Singapore’s Best Stroller Steals: 5 Quality Options Below SGD 350 (2023)

best strollers under sgd 350

Looking for the best stroller without breaking the bank?

A recent survey by Supermom revealed that over 50% of parents shelled out S$199 to S$349 for a single stroller. With so many options in the market, finding that perfect balance between quality and affordability can be quite the challenge.

This article has narrowed down the five best strollers under S$350 available right here in our sunny island. Let’s make sure every dollar spent brings the best value and comfort for those precious little ones, all while keeping that wallet happy.

Dive in and discover the ideal stroller that’ll suit both your baby’s needs and your budget!

Best Strollers Under SGD 350

Joie Pact Lite Stroller

Joie Pact Lite Stroller

Pros of the Joie Pact Lite Stroller

  • Very lightweight with an integrated carry handle for easy transport
  • Super easy one-handed fold mechanism
  • Compact when folded, making it ideal for car boots and public transport
  • UPF50+ sun hood provides protection from the sun

Cons of the Joie Pact Lite Stroller

  • Adjusting the back incline is somewhat fiddly, and it doesn’t sit completely upright which might be an issue for older babies
  • The seat size is on the smaller side, potentially causing discomfort for taller babies
  • Adjusting the height of the straps can be challenging and requires threading the straps through small slits in the material

The Joie Pact Lite Stroller is a compact and lightweight pushchair designed with the needs of modern families in mind. Despite its diminutive size, it boasts many of the attributes typically seen in larger travel systems.

Its featherweight build and easy foldability make it a top choice for those frequently using public transport or needing a travel-friendly stroller for vacations. Its integrated handle facilitates effortless carrying, making it an excellent pick for residents of apartments or homes with stairs.

This stroller is particularly suitable for families dealing with the daily school or nursery commute. Moreover, for households with limited storage, the Joie Pact Lite Stroller is a space-saving wonder, ensuring hallways and porches remain uncluttered.

The Joie Pact Lite Stroller stroller seamlessly combines functionality and convenience, catering to the bustling lifestyle of today’s parents.

Maclaren BMW Stroller

Maclaren BMW Stroller

Pros of the Maclaren BMW Stroller

  • Non-adjustable handle bars are beneficial for taller parents and are foam-covered for comfort
  • Roomy seat that’s 13″ with a 19″ back and a 25″ height from the seat base to the top of the canopy
  • Ergonomic sporty-looking seat liner inspired by BMW’s interior
  • Weighing only 12.4 lbs, it’s ideal for urban parents and frequent travelers

Cons of the Maclaren BMW Stroller

  • Canopy is rather limited in size and lacks a peekaboo window.
  • Basket is notably small, making it challenging to store essentials, especially with the seat reclined
  • Wheels jut out excessively, which can be a hazard or inconvenience

The Maclaren BMW Buggy, birthed from the collaboration between Maclaren and the renowned car manufacturer BMW, is the epitome of style and high quality in the realm of umbrella strollers.

With its distinctive BMW logos on the wheels, buckle, and canopy sides, this stroller is bound to turn heads at any playground or park.

Featuring a one-hand recline, a secure five-point harness, an ergonomic seat liner, and all-wheel suspension, it ensures a comfortable ride for the little one.

It’s perfect for urban adventures like shopping or park visits because it’s designed specifically for smooth terrains. However, it might not fare well on grassy or rougher surfaces. With a compact fold and weighing a mere 12.4 lbs, it’s travel-friendly.

However, it has its drawbacks: a rather small canopy, limited basket space, protruding wheels upon folding, and a premium price tag. A few adjustments, especially to the canopy, could elevate its rating beyond the given 4 out of 5 stars.

