Why Choose Organic Formula? Consider this Australia’s milk for Your Child!

Why Choose Organic Formula? Consider this Australia’s milk for Your Child!

When choosing the right baby formula for your child, beyond considerations like brand and price, parents always want the very best and for some, that means going fully organic. But what exactly does organic formula milk contain that makes it special and better than the usual formula milk?


1.       No synthetic or artificial ingredients

Like conventional formula, the main difference is that organic milk does not contain any synthetic or artificial ingredients which is in turn, much healthier for your child. It is also arguably the safer choice as organic baby formula must meet special federal guidelines to attain the certified stamps. Conventional ingredients may have higher traces of synthetic pesticide residues that have been linked to several health conditions and diseases as well making organic formula the best choice to minimize child’s exposure to harmful chemicals.


2.       GMO-free

Organic formulas are GMO-free which means that it does not contain ingredients that are genetically engineered. As GMOs are a relatively new phenomenon without much research and findings of long-term implication, feeding your child GMO-free formula is the safer choice. Some children develop intolerance to unnatural ingredients which could, in the long run, lead to several gastrointestinal ailments and as such, by cutting out these ingredients early on, it could arguably allow for healthier growth.


3.       More nutrients in organic food

Organic food and ingredients contain much more nutrients including antioxidants which could aid in building up child ’s health and immune system. People with allergies to chemicals and preservatives may find symptoms lessen or lose them completely when they eat only organic food. As they have fewer pesticides, these foods are often freshers as there are no preservatives and hence can be richer in nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids which is often used for boosting memory and thinking skills and for aiding infant and child development, immunity, and overall health.



When choosing the right organic formula, it is best to know what options are available in the market in Singapore, here are a few:

Brand Details
Nature One Dairy
Australian-made in a pharmaceutical-grade facility Certified by the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) - High nutritional value with premium nutrients - Affordable price for organic formula - Contains 16 essential vitamins and minerals for healthy growth and development - Certified dairy manufacturer
Supermom is giving away 1 year supply of diapers and milk powder

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