Tollyjoy – A Brand That Has Taken Care of Generations Upon Generations

This coming Grandparents Day, Tollyjoy celebrates the joy of this special day with the young and the old. Established in 1971, Tollyjoy has been taking care of many generations with the mission of providing only the best for mommies and babies.

Grandpa Goh Family Tollyjoy
From left to right: Grandma Goh, Zeph and Mdm Yuki Goh
At top: Grandpa Goh

In celebration of this special occasion, we interview *Mdm Yuki Goh*, a mother of two, on the influence her mom has on her parenting styles, how she came about to be using Tollyjoy products and what keeps them going as a loyal Tollyjoy fan.

Yuki’s son spends most of his time with his grandmother. As a busy mom, she knows that her son is in good hands and it is also the best time for the young and the old to bond.

Yuki’s parenting styles and choice of products for her son are largely adopted from her mom and she shares here with us on how their family has continued to use Tollyjoy for their home and hygiene needs generation upon generation.

SM: Hi Mdm. Yuki Goh and Grandma Goh, thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.
First and foremost Grandma Goh – Happy Grandparents Day! We understand from Yuki that she chose Tollyjoy for her childcare needs because they came recommended from you! What made you choose Tollyjoy back then in the older days?

Grandma: There weren’t many choices back then and Tollyjoy was the only few brands that were both of quality and affordability. Some of my friends were using it on their kids and had recommended me on those products. So as a first-time mom back then, we relied a lot on word of mouth. And you know, Yuki constantly needs diaper change when she was a baby and we couldn’t really afford disposable diapers. So I gave Tollyjoy’s baby liners a try. It really did provide excellent absorbency and saved me a lot of time in diaper changing. Plus, it helped in reducing diaper rash on Yuki too!

SM: Yuki, what about you? What made you decide on using Tollyjoy products instead of the other brands since there are so many brands accessible compared in the olden days.

Yuki: To be honest, we have tried the other brands but they didn’t work out so well as compared to Tollyjoy. I decided to give the brand a go since my mum had been using it on me back then. My son Zeph has very sensitive skin and it was important for me back then when he was younger to find a laundry detergent that helps with his allergies. We found the Tollyjoy anti-dust mite detergent at NTUC and it kind of stuck with the family – we have been using it for close to 6 years!

SM: That’s great to hear! What other Tollyjoy products do you all use?

Yuki: I actually bought quite a few sets of Tollyjoy baby rompers for Zeph when he was younger, from Kiddy Palace because they are easy to wear. My mom helped me alot especially since I was a First Time Mom then so she emphasized that it was important for the baby to be kept cool in our warm weather – it was easy to get distracted by all the colourful, pretty looking, expensive and clothing out there in the market. Nice to see but not so nice to wear! At the end of the day, I am glad we chose Tollyjoy. Zeph slept quite well as a baby!

Grandma: We also use the Tollyjoy liquid cleansers to wash Zeph’s bottles – we didn’t have that in the past when Yuki was young. But Yuki convinced me that it was important – so we had a set in my house too since Zeph was here most of the time, and I have become quite used to using it for all our household needs – I even use the anti-bacterial liquid cleanser to wash the fruits we eat!

SM: Yuki, Grandma Goh! What advice would you give new moms today when it comes to choosing baby brands for their little one?

Yuki: Functionality and cost are important factors. Ultimately, a happy baby is a happy mommy! Don’t think too much about brands! Go with your gut sense and choose the brand that you are most comfortable with

Grandma Goh: Yes I agree. I am glad we found that with Tollyjoy all these years!

Tollyjoy’s promises on quality, durability and reliability are the main reasons why both of them stay loyal to the brand and they are glad to recommend their products to all of their friends and family!

On this special day, Tollyjoy wishes all families a very happy Grandparents Day! Use this special occasion to teach your little ones to appreciate their grandparents. Give them a call, text, FaceTime or even write them an old-fashion gift card to show them some love.

For more information about Tollyjoy, visit or shop now at Redmart, Lazada, Amazon and Q100!

Is there a Grandparents Day? When Is It & How Did It Come About?

The answer is yes! Did you know that the fourth Sunday of November has been designated for Grandparents Day in Singapore? This special day is officially established in Singapore in 1998 and the first celebration took place in 1999. Many people think that Grandparents Day is about gifting flowers or buying lavish gifts but in actual fact, this day is to celebrate the connections between generations. Grandparents play an important role in children’s growing process and their lavish love helps the little ones to blossom too! When the grandparents are sharing their life stories, it also imparts important values that help the children to develop a strong identity and history.

The origin of Grandparents Day dates back to 1970, where a West Virginia housewife named Marian McQuade, came up with the idea of setting a day aside to encourage families to visit their elderly relatives. After campaigning for years, President Jimmy Carter finally made Grandparents Day official.

The origin of Grandparents Day dates back to 1970, where a West Virginia housewife named Marian McQuade, came up with the idea of setting a day aside to encourage families to visit their elderly relatives. After campaigning for years, President Jimmy Carter finally made Grandparents Day official.

As we mentioned above, Singapore celebrated its very first National Grandparents Day back in 1999 with the help of its founder, Mr Jay Lim. He was inspired by his own grandmother, Mdm Lee Su Lan, who had survived the horror of World War II & Japanese occupation, raised 5 children, celebrate the birth of 22 grandchildren, over 30 great-grandchildren and 2 great-great-grandchildren to bring the idea of Grandparents Day to the Parliament back in 1998.

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