Top 20 Slimming Treatments in Singapore

slimming treatments in Singapore

Looking to shed some pounds and get in shape? You’ve come to the right place. Slimming treatments in Singapore offer a variety of services to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Here, we’ve rounded up the top 10 clinics and centers that stand out for their services, expertise, and overall reputation.

1. London Weight Management

London Weight Management


  • Ang Mo Kio Hub: #03-01/27
  • NEX: #B1-71/72
  • Ngee Ann City Tower B: #05-21
  • Paya Lebar Square: #01-44/54/55
  • Tampines One: #05-01
  • The Clementi Mall: #05-08/09
  • Woodlands Civic Centre: #04-06
  • Novena Square: #03-26/27
  • Tiong Bahru Central Plaza: #02-141/141A

Contact Number: +65 6222 1234


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London Weight Management has been a leader in slimming treatments for over two decades. They offer a range of customized treatments such as their Signature ezSlim Treatment and Power Slim Treatment. These programs are designed to help women achieve their weight loss goals efficiently.

What makes London Weight Management stand out is their professional team and comprehensive weight loss plans. With multiple locations across Singapore, it’s easy to find a convenient spot to start your slimming journey. Their proven track record and expertise make them a reliable choice for weight management.

2. Dorra Slimming

Dorra Slimming


  • Northpoint City: 1 Northpoint Drive, South Wing of Northpoint City, #B1-118/119, Singapore 768019
  • Tiong Bahru Plaza: 302 Tiong Bahru Road, #03-112A, Singapore 168732
  • Plaza Singapura: 68 Orchard Road, #04-57, Singapore 238839
  • Bedok Mall: 311 New Upper Changi Road, #B1-48/49, Singapore 467360
  • Heartland Mall: Blk 205 Hougang St 21, Level 2, Singapore 530205
  • Lot One Shoppers’ Mall: 21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, #02-21D/E, Singapore 689812
  • White Sands: 1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3, #04-17/18, Singapore 518457

Contact Number:

  • Northpoint City: +65 6344 1881
  • Tiong Bahru Plaza: +65 6255 1881
  • Plaza Singapura: +65 6514 1881
  • Bedok Mall: +65 6333 1881
  • Heartland Mall: +65 6363 1881
  • Lot One Shoppers’ Mall: +65 6336 1881
  • White Sands: +65 6585 1881


Dorra Slimming is known for its expertise in lower body slimming. They use advanced French technologies to target stubborn fats on the tummy, hips, and thighs. Their treatments are fast and effective, often showing noticeable results in just one session.

In addition, the clinic offers a comfortable, all-female environment, ensuring you feel at ease during your treatments. If you’re struggling with stubborn lower body fat, you’ll find specialized solutions to help you achieve your desired shape.

3. Halley Body Slimming Clinic

Halley Body Slimming Clinic

Address: 277 Orchard Road #03-16 Orchard Gateway, Singapore 238858

Contact Number: +65 6246 8806


Halley Body Slimming Clinic specializes in medically-proven, research-based slimming treatments. They focus on weight management, fat reduction, body firming, and muscle toning. One of their standout offerings is CoolSculpting, which safely reduces unwanted body fat.

Led by experienced physicians, the clinic ensures all treatments meet strict health standards. Their state-of-the-art CoolSculpting machines can treat multiple areas simultaneously, making your visits efficient and effective. If you’re looking for a medical approach to slimming, this clinic is a top choice.

4. Slim Couture

Slim Couture

Address: 20 Cecil Street #02-05 GSH Plaza, Singapore 049705

Contact Number: +65 6534 0747


Slim Couture offers a unique slimming program based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Their Divine Slim™ program is designed to help you lose weight naturally and healthily. This method combines ancient TCM techniques with modern research for effective results.

Their approach includes treatments like acupuncture and guasha, which promote fat loss and boost metabolism. Slim Couture is also known for its money-back guarantee, giving you confidence in their services. For those who prefer a natural, holistic approach to slimming, Slim Couture is the place to be.

5. TCM Shanghai Chinese Medicine Center

TCM Shanghai Chinese Medicine Center

Address: Blk 925 Yishun Central 1 #01-243, Singapore 760925

Contact Number: +65 6756 1528


At TCM Shanghai Chinese Medicine Center, traditional methods meet modern needs. This clinic specializes in personalized slimming programs using acupuncture, cupping, and traditional herbs. Their treatments aim to reduce weight and improve overall health without the risk of rebound weight gain.

