Your Ultimate Pregnancy Week by Week Guide: Insights from KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

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Embarking on the incredible journey of pregnancy brings forth a whirlwind of changes, milestones, and emotions. We’re thrilled to present an all-encompassing guide, meticulously curated by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. This invaluable resource delves into every week of pregnancy, offering profound insights to help you navigate and embrace the wondrous transformations unfolding within your body.

​Pregnancy week by week: a complete guide of week 1 to 40 by the department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology from KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.


Want to Get Pregnant? Take Folic Acid for a Healthy Baby

Pre-Pregnancy: Important Vaccinations

Want to Get Pregnant? Avoid Smoking for a Healthy Weight Baby

Trying to Conceive? Avoid Alcohol


Pregnancy Week 1: Here’s How It’s Calculated

Pregnancy Week 2: Your Hormones Are Preparing for Ovulation

Pregnancy Week 3: Sperm Makes Journey of a Lifetime to Meet Egg!

Pregnancy Week 4: Your Baby is Getting Ready to Implant Itself into Your Womb

Pregnancy Week 5: Most Accurate Time and Day to Test Symptoms

Pregnancy Week 6 Symptoms: Nausea, Breast Tenderness and More

Pregnancy Week 7: Symptoms and Preparing for Your First Doctor Visit

Pregnancy Week 8: Blood and Urine Tests & Coping with Morning Sickness

Pregnancy Week 9: Coping with Stress

Pregnancy Week 10: Baby is Bigger than a 50 Cent Singapore Coin!

Pregnancy Week 11: Nausea and Vomiting Will Subside

Pregnancy Week 12: Baby is As Big As a Lime!

Pregnancy Week 13: Welcome to Your 2nd Trimester!

Pregnancy Week 14: Constipation, TCM and Other FAQs

Pregnancy Week 15: Your Baby Bump Begins to Show

Pregnancy Week 16: Baby is the Size of an Avocado!

Pregnancy Week 17: Tips for Heartburn, Aches and Skin Changes

Pregnancy Week 18: Time for a Detailed Scan

Pregnancy Week 19: Tips for Healthy Gums, Preventing Falls

Pregnancy Week 20: Pre-eclampsia Tips

Pregnancy Week 21: Take Vitamin C, Summary of Dos and Don’ts

Pregnancy Week 22: Stretch Marks, Leg Cramps and More

Pregnancy Week 23: Why Do Pelvic Floor Exercises?

Pregnancy Week 24: You Have that Pregnancy Glow!

Pregnancy Week 25: Exciting Baby Developments

Pregnancy Week 26: Treat Yourself (Safe Massage and Stress Reduction Tips)

Pregnancy Week 27: Feeling Breathless? Here’s Why.

Pregnancy Week 28: Braxton-Hicks vs Labour Contractions

Pregnancy Week 29: Welcome to Your Third Trimester!

Pregnancy Week 30: Baby Gains 200g Per Week from Now On

Pregnancy Week 31: Labour and Its Effects on Your Baby

Pregnancy Week 32: Your Baby Can Now Dream and Produce Tears!

Pregnancy Week 33: Induced Labour

Pregnancy Week 34: Preparing for 3 Stages of Labour

Pregnancy Week 35: Pain Relief Options for Labour

Pregnancy Week 36: Your Baby is About 2.5kg (and a Small Note on Episiotomy)

Pregnancy Week 37: C-section vs Natural Vaginal Birth

Pregnancy Week 38: How Long Will It Take to Recover After Delivery?

Pregnancy Week 39: Post-Delivery Check Ups

Pregnancy Week 40: Have You Delivered?

Disclaimer: This Pregnancy Planner does not replace the advice or recommendations given by your doctor. While we will make every effort to ensure the Planner is kept up to date, users should use this information together with advice from your doctor/obstetrician.

Discover the full article here: Pregnancy Week 1 – 40: A Complete Guide by KKH

This comprehensive pregnancy week-by-week guide has been meticulously prepared by the esteemed Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital – a renowned institution dedicated to providing exemplary healthcare services and education for women and families. The original piece can be accessed by clicking here. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the hospital for their unwavering commitment to disseminating vital medical insights within our community.

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