Best Confinement Herbal Packages: Lao Ban Niang vs Madam Partum vs Heng Foh Tong

confinement herbal package

Welcoming a new bundle of joy is delightful and postpartum recovery is crucial for all new moms. It’s a time to rejuvenate and embrace the joys of motherhood with optimum health.

Confinement herbal packages offer a treasure of beneficial herbs, steeped in years of traditional postpartum practices, to aid in smooth recovery.

For those unacquainted with these healthful herbs, these packages are a godsend, making the initial journey of motherhood a tad easier.

Choosing amidst myriad options can seem daunting, but don’t worry! We’ll shed light on the finest confinement packages from renowned brands – Lao Ban Niang, Madam Partum, and Heng Foh Tong.

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Best confinement herbal packages: Lao Ban Niang

lao ban niang

One of the most well-known brands for confinement packages, Lao Ban Niang stands as a beacon of trust and reliability in the realm of confinement packages.

Though officially established in 2009, its roots trace back to Geck Huat Trading, launched in 1977, blending decades of wisdom and business acumen.

This longevity signifies a deep understanding of both new and seasoned customers’ preferences and needs.

Being a prolific supplier, Lao Ban Niang’s array of herbal packages is extensive, showcasing a broader spectrum of confinement herbal packages compared to Madam Partum and Heng Foh Tong.

This variety ensures every new mom can find the exact concoction of herbs needed for the unique requirements of the confinement period, promising a tailor-made experience.

The design of these packages echoes convenience and user-friendly attributes, addressing varied birthing experiences, whether natural or via C-section, to aid in holistic recovery.

The brand’s longevity and extensive range reflect not just a business but a companion in the postpartum journey.

It offers a bouquet of well-crafted herbal packages that align with diverse needs, ensuring every new mother can embrace motherhood with the zest and vitality it deserves.

Here’s a glimpse into some of the exemplary confinement packages offered by Lao Ban Niang:

Lao Ban Niang Confinement Package

This Lao Ban Niang Confinement Package actually isn’t just a singular package. You can choose from six different options, each one containing combinations of herbs for soups, teas, or herbal baths. There’s an option for herbs for soup and baths, or you can also just choose to have the herbs for soup without the ones for baths.

You can also have herbs for tea with or without herbs for baths. The two final options include herbs for soup and tea, or herbs for soup, tea, and baths.

Whichever package you choose, these herbs will help you through three recovery phases: healing, adjusting, and strengthening. The herbs for soup and tea are good for 30 days, and the bath herbs come in 10 packets with two sachets each.

These herbs have been packed to make the preparation of food, teas, and baths easier so you’ll be able to manage even with minimal help. They’re all easy to use and prepare; simply wash the herbs for soup and tea before adding them to water. The bath herbs, meanwhile, just need to be boiled in water that will then be added to your bath water.

Lao Ban Niang Confinement Exquisite Package

The Lao Ban Niang Confinement Exquisite Package is not just great for moms. It also includes herbs that can provide 10 days of herbal baths for your baby, which can help with a newborn’s jaundice and sensitive skin. In addition, it has 30 days of herbal soup, tea, and bath packets, along with inclusions like Sheng Hua Tang packets, and Lance Asiabell Roots.

These confinement herbs can help you during your recovery period in a variety of ways. The Lance Asiabell Roots, for example, can help with breastmilk production. The herbs for soup can help reduce body pains, while the herbs for tea are full of vitamins and can help you regain your strength. The bath herbs are also soothing and refreshing, and they don’t have a strange or off-putting smell.

With this package, you’ll get most if not all the herbs you need during a 30-day confinement period. You also won’t get confused about which packets to use and when. All the herbs are individually packed, and each packet is clearly labeled to ensure that you’ll always use the right ones. You’ll also get an instruction booklet to guide you through the whole 30 days of using these herbs.

Lao Ban Niang Confinement Golden Package

The Lao Ban Niang Confinement Golden Package may not be as comprehensive as the last package, but it can still help you through 30 days of confinement and come out stronger and more refreshed. It includes 30 days’ worth of soup and tea packets, as well as two Sheng Hua Tang packets. If you’re looking only for soup and tea herbs, this package is a great option.

Though all the herbs are pre-packed, they are nonetheless guaranteed to be fresh and easy to use. Just make sure to wash them before boiling, and you’ll be able to get started on brewing confinement soups and teas. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about getting the right quantities of herbs.

