Geniebook: Why Learning Chinese With AI Is The Future of Language Education


Geniebook: How AI Is Transforming Chinese Language Learning

It’s no secret that many of our English-speaking children today struggle with Chinese – likely due to the lack of regular language exposure.

Schools tend to place more emphasis on English as it is the language of instruction, while English may be the dominant language at home. Whatever the reason, it can be difficult for our children to gain proficiency if they have fewer opportunities to practise and develop their Chinese language skills.

As parents, we always want the best for our little ones. We may therefore consider sending junior for extra face-to-face classes to keep up with the syllabus. However, traditional methods of Chinese tuition can be expensive and inefficient –  long hours travelling back and forth, unnecessary COVID-19 exposure, and a generic, one-size-fits-all learning environment. 

As the pandemic has shown us how work can be moved to an online setting, our kids can also make a similar transition when it comes to education. This is where the AI-personalised learning platform Geniebook comes in to help as a one-stop learning solution.


Smart platform that identifies weaker areas to improve on

Geniebook is a suite of online learning tools that offers a more efficient and effective way to learn Chinese. 

By using advanced algorithms, Geniebook can tailor the learning experience to each individual user. This means your little one will get curated Chinese questions that focus on his weakest topics from a 150,000-question bank aligned with MOE’s syllabus. Parents can also manually create worksheets that fit their requirements, whether it’s for simple revision practice or the dreaded year-end Chinese examinations.

Better yet, Geniebook provides immediate answers to the MCQ questions. The keywords in the solutions will also be highlighted to draw your child’s attention to them. Meanwhile, Short Answer Questions will be marked by Geniebook’s teachers and returned within three days, compared to traditional tuition classes where they’ll be returned at least a week later. No more delays! Your child can now spend his precious time efficiently revising for Chinese.


Learning Chinese as it should be

Learning Chinese is easy when lessons come to life. Despite being primarily an assessment-based platform powered by AI, Geniebook also offers immersive story-based Chinese lessons under GenieClass. Students can learn key Chinese words and phrases as well as examinable vocabulary through fun thematic stories inspired by Chinese culture. Two experienced native-speaking teachers guide these live classes, and students will get to hear their lively dialogues in real-time, which is vital in mastering how the language is used and spoken. If your child is busy, he can always watch the recorded sessions when he is free. 

Chinese is a living language, so why should learning it be anything different? Besides learning how to read and write Chinese, speaking well is also essential in mastering the language. Small group tutorials are also available online – exclusively only for Geniebook Chinese. Tutorials are deliberately capped at four students to maximise participation and encourage role-play so students can practise their oratorical skills confidently.


Who is online tuition primarily for?

While there are many merits of online tuition, it is also definitely more suitable for certain groups of students. Here are some factors to consider when deciding if it’s beneficial for your child:

Your child’s age: Younger children may not have the focus or attention span needed for online learning. They may also need more guidance in staying on task. Meanwhile, older children are more likely to thrive in an online tuition environment. This group of students is definitely more used to working independently. They are also likely to be better at using technology and more comfortable with the various tools and applications used in online learning. With that said, every child is different, and what doesn’t work for one may work for another.

Learning environment at home: A conducive learning environment with a proper study table and computer with Internet access is key for students if they attend classes remotely. Those who do not have a quiet environment may find it challenging to focus and may not get the most out of their online tuition. Thinking about letting your child give online learning a try? You’ll want to think about setting up a similar space for them if you haven’t already done so.

Parents with extra time: Daddies and mummies who can set aside time to support their children are more likely to be able to provide the individualised attention that is often necessary for online learning. They can also better monitor their child’s progress, especially for younger ones who need greater supervision and support.

When it comes to online tuition, the above factors must be considered carefully. However, one thing is certain. As technology advances, the future of language learning looks more promising than ever before – and Geniebook is definitely paving the way for the future of Chinese education. 

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A message from our sponsor: 

What is Geniebook?

Geniebook is a powerful suite of online learning products, from AI-personalised worksheets (GenieSmart) to live classes (GenieClass) and teacher chats (GenieAsk) that help students learn smarter and do better. Loved by over 180,000 users, Geniebook currently offers English, Mathematics, and Science subjects – as well as its new Chinese programme!

GenieSmart generates AI-personalised worksheets from over 150,000 questions aligned with MOE’s syllabus, while GenieClass features our experienced in-house teachers reinforcing key concepts through engaging online classes. Finally, GenieAsk refers to our moderated learning communities of 50 students where they can ask teachers academic-related questions in real-time and benefit from weekly social learning activities like quizzes.

In launching Geniebook Chinese, Geniebook developed three unique learning features – dual-teacher classes, immersive lessons, and small group tutorials – to help primary school students confidently master the Chinese language with a clear focus on learning outcomes and exam readiness.

Learn more at or visit us at our booths in selected Popular bookstores islandwide. 




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