New Moon Essence of Chicken: The Perfect Chinese New Year Gift

New Moon Essence of Chicken The Perfect Chinese New Year Gift

The Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival is the biggest festival in Singapore and other Asian countries. It celebrates the beginning of the new year on the traditional Chinese calendar. It is a day for religious ceremonies and praying and also a good time for family reunions to celebrate and have fun.

During the Chinese New Year, people remove outdated objects to bring in new energy and create an abundant environment. It is also a season of gift-giving to express respect, affection and well wishes. Gifts and offerings often include fruits, flowers, alcohol, red envelopes, candles, incense, tea and all kinds of food.

Aside from wishing your family and friends with prosperity and good fortune, many people would like to wish good health this year. A great way to send good health wishes is by giving your loved ones New Moon Essence of Chicken.

new moon essence chicken

Why New Moon Essence of Chicken?

New Moon Essence of Chicken is made from the finest selection of chicken and prepared using the traditional double-boiled method. It has a very flavourful taste and mild sweet fragrance without any strong aftertaste. It is a natural energy booster with high protein content, trans fat-free with no preservatives, artificial colourings or flavours. This can be used as a traditional remedy for some illnesses with no side effects and is a recommended natural food and health supplement for the whole family.

It is a perfect gift for working adults and students to help fight mental fatigue brought about by long working hours and stressful environment. This can help them in improving their concentration and increasing productivity in the office and in school.

The New Moon Essence of Chicken is also ideal for expecting moms to help with prenatal nourishment and for new moms to increase milk production and aid with post-pregnancy memory lost. It also supports our elderly to regulate blood sugar levels, get better digestion and help with poor memory.

The New Moon Essence of Chicken can improve your family’s health and overall well being with daily recommended intake combined with a balanced healthy diet and regular exercise.

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The New Moon Essence of Chicken can be consumed at room temperature, warmed or chilled directly from the bottle. Some parents add it as an ingredient to healthy and savoury home-cooked dishes.

Other New Moon products that you can try or give as gifts this Chinese New Year are:

New Moon Abalone
Celebrate and prepare a feast for your loved ones with the New Moon Abalone. The New Moon Abalone offers a balanced taste of freshly harvested abalones and flavours of the ocean. This product is packed with essential amino acids and low in fat with no additional preservatives. Express your creativity and try our recipes for Prosperity Gold and Jade Rice, Seafood Paella and many more.

new moon abalone

New Moon Essence of Fish
New Moon Essence of Fish is made from the finest selected fish and high-quality American Ginseng. Ginseng is known as a herb used to combat stress and prevent its harmful effects. It is also prepared using the double-boiled method that gives its flavourful taste. This product is a suitable natural food supplement for people of all ages.

new moon essence of fish

New Moon Birds Nest
Cheers to good health! The New Moon Birds Nest with White Fungus is a healthy and delicious treat to share with your loved ones this Chinese New Year. Made with a perfectly harmonious blend of premium ingredients with a hint of pure rock sugar. The Birds Nest helps strengthen immunity and provide radiant skin while the White Fungus helps with physical weakness and known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

new moon birds nest

Whether you’re planning for a family meal or looking for CNY gift sets, New Moon Chicken Essence and their range of nutritious products at best prices are available at SuperMom. Hurry and get the best deals if you buy soon!

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