Each pack already contains the right amount of herbs, making them easy to use. This package also includes an instruction booklet to help you use the herbs properly.

Another thing you’ll like about this package is that it won’t break the bank. It can provide you with 30 days of herbs for soups and teas at low prices without sacrificing quality. You also won’t have to wait long to receive the herbs, so they’ll still be fresh once they arrive at your doorstep.

Best confinement herbal packages: Madam Partum

madam partum

Delving into the world of confinement herbal packages, Madam Partum emerges as a holistic companion for every mother’s journey.

It’s a subsidiary of Chien Chi Tow, renowned for its focus on traditional Chinese medicine.

More than just providing nourishing herbal packages, Madam Partum unfolds as a sanctuary offering a spectrum of services including prenatal and postnatal massage, lactation consultation, preconception care, and insightful TCM consultations.

It covers every facet of conception, pregnancy, and postpartum experiences.

While the brand may present fewer herbal package options compared to Lao Ban Niang, this limited array can be a boon, especially for those finding an abundance of choices overwhelming.

Sometimes, a carefully curated selection eliminates the hassle and confusion, making the decision-making process smooth and stress-free.

Madam Partum’s rich variety of products, laden with beneficial herbs, are crafted to maintain optimal health during and post-pregnancy.

This helps ensure that mothers can relish every moment with their new bundle of joy.

Here’s a closer look at the wholesome confinement herbal packages by Madam Partum, each designed to aid mothers in recuperating effectively post-childbirth.

Madam Partum 28 Days Confinement Soup

If all you’re looking for is a set of herbs for soup, the Madam Partum 28 Days Confinement Soup Package can do the trick for you. It has 28 days’ worth of soup packets with a selection of 12 kinds of soups. These soups include a postpartum tonic soup, eucommia waist-strengthening soup, blood-nourishing black chicken soup, and more.

Each type of soup can also benefit you in different ways, and you can choose which soups to have during the different stages of your recovery.

The herbs are packed in individual packets, one for every day of the 28-day period. This way, you won’t have to struggle with figuring out the herb quantities you’ll need for each soup. You can also check out the instruction manual included in the package to make sure that you’re using the herbs correctly.

Madam Partum 28 Days Confinement Tea

Looking for healthy herbal tea for your confinement period? The Madam Partum 28 Days Confinement Tea Package can make brewing tea a lot easier for you. You won’t have to deal with an assortment of confinement herbs, and you won’t have to worry about weighing or measuring anything. The herbs are individually packaged, and you can use one packet of herbs per day for your tea. 

These herbs can help improve blood circulation as well as your immune system, making them vital during the postpartum recovery period. Whether you gave birth naturally or had a C-section, this tea can help improve your health. Additionally, this package is quite affordable but still high-quality and reasonably fresh. Just make sure that you consume the whole thing within 3 months after you receive it.

Madam Partum 28 Days Confinement Bath

Confinement herbal baths are an important part of the postpartum confinement period. Herbal soups and teas are important as well, but herbal baths complete the picture. Packed into 28 individual packets, these herbs in the Madam Partum 28 Days Confinement Bath Package are made to make bathtime more conducive to recovery.

You can use one packet a day for a refreshing and nourishing bath that can help with blood circulation and relieve discomfort and aches in the body.

These packets of herbs are simple and convenient to use, so you won’t have to worry about using too little or too much in a single bath. Simply boil the herbs in water, then add the concoction to a pail of water that you’ll be using for your bath. It won’t take too long to set up at all and it also won’t leave a mess that you or someone in your family will have to clean up.

Madam Partum 28 Days Confinement Bundle

If you’d rather have all the herbs you need in one neat package, the Madam Partum 28 Days Confinement Bundle is worth considering. It has herbs for soup, tea, and baths, all individually packaged and ready to go. This bundle is basically the three previous packages put together for your convenience.

The soup herbs are the same ones in the soup package, the tea herbs are the same ones in the tea package, and the bath herbs are the same ones in the bath package.

Whether you have someone to help you, or if you’re preparing all your soups, teas, and baths yourself, this confinement package can make things a lot easier for you. All the herbs are already neatly bundled up in packets, which minimizes mess and leaves you with very little to clean up. This way, you and your family won’t have much additional housework to do.

