Iron, Calcium, Other Pregnancy Vitamins: Miss Suzanne Khor

Iron Calcium Zinc and More by Miss Suzanne Khor


Expectant mothers have important needs for pregnancy vitamins. During pregnancy, the iron needs increase due to the mother’s requirement for more blood. Therefore, it is very important to ensure sufficient minerals in mommy’s body. In this clip, Ms Suzanne Khor goes into detail about the different vitamins and minerals mothers should consume and how much is required each day! Sit back and find out which important pregnancy vitamins you need to maintain a healthy pregnancy journey!

Suzanne Khor has been practicing as a Visiting Dietitian for over 18 years. She was a Senior Dietitian in O&G The Women’s Medical Specialist for over 10 years. Suzanne has comprehensive knowledge in treating adults and children with nutritional problems. Prior to O&G The Women’s Medical Specialist, she has managed adult nutrition through her working experience at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Suzanne has special interests in nutrition for pregnant mothers, weight management, diabetes, nutrition in feeding difficulties, diet therapy for neurological disorders, and eating disorders.

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