The center is staffed by MOH registered physicians with extensive experience in TCM. They create individualized plans tailored to your specific health concerns and weight loss goals. If you’re looking for a traditional yet effective way to slim down, TCM Shanghai is an excellent choice.

6. BottomSlim



  • Square 2: 10 Sinaran Drive #03-11/19, Singapore 307506
  • Tong Building: 302 Orchard Road #06-03A, Singapore 238862
  • Paya Lebar Quarter: 10 Paya Lebar Road #03-24, Singapore 409057
  • Vision Exchange: 2 Venture Drive #01-30/31, Singapore 608526

Contact Number:

  • Square 2: +65 6397 2463
  • Tong Building: +65 6235 1517
  • Paya Lebar Quarter: +65 6514 3318
  • Vision Exchange: +65 6273 3988


BottomSlim specializes in non-surgical alternatives to liposuction, focusing on the lower body. They offer treatments like Thermal Cellulite Treatment, Stretch Mark Treatment, and Body Contouring for the tummy, hips, and thighs. Their techniques are clinically tested and provide effective results without surgery.

This center empowers women to achieve their body goals with painless, non-invasive treatments. Whether you want to flatten your tummy or firm up your thighs, BottomSlim has the expertise and technology to help you get there. It’s a great option for those looking for targeted, lower body slimming solutions.

7. Donna Beauty

Donna Beauty


  • AMK Hub: 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #B1-24, Singapore 569933
  • IMM: 2 Jurong East Street 21, #02-30, Singapore 609601
  • Clementi Mall: 3155 Commonwealth Ave West, #04-01/-05, Singapore 129588
  • White Sands Shopping Centre: 1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3, #04-09/10, Singapore 518457

Contact Number:

  • AMK Hub: +65 6481 5816
  • IMM: +65 6563 6880
  • Clementi Mall: +65 6694 6756
  • White Sands Shopping Centre: +65 6243 7181


Donna Beauty combines the best of Western science and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) wellness therapies to help you slim down and feel great. They offer a range of treatments like Magic Polar Slimming Treatment, Indiba Slimming Treatment, and RF Body Contour. This holistic approach means you’re getting comprehensive care for both body and mind.

What sets Donna Beauty apart is their blend of TCM and modern Western treatments, ensuring you get the benefits of both worlds. With multiple locations around Singapore, it’s convenient to find a Donna Beauty near you. Plus, their transparent pricing makes it easy to plan your slimming journey without any surprises.

8. BodyWerkz



  • Novena Square 2: 10 Sinaran Drive #04-34, Singapore 307506
  • Tampines One: 10 Tampines Central 1, #05-28, Singapore 529536
  • Plaza Singapura: 68 Orchard Road, #04-54, Singapore 238839
  • Compass One: 1 Sengkang Square, #03-02, Singapore 545078
  • West Mall: 1 Bukit Batok Central, #05-07, Singapore 658713

Contact Number:

  • Novena Square 2: +65 6252 0188
  • Tampines One: +65 6782 9926
  • Plaza Singapura: +65 6532 0188
  • Compass One: +65 6337 1223
  • West Mall: +65 6465 9552


BodyWerkz has been helping women manage their weight since 2006. They combine science, tradition, and technology to offer a comprehensive approach to slimming. Their services include fat reduction, detoxification, and skin tightening treatments.

The clinic focuses on long-lasting results, helping you lose fat and gain lean mass. They provide personalized diet and slimming advice to support your weight loss journey. With a philosophy of promoting a balanced body composition, BodyWerkz is a top choice for effective and sustainable slimming.

9. Aura Clinic Singapore

Aura Clinic Singapore

Address: Palais Renaissance, 390 Orchard Rd, #03-03, Singapore 238871

Contact Number: +65 8666 6306


Aura Clinic Singapore, formerly known as Prive Clinic, is a premier destination for those seeking personalized aesthetic and slimming treatments. Founded by Dr. Karen Soh, Aura Clinic emphasizes a bespoke approach to beauty, ensuring each treatment plan is tailored to the individual’s needs.

Their range of services includes body sculpting, fat reduction, and cellulite treatments. Aura Clinic utilizes advanced technologies such as PicoSure Pro to address issues like pigmentation and acne scars, alongside their slimming solutions. This holistic approach means you not only slim down but also achieve overall skin rejuvenation.

