SuperMom x STABILO LIVE | Episode 1

SuperMom x STABILO LIVE Episode 1

✏️ Learn to Write with STABILO & SuperMom

Some say that learning to write is almost as challenging as picking up a musical instrument. It is one of the early motor skills development milestones that your little one has to meet. A child will pick up an important skill that will last them forever.

Therefore it is important for both parents and children to get the basics of motor skills development right! Teaching them the right methods and postures will help in the long run and improve their attention span when they start school! To help ensure your little one have what they need, the STABILO EASYgraph and EASYergo are the first pencils that every child needs.

In collaboration with STABILO, join SuperMom and Occupational Therapist, Mr. Titus Lim, and find out what are the dos and don’ts when it comes to writing postures and handgrip. He will also share how writing posture will have a big impact on your little one’s core strength in the long run.

Watch to find out more from Mr Titus Lim!

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