Joie Mirus Stroller

Joie Mirus Stroller

Pros of the Joie Mirus Stroller

  • Foldable and compact, great for those with limited space or frequent travelers
  • Can switch between parent-facing and world-facing with relative ease
  • Sturdy, durable, and can hold a good amount of weight
  • Larger-than-average basket, extensive sun cover, and multiple recline positions

Cons of the Joie Mirus Stroller

  • Becomes challenging to steer and push when in parent-facing mode due to wheel alignment and flexibility
  • Seems to be flimsier and might not last as long as some other models
  • Wheels can be too noisy or can be challenging when trying to lock them

The Joie Mirus Stroller is lauded for its compactness and lightweight design. Many users appreciate how it effortlessly fits into small storage spaces, making it an ideal choice for families with limited room or those who frequently travel.

The stroller boasts easy folding mechanisms, even with one hand, and is particularly suitable for urban settings with its ease of maneuverability.

The sun cover is noted to be sufficiently large, offering good protection against sunlight, and the sizeable basket underneath is a handy storage feature. A unique strength of the Joie Mirus is its ability to switch between parent-facing and world-facing orientations.

However, several users reported challenges in steering the stroller when in parent-facing mode, with some suggesting that the design, while theoretically good, has practical limitations.

There were also concerns about the stroller’s longevity, with some feeling it may not last as many years as other models.

Despite the steering difficulties in the parent-facing mode, many still vouch for the stroller’s overall value and would recommend it to others.

Easywalker Mini XS Stroller

Easywalker Mini XS Stroller

Pros of the Easywalker Mini XS Stroller

  • Stylish design with the iconic British flag motif
  • Great maneuverability with fixed handlebars and the ability to steer one-handed
  • Four recline positions including a lie-flat option suitable for newborns
  • Compatibility with car seats, offering added versatility

Cons of the Easywalker Mini XS Stroller

  • Bulky when folded, taking up more space than anticipated
  • Some accessories, like the bumper bar and car seat adaptors, are sold separately, adding to the overall cost
  • Fully reclined seat limits the storage capacity of the basket

The Easywalker Mini Buggy, a collaboration between Dutch manufacturer Easywalker and British carmaker Mini, is renowned for its stylish design, notably an iconic Union Jack model.

While it’s not the lightest on the market at 6.8lbs, it boasts great maneuverability and is car seat compatible, providing an added level of versatility.

This buggy is suitable from birth to age 4, offering four recline positions, including a lie-flat option, making it adaptable as the child grows. Its umbrella fold feature, although intended to save space, results in a bulkier fold than expected.

Despite the buggy’s unique and stylish design, assembling it can be slightly tricky due to unclear instructions. Still, the seat’s comfort level, coupled with a transparent window on the hood for parents to keep an eye on their child, adds to its appeal.

Additionally, the buggy may appear pricey, but its features and car seat compatibility provide good value. 

In conclusion, the Easywalker Mini is a stylish, sturdy, and versatile stroller, suitable for city living and those seeking a touch of luxury.

Bonbijou Lucas Stroller

Bonbijou Lucas Stroller

Pros of the Bonbijou Lucas Stroller

  • Lightweight, making it convenient for parents on the go
  • Easy to navigate and can be pushed with just one hand, offering added convenience
  • Can be closed with one hand, simplifying the process
  • Allows the seat to face either the front or back and can accommodate children up to 20kg

Cons of the Bonbijou Lucas Stroller

  • Comes with a small basket, limiting storage space
  • Might not be cabin-sized, which can be a concern for air travelers
  • Can be bulky when closed, making it less compact for storage or transport

The Bonbijou Lucas Stroller, while not the most favored among all strollers owned, offers a range of features at varying price points. The model in question is a more affordable version and lacks the capabilities of a “four-wheel drive.”

Additionally, it comes with a somewhat complicated 5-point harness system. A downside noted is its bulky nature when folded.

On the brighter side, the stroller boasts a design that’s user-friendly; it can be easily closed with just one hand and is effortless to push, making it an excellent choice for individuals of petite stature, such as the reviewer’s mother-in-law.

Notably, it is lightweight and offers flexibility with some models allowing the seat to face either direction. Certain versions, if reclined, are fit for infants aged 0-6 months, and depending on the specific model, can accommodate a child weighing up to 20kg.

However, it has a small storage basket, might not fit cabin size for air travel, and potentially requires an additional insert for younger infants.

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