10. Ensoul Medical Clinic

Ensoul Medical Clinic

Address: 360 Orchard Rd, #08-01, International Building, Singapore 238869

Contact Number: +65 6836 2833


Ensoul Medical Clinic, led by Dr. Kenneth Thean, offers over 30 years of medical experience in slimming and aesthetic treatments. Their services include body sculpting, fat reduction, and cellulite treatment. Ensoul uses a variety of advanced medical devices to ensure effective and safe results.

Located on Orchard Road, this clinic provides personalized care plans tailored to your unique needs. Ensoul is well-equipped with more than 50 medical devices, making it a one-stop destination for comprehensive treatments. If you’re looking for a medically supervised approach to slimming, Ensoul Medical Clinic is a top contender.

11. Slimpify


Address: 101 Irrawaddy Road, #13-09 Royal Square, Singapore 329566

Contact Number: +65 6363 4434


Slimpify offers a range of personalized weight loss programs tailored to meet individual needs. Their non-invasive slimming solutions are developed to avoid surgical procedures, ensuring a safer path to weight loss. The clinic provides comprehensive lifestyle and dietary guidance to support sustainable weight loss and employs techniques to boost your metabolic rate.

What sets Slimpify apart is their personalized approach. They customize plans based on each person’s unique goals and needs. They focus on long-term results, avoiding quick fixes like miracle pills. If you’re looking for a comprehensive support system that emphasizes sustainable methods, Slimpify is an excellent choice.

12. Slimming House

Slimming House

Address: 66A Tras St, Singapore 079003

Contact Number: +65 9298 7775


Slimming House combines traditional and modern techniques to offer a holistic approach to slimming. They provide treatments like cupping therapy for cellulite reduction and body detoxification, facial rejuvenation to improve skin texture, and non-invasive body contouring to shape and tone the body.

What sets Slimming House apart is their focus on overall wellness. They offer free expert consultations to create personalized treatment plans. If you’re seeking a place that emphasizes holistic care and sustainable results, Slimming House is a great option.

13. The Body Firm

The Body Firm


  • Delfi Orchard: 402 Orchard Road, #01-04 Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876
  • Raffles City: 252 North Bridge Road, #02-27B Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103

Contact Number:

  • Delfi Orchard: +65 6838 0331
  • Raffles City: +65 6970 5331


The Body Firm utilizes cutting-edge technology for effective slimming results. They offer a wide range of treatments, including Adeline V/Velashape for body contouring, Cold-CRF for fat reduction, and Lipo Laser for targeted fat loss. They also provide unique radiofrequency treatments for skin tightening and fat reduction.

What sets The Body Firm apart is their comprehensive approach and high customer satisfaction. They use advanced equipment to ensure effective results and maintain honest, open communication without hard selling. For those looking for a variety of high-tech slimming options, The Body Firm is a top choice.

14. Silhouette Slimming

Silhouette Slimming


  • Posh Wellness (Marina Square) 6 Raffles Boulevard 02-315 Marina Square, Singapore 03959
  • SOTHYS Premium Salon (Great World City) 1 Kim Seng Promenade #03-110 Singapore 239, Singapore 237994
  • Angel Face (Tanjong Pagar Plaza) Blk 1, Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #01-48, Singapore 082001

Contact Number: +65 9650 7748


Silhouette Slimming focuses on natural, non-invasive treatments. They offer Power Slim, a TCM cupping treatment to boost metabolism and reduce visceral fat, Acuslim (MASC) for weight loss without rebound, and Active Slim Wrap for body contouring and detoxification. Their Firm & Tight treatment uses infrared and RF to tighten skin and promote collagen production.

What sets Silhouette Slimming apart is their integration of traditional and modern techniques. They prioritize real customer results over celebrity endorsements, focusing on effective, sustainable methods. If you prefer natural treatments, Silhouette Slimming is an excellent option.

15. Absolute Wellness

Absolute Wellness


  • Shenton Way: 6 Shenton Way, #02-21 OUE Downtown 2, Singapore 068809
  • Dhoby Ghaut: 11 Orchard Road, #B1-15 Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station, Singapore 238826
  • Bugis: 7 Fraser Street, #B3-13/14 DUO Galleria, Singapore 189356

Contact Number:

  • Shenton Way: +65 6970 5486
  • Dhoby Ghaut: +65 6509 9123
  • Bugis: +65 6242 3287


Absolute Wellness offers a natural and effortless approach to weight loss. Their treatments include cupping therapy to enhance metabolism and burn fat naturally, scraping therapy to stimulate blood and lymph circulation, and heat treatment to dissipate stubborn fat.

