Should You Induce Labor? by Dr. Choo Wan Ling

Inducing Labour Yes or No by Dr. Choo Wan Ling

Should you induce labor?

Dr Choo Wan Ling is an obstetrician and gynaecologist currently practising at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Singapore. Dr Choo is experienced in obstetric and gynaecological scans, antenatal care and risk assessment, prenatal screening, vaginal, assisted and caesarean delivery. She is an advocator of natural birth and breastfeeding.

Induction is about issuing medication to encourage the process of labor when a mother is not in labor. They are recommended by a doctor especially when the baby is post due date, there are medical issues, fetal issues and social reasons. Most moms still do end up with a vaginal delivery despite most mothers thinking otherwise. Dr Choo explains that a c-section usually occurs because the baby’s head is not in the right position or the size of the baby itself and not because of the actual induction of labor. Sit back and learn more!

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