fungus 黑木耳(Hei Mu Er)

Black Fungus is known to lower blood cholesterol and help support the immune system.

7. Snow Fungus/ White Fungus 雪耳 (Xue Er)

A natural sweet herb, the snow fungus helps to tonify the spleen, increases appetite, nourishes the lungs, and enhances the immune system as well.

8. Lotus Seed 莲子 (Lian Zi)

Lotus seeds are rich in fibre and contain powerful antioxidants. It is also found to calm the spirit and tonify the spleen as well as kidneys.

9. Chinese Yam 淮山 (Huai Shan)

Chinese Yam aids in digestion, nourishes the blood and strengthens the spleen. It also has antioxidant properties and can also improve kidney and liver function.

10. Eucommia Bark 杜仲 (Du Zhong)

Known to regulate and improve the immune system and central nervous system, it is also found to nourish the liver and kidney, strengthen bones as well as muscles.

11. Gastrodia rhizome 天麻 (Tian Ma)

Gastrodia rhizome are found to be effective in dispelling ‘wind’ from the liver and is also used to relieve headaches. It is also found to reduce inflammation and relieve pain as well.

12. Codonopsis Pilosula 党参 (Dang Shen)

Commonly used to correct ‘Qi’ and to improve blood circulation to revitalise the body. It is also known to stimulate the appetite and boost immunity as well.

13. Dried Lily Buds 金针 (Jin Zhen)

This herb is rich in iron and is known to tonify the blood and calm the spirit. It is rich in fibre, and is used to balance the body’s Yin & Yang which is needed for good health.

14. Ginseng 人参 (Ren Shen)

Known to give the immune system a boost as well as fight off infections with its anti-inflammatory properties, the ginseng is also found to help fight fatigue and promote energy as well.

15. Solomon’s Seal Rhizome 玉竹 (Yu Zhu)

This herb is found to moisten the sinew thus relieving the spams experienced due to ‘wind’ in the body. It also contains vitamin A and alkaloids which are known to nourish the skin, and also restore blood sugar as well as cholesterol balances.

16. Dried Longan 龙眼 (Long Yan)

Naturally sweet, this tropical fruit is low in fats and calories and is known to nourish the blood, improve blood circulation, as well as strengthen the heart. It is also found to relieve stress or fatigue and also improve sleep quality!


What are the ingredients that are important for confinement?

Eat Right With Chilli Padi Confinement - the ingredients that are important for confinement

Not only are the herbs used in confinement food important, the quality of ingredients used is also of utmost importance in order to complement the herbs used. Here are some of the ingredients used in Chilli Padi’s confinement meals.

1. Kee Song’s Sakura Chicken

Chilli Padi uses Sakura Chickens as part of their confinement menu. These Sakura Chickens are reared in a modernised and environmentally friendly farm using advanced farming techniques and consists of no antibiotics and growth hormones. This results in a more tender, juicy, and delicious chicken meat that is lesser in fat and cholesterols.

2. Kühlbarra’s Barramundi

The Kühlbarra’s Barramundi are locally reared in large, open-sea farms with the water quality carefully monitored around the clock. In addition, they are also fed with a customised protein formula resulting in a sweet and extremely clean taste.

3. Joyfull Rainbow Healthy Noodles

Joyfull rainbow healthy noodles are made using natural ingredients that are free from preservatives and colourings. At Chilli Padi, the vegetable, carrot, and pumpkin noodles are used in their confinement menu. These noodles are rich in dietary fibre, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.


Not only does Chilli Padi confinement catering offer confinement meals, it also has lactation cookies for mummies who are breastfeeding.

In a study published in the online journal Pediatrics, as many as 92% of the new mummies encounter trouble breastfeeding. Out of these, one of the most distressing concerns for new mummies is the low milk supply. Therefore, one of the most popular methods used by new mummies today is to consume lactation cookies to increase their milk supply.

Lactation cookies have been around for a long time and they are snacks made using ingredients that are believed to improve the production of breast milk. Many mummies who have consumed these cookies have seen an increase in their milk production. Therefore, in addition to the carefully crafted confinement menu, Chilli Padi Confinement Catering has also embarked on baking their own chocolate chip lactation cookies in-house in order to supplement their confinement meals and help all the mummies out there to increase their milk supply.


Why is serving hot food important? (Chilli Padi serve in thermal containers)

The worst nightmare that anyone ordering food delivery faces is to receive cold food. Not only is it unpleasant to eat cold food, it also poses a danger in terms of food safety as germs can quickly grow when food is not kept at an optimal temperature. This is especially dangerous for new mummies whose health is of utmost importance during this recuperative period.

Therefore, over at Chilli Padi Confinement Catering, to ensure that the food is kept fresh and at optimal temperatures, all food is delivered and served in thermal containers so that mummies can enjoy their meals with no worries.

Eat Right With Chilli Padi Confinement - Chilli Padi serve in thermal containers


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