50 Stay At Home Activities With Your Kids During Covid 19 Crisis

stay at home kid activities in singapore

As we spend more time at home to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in Singapore, many parents may be wondering how to keep kids occupied and entertained.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or you’re living that WFH life right now, there are a lot of fun things activities for kids while you’re stuck in the Stay at Home period or while quarantining. In fact, here are 50 fun activities for kids at home.

stay at home kid activities in singapore50 Stay At Home Activities With Your Kids

  1. Snuggle on the couch and read some new books
  2. Encourage them to build their bucket lists
  3. Host a Family Trivia Night
  4. Build an indoor fort. Pillows, old sheets and clothespins!
  5. Make some play dough
  6. Make a cardboard dollhouse
  7. Play indoor hide and seek. Who can find the best hiding spot in the house?
  8. Bring out those old puzzles
  9. Teach them some family recipes
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50 Stay At Home Activities With Your Kids

11. Make smoothie popsicles
12. Write letters to family and friends
13. Grab those plaid sheets and have an indoor picnic
14. Allow children to explore painting
15. Allow children to rearrange and decorate their room
16. Teach your kids how to play Solitaire
17. Dry and press some flowers
18. Set up an indoor treasure hunt
19. Decorate a T-shirt
20. Play dress up

50 stay at home activities with kids

21. Building an indoor tepee
22. Play freeze dance
23. Put on a friendly puppet show
24. Find household stuff you no longer need and arrange them for donation
25. Try origami
26. Start an indoor garden
27. Live in the moment and snap lots of silly photos
28. Bake with the kiddos
29. Learn a few magic tricks together
30. Alphabetize your spices

50 Stay At Home Activities With Your Kids

31. Sew a garment or reversible bag
32. Challenge your kids to a video game
33. Make a kid-friendly terrarium
34. Plan their next birthday party (theme, place, cake, decorations)
35. Play a board game
36. Have a tea party
37. Make an indoor obstacle course
38. Make sock puppets
39. Virtually visit the 8 wonders of the world
40. Start and keep a gratitude diary

50 Stay At Home Activities With Your Kids at home

41. Put those delivery boxes to good use and build a carton city
42. Plan a dream vacation
43. Make cleaning a game
44. Let the kids raid your closet and put on a fashion show
45. Burn some energy with indoor exercise games
46. Make a watercolor masterpiece
47. Plan your family’s fire escape plan and have a fire drill
48. Cook dinner together
49. Go bowling at home
50. Film TikToks

We just need these sparks of inspiration to get the ideas flowing. Do you have more creative ideas of things to do at home with kids? We love to see them in the comments below.

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50 Stay At Home Activities With Your Kids in singapore

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  1. Pinterest brought me here 🙂 I am currently teaching my kids basic card games. You should add Brain Teasers to the list!

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