What sets Absolute Wellness apart is their focus on sustainable, rebound-free weight loss. They combine Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern techniques, ensuring a holistic approach to slimming. If you’re looking for natural methods that don’t require major lifestyle changes, Absolute Wellness is the place to go.

16. Sense De Belle

Sense De Belle

Address: 14 Scotts Road, #02-02 Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213

Contact Number: +65 6734 9919


Sense De Belle uses advanced, non-invasive slimming technologies. Their treatments include TriLipo deep volumetric heating for fat reduction and skin tightening, CRISTAL cryolipolysis for fat freezing, and cavitation technology to break down fat cells. They also offer radiofrequency (RF) treatments to tighten skin and reduce fat.

What sets Sense De Belle apart is their combination of modern and traditional methods. They focus on delivering personalized and effective results, making them a great choice for those seeking advanced technology and a holistic approach.

17. Cosmo Medical Spa

Cosmo Medical Spa


  • Hougang: Blk 806 Hougang Central #01-152, Singapore 530806
  • Toa Payoh: Blk 177 Toa Payoh Central #01-134, Singapore 310177
  • Clementi: Blk 443 Clementi Ave 3 #01-65, Singapore 120443

Contact Number:

  • Hougang: +65 6386 2322
  • Toa Payoh: +65 6354 1911
  • Clementi: +65 6776 8663


Cosmo Medical Spa offers advanced slimming treatments using the latest technology. They provide RF Slimming Sculpt to reduce fat and contour the body, fat freezing with cryolipolysis, and cellulite removal to improve skin texture.

What sets Cosmo Medical Spa apart is their experienced staff and focus on customer satisfaction. With over 1000+ 5-star reviews, they ensure effective treatments and a high level of care. If you want advanced technology and proven results, Cosmo Medical Spa is an excellent choice.

18. EstheClinic



  • Tanjong Pagar: 72 Tras Street, Singapore 079011
  • East Coast: 424 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427643
  • Holland Village: 3 Lorong Liput, Holland Piazza #02-02, Singapore 277725
  • Serangoon Garden: 1 Maju Avenue, myVillage #02-15/18, Singapore 556679

Contact Numbers:

  • Tanjong Pagar: +65 6221 4797
  • East Coast: +65 6344 0121
  • Holland Village: +65 6254 9913
  • Serangoon Garden: +65 6509 4205


EstheClinic combines over 20 years of expertise with cutting-edge technology. Their treatments include Ultra Cavi fat reduction, EstheCryo cryolipolysis for fat reduction, E-Sculpt for muscle sculpting, and EstheRF anti-cellulite treatments. They also offer RF vacuum anti-cellulite therapy.

What sets EstheClinic apart is their pioneering approach in aesthetic medicine. They offer advanced, non-invasive treatments and have received multiple awards for quality and effectiveness. For those seeking expert care with a proven track record, EstheClinic is a top choice.

19. Shou Slimming

Shou Slimming


  • Novena Square: 238 Thomson Road, #03-04/05/06/32A, Singapore 307683
  • The Seletar Mall: 33 Sengkang West Ave, #04-17, Singapore 797653

Contact Number:

  • Novena Square: +65 6252 2822 / +65 9788 9494
  • The Seletar Mall: +65 6384 4788 / +65 9772 7500


Shou Slimming offers a variety of treatments designed to burn fat, enhance metabolism, and sculpt the body. Their services include fat burning, metabolism activation, shape and contour treatments, cellulite reduction, and body wellness programs. They also offer EmSculpt for electromagnetic muscle stimulation.

What sets Shou Slimming apart is their customized programs tailored to individual needs. They combine cutting-edge technology with natural detoxification remedies, providing a holistic approach to slimming. If you want personalized plans and comprehensive care, Shou Slimming is an excellent option.

20. Love De Beauteous

Love De Beauteous

Address: Block 177 Toa Payoh Central, #01-112, Singapore 310177

Contact Number: +65 9071 9318


Love De Beauteous specializes in non-invasive fat removal using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Their treatments include TCM slimming, metabolism activation, body contouring, and cellulite reduction. They also offer customized weight loss programs without the need for supplements or strict dieting.

What sets Love De Beauteous apart is their focus on personalized, natural methods. They promise fast, visible results without painful procedures, making them a great choice for those looking for effective, non-invasive treatments.

Final Thoughts

Singapore offers a plethora of top-notch slimming treatments, each with unique strengths. Whether you prefer a medical approach, TCM techniques, or non-surgical methods, there’s a perfect fit for everyone. Start your journey with confidence and achieve your health and wellness goals with the support of these excellent services.

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