Additionally, this bundle is more affordable than many other similar packages that offer herps for soup, tea, and baths. It doesn’t have the extras that more expensive packages may have, but if you’re just looking for herbs you’ll need for soup, tea, and baths, then this package is well worth the price.

Best confinement herbal packages: Heng Foh Tong

heng foh tong

Heng Foh Tong, much like its counterparts, holds a profound legacy in the realm of herbal remedies and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Its founders are deeply immersed in the curation and packaging of herbs, instilling each product with wisdom and extensive experience in TCM.

This brand stands as a testament to enduring knowledge and dedication, presenting a firm foundation in the profound insights gained over years of hands-on experience.

What sets Heng Foh Tong apart is the remarkable customization they offer in their herbal packages. A conversation with the brand can guide families to discover herbs that align perfectly with individual needs and aspirations during the confinement period, fostering a personal touch in every package.

Known for its unwavering reliability and trust, Heng Foh Tong is a reservoir of high-quality herbs, each versatile and multifaceted, addressing varied ailments with efficacy.

The brand is not just about diverse herbs; it’s about encapsulating essential postpartum recovery elements in every confinement package offered.

Here’s a sneak peek into the meticulously crafted packages by Heng Foh Tong, each one a blend of essential herbs pivotal for holistic recovery post-childbirth.

Heng Foh Tong 38 Days Confinement Package with Essential Personalized Herbs

The Heng Foh Tong 38 Days Confinement Package with Essential Personalized Herbs Package, as the name suggests, is a 38-day bundle and can thus provide you with enough confinement herbs for longer than many other confinement packages.

It includes 38 days’ worth of herbs for soup, 30 days’ worth of herbs for tea, and 19 days’ worth of herbal concoctions. It doesn’t include herbs for baths, which makes it a good choice if you already have your eye on a separate package of herbs for baths.

Additionally, if you order through Supermom, you’ll be eligible to receive freebies, including a slow cooker. You can also avail of a free service to have the herbs divided and packaged according to the recommended daily use. You can also get in contact with the brand to request personalized combinations of herbs if you’d like to address specific issues, such as lactation or weight loss.

Heng Foh Tong Confinement 38 Days Top Grade Personalized Herbs

If you’re looking for a complete package with herbs for soup, tea, and baths, the Heng Foh Tong Confinement 38 Days Top Grade Personalized Herbs Package is a great choice. It has 38 days’ worth of herbs for soup, 30 days’ worth of herbs for tea, 30 days’ worth of herbs for baths, 7 days’ worth of herbs for your baby’s bath, and more.

You’ll also get an instruction booklet that you can follow to make sure that you’re using the herbs correctly.

With this package, you’ll also receive a free slow cooker if you order it from Supermom. Delivery is free as well, and you can have a consultation with the brand to select herbs that can address certain needs and preferences. For example, if you want to lose weight or you’re looking for a particular taste, you can ask for the herbs that will give you what you need.

Heng Foh Tong Confinement 38 Days Traditional Personalized Herbs

The Heng Foh Tong Confinement 38 Days Traditional Personalized Herbs Package is similar to the last package, with some differences. It also has 38 days’ worth of herbs for soup, 30 days’ worth of herbs for tea, and 30 days’ worth of herbs for baths, but it doesn’t have the herbs for a baby’s bath and other inclusions. Even so, it can still provide you with the herbs you need to make the most of your confinement period.

As with the other two Heng Foh Tong packages, this one will also get you a free consultation and a free slow cooker if you order it from Supermom. The herbs are also customizable, so you can contact the brand to ask for certain combinations that you prefer.

Frequently asked questions

What tea is good for confinement?

Red dates tea in particular is known to be a good confinement tea that can help with blood circulation and boosting the immune system. This tea includes other herbs, such as longan.

Is ginger good for confinement?

Yes. Ginger offers a lot of benefits for postpartum mothers and is thus included in many confinement herbal packages. It’s known to help boost milk production and warms the body up.

What herbs to buy for confinement?

You can choose from a variety of confinement herbal packages that contain hand-picked herbs that can help with your post-partum recovery. These packages typically include herbs like ginger, lemongrass, red dates, black dates, eucommia, and more.

What does bathing in herbs do?

Herbal baths can be soothing and relaxing. They can also help nourish your skin and make it more supple. Additionally, if you’re experiencing any aches or stress in your body, a good herbal bath can help give you relief.


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